Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Decor !

Our cat Marlo,  making the house look Halloween ready, though she's being naughty sitting on the table. 

This important news flash... Halloween is just around the corner! Really. Yeah, I should have done this post earlier.  Are you properly decorated yet? And more importantly, have you seen the Great Pumpkin on t.v.??

Here's some of the bits and bobs around my place that the children and I have thrown up in honor of the holiday. I actually have a lot of black accents in house, so sometimes just chucking in the orange is all I need to do.  Luckily, orange is very chic right now.

Our entry hall. I added my witch hat, a broom and some snake and nature books.

The front door. The boys put so much web up, no one could get through. We had to modify a little...

As much as I love glass pumpkins, the real ones are so lovely, so I stock up on lots. I get a whole assortment, mostly from Trader Joes and wherever they're cheap. Then I use them through Thanksgiving and do harvest themed decorating. It basically looks the same, except I rip down the webs and ghosts!

My living room mantel.

                                         Our stoop.

One little tradition we have done since the boys were small, is construction paper window decorations. I think this came from my childhood. I remember everyone having pumpkins and ghosts taped to their windows....do you? The last rainy weekend we had, my husband got the kids started on it and we all made them together. It was a cozy afternoon.  I think they look adorable from the windows.  It's a way of saying children live here and I love that!

Some of their creations.

Happy Halloween!!


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