Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Stuff

First of all, here's a peppermint hot cocoa for you. Love these mugs. You can never have too many mugs is my motto. 

Is your shopping, wrapping, and baking all done? Well, if so lucky you. I'm still a bit behind and typing furiously to get a quick post out. At this point I'm all about getting to the bliss. I'm willing to burn the midnight oil to get it all done. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it's called Christmas break! I cannot wait to be done and relaxing with my family. I'm looking forward to that most of all. Hope you are going to be enjoying some of that soon too.

I am in love with these hand painted bowls and plates from Italy. So glad I got these to deliver Christmas goodies in. Homegoods again a few weeks ago. Wish I bought more.

Okay now here's the perfect cookie to gift- Biscotti. They last a long time in a jar and they are a hard cookie so they can't be over-baked. I love that they outlast all the sugar cookies and you can enjoy them with your tea or cappuccino into January. They are fast to make and the house smells delicious!

First toast your almonds.

Love my new happy measuring cups from Pier 1. They make me want to bake.

Love this brand and the licorice smell!

Turn dough into two logs, on parchment.

Slice the logs a bit diagonal to make longer biscotti.

Place them cut side down on wire rack and bake again.

Now here's a few last minute gift ideas if you still need one.

Pop a cute bottle topper on a your favorite wine and tie with a pretty postcard with a handwritten greeting. Got this box of Xmas postcards from Barnes & Noble and they're perfect for gifts. Love the owl bottle stopper from Pier 1.

How about an Ivy or Rosemary topiary? Trader Joes has both. This is a gift anyone would love in their kitchen after the holidays. Tie on a cute card or add a pot and it's adorable. I used a poinsettia card from the same box.

A lot of kids over? Why not have them decorate mugs? These we got from the Birthday Express on line, but you can also get them at Starbucks. It's fun, keeps them busy and we set up a hot cocoa bar for them too.
How cute are these mugs?

Our hot cocoa bar.. Kids loved the sprinkles and candy canes the best.

Our neighbor, Abby with a mug she decorated.
Hey, how about a Christmas cake? It's not something you traditionally think about. My son has a December birthday and has always loved getting one from our local Lunardi's. He has been getting them since he was two and he's ten now! Aren't they cute?

His  cake!

Hope you get to your holiday zen! (Isn't that an oxymoron?)

Kim :)


  1. Happy Holidays, Kim!

    Great gift ideas and your biscotti looks tasty.

    Hugs, Adrienne

  2. Your biscotti looks like they came out perfectly and will gorgeous on your hand painted plates from Italy...but I don't know if I could part with those. I think the biscotti would end up in a cello bag tied with a ribbon and a tag. Merry Christmas!

  3. Thanks Adrienne and Annie!

    I ended up keeping some of those plates of course, and ate way too many biscotti too!

    Merry Christmas and thanks so much for your comments!