Monday, June 6, 2011

Loving right now...umbrella stands!

The weather is picking up here and sun has shown her face today! Just in time for my crazy report that the umbrella stand can be repurposed and very well!

How I got into this, I'm not sure. I was obsessing over finding an asian-inspired one last fall. I was working on making the perfect mud room entry and adore the umbrella stand. It always looks so neat with a row of coat hooks or a coat tree.

The first one I found was from, where else, TJ Max, with a lion on it. Used it for a bit at my other house until some beast, (i.e. boy/boys) cracked it. It is still holding together. In the interim, I found an adorable metal one. Looks possibly like it was originally a flower bucket, but was just right in my mud room!

 I have now found the perfect one I originally had in my head, at Pier 1. It's the very traditional blue willow ware look. The problem is, during our hellish Winter, all our brollys broke and now I have only one small orange one left. What to do with these stands? I couldn't put them away. They are too cute. I stuffed the lion one with some stiff grocery bags and set a darling Ivy on one. Love it! It also gives Ivy room to trail. This stand would be adorable in pairs flanking a door. Now if I could find the mate!

The metal flower bucket became a powder room trash can. You know, this was accidental. I had  taken a gross waste basket out and the kids kept complaining there wasn't one in the mud room bath.
I moved it three feet into there and, viola, the perfect trash can. I am also loving the depth of it. I don't know if you are like me, but I simply hate a full trash can and can't relax until it's emptied. This way, you see nothing, it's so deep! Love it.

The pretty blue one is now housing our families' collection of beach sticks from various walks. Looks summery like that right in front of the fireplace!

I'm off now to search out more of these cute stands for my other baths!!