Sunday, October 30, 2011

Witchy Style!

Some of the witches I flew there with.  Cristina, Hang, myself & Leasa,  just outside the broom parking... 

 Today I was lucky enought to attend a very special event in our community called Wonderful Witchey Women with a Cause. This is a fun yearly charity lunch where women get together in witch hats, have a blast and raise money for good.

The events founder, Cheryl Bailey started this just six short years ago with 20 friends for lunch.  It has now grown so large that there were over 400 women and had to be held at the Fairmont San Jose. The beneficiaries were Heritage Home, Angels on Stage and Breakthrough Silicon Valley. All wonderful and deserving organizations!

Tracey Wookey and Kyra Adams, two of the events co-chairs.

A fab time was had by all! When else do you get to wear a witch hat, have lunch with your friends and help others?

Two moms from my school, Michelle and Renee were part of the "white" witches. 

My tennis team got together and sponsored a table. Here's a few snaps of the event. I loved seeing how creative ladies got with their chapeaux!! It was all about accessories really and some ladies took license and went brooms out!


Love the lady on the left's spider pin and earrings!

Love Leasa, our team captain's peacock feathered hat and Catrin's silvery skeleton and ribbon.  Jataka and Lei are on the ends with their jaunty smaller hats and frilly frocks.

Here's Hang hanging out with the Halloween tree...(sorry couldn't resist that one.)  Her feathered fascinator with small hat was  very elegant.... she looks perfect for New Years too.  Guess the bubbly made me think of that. :)

Love their feathers and bowler hat.

Purple was cute on June.  Sorry- made her hold my drink! She really wasn't having both before lunch !

This lady had quite the hat and I loved the coat.

Chatting during the silent auction.

Susan had what I think was Puss-in-boots on her hat. Very original.

I hate shots of myself, but couldn't resist showing a bit more of my owl hat I loved and also with Catrin, my brilliant doubles partner last season. Didn't realize my hat was quite annoying whacking people in the face and such, especially in photos. Mostly, those I edited out.  Aack!

Some gals working the pink. The bowler hat on the left was chic too.

Another bowler hat with pretty spiders, pin and veil.

A group of Barbie-wannabees.  They had their own table. The shoes were just like the dolls!

Loved all the mix of prints and finery at this table.

Blondes make great witches....

...but the brunettes ( Michelle and Kirsten), really look so natural in the black and all!

More yakking...

The centerpieces.

Some more cute witches - Barb, Jeanne and May looking chic.

Our team table!

Sadly, I had to leave my black cat home. She's sick with a bladder infection...:(

My baby Marlo. She would have been the perfect accessory. ;)

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