Monday, November 28, 2011

Hunter Gatherer Decorating

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did. Besides our family dinner on Thursday, we were almost all alone on our little court for 5 days. In fact, the whole town, seemed to go away for the holiday. It was nice to be here. We saw a Arthur's Christmas with the kids, (super), and had a date night movie too. We saw George Clooney in the Descendants - great movie and George is... (husbands look away), a total fox! We ate lots of leftovers, walked the dogs we were sitting through the leaf-filled park, and got together with good friends. We even hit a farmer's market on Sunday. The best part is the pace of these kind of holidays and the quality time together. Being with all my family on Thursday was really special.

My youngest walking Ruby, one of our charges this weekend.

When my favorite neighbor and good pal Kim returned from her holiday, we brain-stormed some pre-tree holiday fluff for the home.  Recently she had snagged a faux mercury glass vase at Homegoods and was wondering how to display it for xmas. Our phone rings and she asks, "Hey, will your husband mind if I clip a few berries for my vase?"

Some of the lovely foliage on our court. 

"Are you kidding?, " I said, "He probably wouldn't know if the tree got taken down! I'll meet you outside with the hackers!"  From then on, we had a jolly time clipping away at this and that in the hood. I'll say it worked out for the best that most people were away. Anyhow, we used berries from Pistachio trees, Juniper branches- the ones' with white berries look best, and some Sequoia sprigs (thanks to the beast in my front yard.)

Kim's vase with her creation.

Kim's creation came out lovely and partnered with her new runner and glass bulbs acquired on the Homegoods run, her home looks darling. This inspired me to begin a new regular feature I will call, CHECK OUT HER HOUSE! Coming later this week, the first edition and more on the stylish Kim, a French teacher, and her Gallic-inspired home! Here's a preview.

Her holiday runner and pretty bulbs. Don't they look festive? She added a topiary she had from Restoration Hardware.

My arrangement on the mantle for now. The berries are quite heavy, so they will tend to hang.

Another view of what I used.

Pomegranates and Persimmons make wonderful winter centerpieces. These are from the Campbell Farmer's Market. Love the colors mixed with apples and Asian Pears.

If you don't have berries, any conifer tree branches will work. Add in pine cones and a bright ribbon or colored vase and you have a show-stopper for your entry, table or mantle.  Anything natural is much more beautiful and smells better than any fake store-bought greenery. A bowl piled with Pomegranates or walnuts with a nutcracker, bring in the natural and add richness to your home. You can even use pieces from your Christmas tree if you already have it. You'll get that holiday feeling without going all Kris Kringle on your home yet. And don't forget to check out your neighbor's yard. ;)


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