Friday, November 18, 2011

What I Bought for Fall

 With Thanksgiving less than a week away I'm starting to feel the twinges of seasonal anxiety coming. I just celebrated one son's birthday last week, will be hosting Thanksgiving for 14, and then a week later son number two's birthday comes. Usually, if I survive that it's like, "Yikes! How did I get to this point in December with no cards/shopping/decorating, etc. done?

 Today, instead of inspiring you with shots of turkeys and pretty tables, here's a post I wrote a before this craziness began. I did want to show what I finally ended up adding to my own closet this Fall.

If you read my past bit on wardrobes, you'll know, I tried hard to be a minimalist!  A few things to spice up the old wardrobe and give a smattering of polish to what I already own. To wit:

1. A Burberry trench. No, I did not spend $1,000 on this coat. It was on sale in July, during Nordstrom's Anniversary sale. I also had a windfall from selling some patio furniture, and put it toward this coat, which I am hoping will last me through a few decades! Total cost, (with sale and savings applied) $180! By the way, Nordstrom's once a year, Anniversary sale, in July, is one not to miss and worth making a investment purchase at.

2. Two pairs of Tom's shoes. If you aren't already familiar with this wonderful company, they give a new pair of shoes to a needy child for every pair you purchase. That's a win-win. Get some cute shoes and help kids who need it too. I bought a pair of the super comfy flats in taupe, and a pair of yellow corduroy wedges with peep toes. Love them both. One practical and one for fun!

3. Camel colored sweater jacket from Nordstrom on sale. A little polish and warmth at the same time. Love the color and it's cute with animal prints too. Camel is very Grace Kelly to me and always looks classic.

4. A very soft leopard and zebra print tan and white scarf from Banana Republic. Love the bit of metallic on it for the holidays and I think it will be usable for Summer too.

5. A tiny bendable rhinestone wrap bracelet, from a boutique in town. Looks like diamonds and can mix and match with all my bangles. This shows a stack of them, which could be pretty too.

6. AG Jeans in a dark straight leg. These were also an investment, but I haven't bought jeans in a year or so. I know they will be worn so much they are worth it. This is my first pair of these. They fit well, don't stretch out and I love where the waist is, higher, but not too much and it hits at the perfect spot to flatter.

I also bought a custom made shirt dress in a grey blue that I am very excited still to get. I will give more details on that experience in a later post.

That's it! Well, also got a rose scarf and a yellow print blouse at Gap. Now I'm trying to mix and match with the few other basic T's I bought and my favorites I always wear.

On my wish list:

A FEED bag. Have you heard about these? This company started by Lauren Bush is all about making caring for others on this planet cool. The cross-body bags are chic, and at the same time you are funding a worthy cause. Depending on the style you choose, you could be helping buy school lunches for the UN World Food program,  immunizations in Africa, vitamins in South America and more. I love that by wearing one you are  saying, "Hey I'd rather give my money to this cause than a designer. " Check them out. Hoping to get one myself soon. I can't decide which style I like best! I think this one is a super cute bag for weekends and running errands. I'd wear mine with a chunky beige sweater and my jeans. Love it.

Hope I'll have a chance to write later this week and give you some Thanksgiving inspiration!


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  1. Hi Kim,

    It looks like you and I have similar tastes in clothes and accessories! You are SO lucky to snag a Burberry trench - for less than $200??? Way to go!

    And those bangles....I have a stack similar to yours that I wear all the time with my watch.

    I just bought my stepdaughter (17) a pair of Tom's and she loves them. I have yet to get a pair for myself.

    As far as camel goes, I am a big fan. In fact, today I blogged about a camel coat I have had for 17 years...wearing it while I type this. Yes, it's cold in our house.

    Have a great weekend! A