Friday, March 18, 2011

Not bathing suit ready yet..

My yummy Croque Monsieur and tea at Fleur de Cocoa.
Here in Bay Area, we've had a lot of beautiful days lately, so I don't mind the rainy ones. It was extremely blustery today and our little court felt like Windy Corner. Trees were bending all over and the big Sequoia in my front yard was dangerously close to sending a branch through our front window.

I love hunkering down on these days. There are cats that need cuddling up to, tea to be savored and reading to be done, all while I watch the storm from my cozy couch. I blew off the gym, but I know warm weather is coming and I'll be outside all the time soon.

A bright spot in this stormy day was that I got to enjoy lunch with the hubby. He's off before he starts a new job and we squeezed a quick jaunt to my favorite little lunch place. Fleur de Cocoa. If you ever get to Los Gatos, it's a small bit of France. They're famous for their chocolate, but I love the Croque Monsieurs and the French onion soup is divine. It brought me back to Paris and the small cafes you squeeze into to duck out of the rain.

As you can imagine, this was not a low-fat day. We started out with bagels, the lunch and now husband is happily making beignets for the men of the house. The three of them were thick as thieves munching away on the doughy goodness as they watched the mindless Wipe-Out on the tube. They were full of snacky happiness, but I had to exit the room. The smell of grease and the show was too much. Somehow, watching Wipe-out makes me feel like I'm wasting what time I have on this planet! Ah, to be a man... It's the little things that make 'em happy.

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