Thursday, March 23, 2017

My Entry Redo for Project Design

The day is here and I'm revealing what I did for the Project Design challenge. I loved my entry, but knew it needed some color to give it a little oomph and I went with yellow. See my before pics on my previous post. I feel like yellow is such a California color and being blonde I love it in my wardrobe, so why not in the home? My entry feels even more me now.

I also chose a yellow since our entry is small and quite dark. There is no light source really and as much as I contemplated doing a grey or navy wall, I felt a green or yellow would brighten it and also complement my mix of botanical and bird prints I have collected over the years. I never realized how many bird prints we had until I decided to try a gallery wall in here.  The vintage Garden Society sign goes with it all as does the C'est LaVie on glass, a sweet gift from a friend.

The entryway is small, but painting just the one wall, made it seem much larger. The gallery wall was something I just did by accident and it kind of grew organically. I'd try a few, move them around and try others until it really filled the space and made it appear much taller, wider and a lot better than it just a single print could ever do.

I wasn't sure it would work with my little row of hooks left on the wall, but I think it worked out nicely and I like using the hooks to hang other cool seasonal bags and things. We also have a mudroom/pantry situation and enter the house through there most times so these hooks are really for guests.

The best way to do this is to start with one large picture and then work around that until it feels right. It is okay to have your prints a bit off center from each other here and there. Having it all too symmetrical and perfect though lacks the gallery feel and fun of it. You may have a few holes from moving nails around, but I find I can usually cover that with strategic hanging of things. You could also lay them out on a floor first or tack up papers in the same size as the items you are hanging. I usually don't have the patience for that though!

Our entry is small, narrow and has zero architectural interest. It's amazing how much bigger it looks filled up horizontally and vertically. Way more impressive. Like lipstick on a pig you know?

The color I went with was Mulholland Yellow by Benjamin Moore. Okay I have to be honest as I was a bit suckered in by the name. I've always wanted to live in the Hollywood Hills. :D

I wanted a yellow that had some depth to it, not a buttercup color nor too lemon chiffonish, with a bit of green and black to it and this fit the bill. Once on the wall though I wasn't so sure. However, it dried down to something that worked just right with all the greens in my pictures, so I decided to keep the same prints and add in some gold with a leafy print.

The layout of my art isn't right yet, as I was a bit rushed yesterday with appointments and a school concert. I will probably move them around still, but I had to keep the leaf print on the lower left where it is to cover an awkward outlet. I might also add in a small vintage oval gold mirror I have.

The great thing about these collected walls is you can change as you feel like it and I personally love to change things up frequently, though it drives my family bananas.

I was lucky to have this beautiful Trina Turk linen pillow I had yet to find a perfect spot for which had yellows and grey. I think the combination of yellows and golds plus the grey tones of the pillow and rug compliment each other. The black in the frames, hooks and prints ground it all. I threw my Golden State tote and a scarf and army jacket on the hooks for more of those colors. A little more fiddling with it all and I will have it just right.

A special thanks to Cindy Hattersley of Rough Luxe Lifestyle and Mary Ann of Classic Casual Home who were the hosts. I was glad to be asked to join this as it proved to me what a little paint and a effort can do to make your home more updated and chic in a few days, or in my case two! 

I can't wait to see what the others in this challenge did to their entryways. For more inspiration you can visit these lovely blogs:

Thanks so much for playing along with us. 


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Entryway Style Inspiration

This Thursday I'll be joining a Project Design challenge - The Entry. This is the first time I've done this and I'm pretty excited and a little nervous to be with this talented group so I've been brainstorming what to do!

This is my current entryway. It's not huge, but I've tried to give it some style and personality. I love my bench and my mix of prints, and the rug, but it's a little blah. It needs something to make it pop and I think color might do the job. 

I enjoy using this long wall as a gallery along with having hooks to hang things and the bench to plop my bags on or put on shoes. That said, I also have an acrylic table that I have been toying with putting here instead. I had it there previously and it was a good spot for keys, glasses and also a lamp as there is no light source in the entry except for a plug! Another reason we are remodeling soon as it can be very dark.

Mixed in with all these random thoughts, are more ideas I found on Pinterest. They all seem to have some bit of the practical (hooks and baskets and such), yet also color and art in common.

Some of my favorites...

Love the mix of baskets, mirror and hooks in this gorgeous brownstone foyer via DustJacketAttic.

Designer Veronica Beard's charming entry got me with it's gorgeous rug, French doors, baskets and striped wallpaper. See the designer's whole home in Elle Decor.

This pop of pink, a cool chair and mix of art looks terrific. Via Dwell.

I love the green-yellow door and basket of canes in Albert Hadley's home via House Beautiful.

 Something about this mix of the cane backed chair, the yellows and teal here I really like. I have a similar vintage pair of chairs and one might be a good next to my acrylic table if I decide to use that instead of the bench.

 The sunny feeling of yellow is very appealing right now to me.I think I'm ready for spring. Apartment Therapy above, and DecorPad below.

 This combo of soft yellow and pale pink tones by Lauren Leiss is also beautiful...!

 On Thursday I'll reveal what I did to give my entry a bit more pizazz. Don't forget to stop by the other blogs and see what these bloggers did to their entryways for this challenge!


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The W San Francisco, One of My New Favorites

I love San Francisco, but live in the South Bay, so it's about an hours drive for me. When we can, I like to take the opportunity to stay a night in the city. It's always great to do a weekend, like I recently wrote about here, but sometimes we only need a night to make it seem like a getaway. Recently, Max had a holiday work party up in the city and as it started around 7, we thought we'd stay nearby instead of driving back late. I was so glad we did as we discovered the W, which is my new favorite San Francisco hotel.

First of all, it's location cannot be beat. It's in the SoMa district, near Market Street and Union Square and as adjacent as you can get to the gorgeous new MOMA which has recently reopened. The work party was at the MOMA, so it was ideal. (More about the MOMA here.)

 I found the rooms, especially the 'Cool Corner King' we paid a bit extra for, to be extremely spacious by city hotel standards. The rooms are also well designed, modern and yet cozy. If you check the hotel site there are many different types of rooms and they are all designed uniquely, which is fun.

The entry to this room has plenty of space and a big coat closet as well. I love not tripping over my things and not seeing them all over the place in a hotel room. There was also a great tv and best of all, excellent bed and sheets and good lighting to read by. I slept very well.

Our room was also equipped with a modern desk with task lighting, pencils, pins and anything you'd need to work.

Then there was the cute banquette situation overlooking the windows and the hills of San Francisco. Perfect for a glass of wine before going out or to just to put ones feet up, read for a bit and chill.

I thought the decor was fresh and pretty and chic with grasscloth walls, touches of Chinoiserie, white and turquoise.

The bar was stocked with good snacks and drinks beyond the usual selections and the Nespresso machine is always a nice touch.

The well designed bath had a large window seat, natural lighting, shelves for bags, super luxe towels, an excellent shower and Bliss bath products.

There was cute art too like this butterfly collage.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Join Me and Ms B at Trina Turk this Saturday!

If you read this blog you know I'm a huge fan of California designer Trina Turk and her beautiful clothing. I've feel so lucky to have collaborated with my friends at the Trina Turk Burlingame store on some fun events and I'm happy to share we have another coming up this Saturday, March 11. Trina makes beautiful clothes and accessories and our event is a perfect time to get a special item for upcoming getaways, holidays or to just add something unique to your wardrobe to cherish. After doing these shopping days a few years now, I have to say my Trina pieces are my go-tos that I love wearing. The idea of collecting special items over time makes so much sense and I like being able to shop my own closet when an social occasion happens, and also be able to throw the cutest vacation items in my bag and go!

This shopping day is going to be even more fun as I am doing this in conjunction with my dear friend April, of Ms Bin the Bay Area. April, who lives up the peninsula from me, also blogs about travel, fashion, lifestyle and things Northern California related. I think we are very similar!  Both of us will be there to help you shop and pull together pretty looks for anyone who stops in.

April above, and I have scoped out all the greatest pieces and accessories from this new collection when we previewed it last week in Burlingame. We had an absolute blast trying things on and got a feel for who would look great in each item. I have to tell you it was really hard for us to decide what we each wanted to wear for the event.

During our Saturday event all the new collection and regular priced merchandise will be 25% off! There will be refreshments as well, so pop in by and see what is happening.

Trina took inspiration for this collection from a recent trip to Cuba. 

Below some snaps of our most wanted from the Burlingame boutique and even more items are arriving before Saturday's event which will be 10-1. You can make a day of it if you bring and friend and have lunch afterwards on one of my favorite shopping streets in all of California, Burlingame Avenue, where the Trina boutique is located.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Oscar Chat 2017

What a crazy night. La La Land won the most Oscars tonight and Moonlight won the Best Picture, but only after Warren Beatty who had the wrong card read, 'La La Land.' The question on everyone's mind was why didn't he and Faye Dunaway, his co-presenter, say they had the wrong card as it was for Best Actress?  Secondly, why didn't someone behind the scenes who knew the real winner quickly speak up? There was a good amount of time between when the winner was read and all those involved with the La La Land rushing up on stage. Then to make matters worse they let them go on for what seems now like forever with their thank you speeches. So embarrassing for them and even worse it seems to have stolen the golden moment from the Moonlight people!

Prior to this disaster, the show was a bit bland except for the moment when Moana singer Auli'i Cravalho got whacked in the head by a dancer's flag. Jimmy Kimmel was fine, but definitely not hilarious. As far as legends that we look forward to seeing on Oscar shows, they had Shirley MacLaine, and no other noticeable Hollywood royalty, except for Warren and Faye. Sadly, I believe they won't be having seniors read the important categories anymore.

On the bright side it's something else to talk about besides Trump for a bit.

 I wish I had seen Moonlight, but I haven't been able to. I think both Annette Benning in 20th Century Women, and Taraji P Hensen in Hidden Figures should have been nominated for Best Actress as they both deserved recognition, but were not.

As far as the Red Carpet it was also a bit lacking also this year. Some pretty looks, but not a whole lot of wow factor.  I agree women can wear whatever makes them feel good, but most of these ladies pay a whole lot of money for stylists to choose what will look good on them and what to wear. Let's see who got the most bang for their buck.

My top picks...

Viola Davis in Armani was winner of Best Supporting Actress and gave a lovely speech. She is a chameleon and has had so many different looks. Tonight she really was perfection with her hair, makeup and pretty earrings and clutch.

Naomi Harris played the mother in Moonlight and wore Calvin Klein. This is clean, classic and lovely and fresh.

Ruth Negga's Victorian inspired Valentino was different and pretty. She also wore a blue ribbon in support of the ACLU as did many others.  Loving is on my list of films to see.
 Taraji P Hensen has great style and in Alberta Ferretti was gorgeous on her.

Emma Stone had her Cinderella moment last night winning Best Actress and she was also the first winner to wear Givenchy since Audrey Hepburn. I loved everything about her look including the makeup and hair shown better in the Instagram by Rachel Goodwin her makeup person.

 Jessica Biel's Kaufman Franco gold sheath which was even prettier in person and her minimal hair and fabulous Tiffany necklace were the perfect complement.

 With her husband Justin Timberlake who opened the show with a fun song and dance number. I'm not crazy about his hair right now.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Sharing

Hello everyone. Well we made it to Friday and yay for it being a three-day weekend for those of us here in the states. Some of us even have a full week off for schools. Californian schools get a 'winter recess' about now and it's nice. It would be even better if a series of storms weren't blowing in, but we'll try to make the best of it. We were going to head down to Santa Monica for a few days, but the weather forecast looks even worse for them, so we will stay closer to home and do a day trip to SF and possibly a small overnight to Carmel if we get some sun.

We did have a sunny Valentine's Day here and I took the opportunity to wear new suede flats I had bought a month ago. The pink color was something I did not have in my closet and I thought they would be great for spring. I paired it with a heart dress I found at a vintage shop a few years ago and  still love. For $7 this dress has been the best! The shoes, I will pair with my new fringy jeans and blouses for a ladylike vibe. Something about pink shoes just made me feel happy all day. I hope you all had a good Valentines.

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to warmer days ahead. The few sunny days we had this week made me really get that spring feeling and the impetus to try a few new things and plan our summer  travel.

This week I have also been furiously researching ideas for my home remodel and fell in love with this home from the March Martha Stewart Living. To me, this is the perfect Northern California home, though it's owned by a record exec and his family and is in Southern Cal.

I'm crazy about the white and black and the wonderful windows. The photos were not on the Martha site yet, but get the magazine to see this whole home. I love every single bit...The brick porch, wood shelves, vintage music posters, simple kitchen and more...