Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Style !

Bracelet piling- very big this year. Short painted nails also look very chic and fresh.

Now that October and cooler weather has arrived, I thought I'd throw out there a few style pictures for inspiration. In case you don't follow the fashion rags, here's a capsule of the latest trends for Fall.  I don't know about you, but I enjoy seeing what's hot and how women on the street are working it into their own looks!  These pics are from Tommy Ton of Style.com. Enjoy!

The faux fur vest seems quite big this year, ( literally!)

Love the jacket and clutch with tassel. Aren't tassels fab?

Check out her colors and more bracelet piling!

Dots are big too. Check out the bright clutch and again the bracelets.

Bracelets again and mixing metals.

Floppy 70s hats are apparently back. The trench is still a good investment and animal prints are still  hot.

She's working the animal prints and the bracelet thing.

Capes look fabulous darlings. I just want to be her! I had a cape in 3rd grade.

Citrus people! Embrace it. Drink your orange juice!

She's adorable. Love the color-blocking and her shades. Pony looks cool too.

More floppy hats. You could steal this from your kids' Indiana Jones costume.

Stripes are still chic and wearing your purse as a clutch. I know if I wore this I'd get Bee remarks from my family...

She's working the stripes into her Fall.

Love her trench and scarf.  Notice how she ties it? It's all in the tying and it's got to look like you did it carelessly, but of course if it looks good you didn't!  Got that trench wearers?

More brights and chunky jewelry. I'm digging the ring.

Black tights are back in a big way and color-blocking with black is too.
   Black tights and some pops of bright color are on my shopping list. I don't think you need a new wardrobe, but just a few little pieces to make it fresh and current. I'm going to try my nails short and dark with a ton of bracelets too. What do you love or hate for Fall?

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