Sunday, October 30, 2011

Witchy Style!

Some of the witches I flew there with.  Cristina, Hang, myself & Leasa,  just outside the broom parking... 

 Today I was lucky enought to attend a very special event in our community called Wonderful Witchey Women with a Cause. This is a fun yearly charity lunch where women get together in witch hats, have a blast and raise money for good.

The events founder, Cheryl Bailey started this just six short years ago with 20 friends for lunch.  It has now grown so large that there were over 400 women and had to be held at the Fairmont San Jose. The beneficiaries were Heritage Home, Angels on Stage and Breakthrough Silicon Valley. All wonderful and deserving organizations!

Tracey Wookey and Kyra Adams, two of the events co-chairs.

A fab time was had by all! When else do you get to wear a witch hat, have lunch with your friends and help others?

Two moms from my school, Michelle and Renee were part of the "white" witches. 

My tennis team got together and sponsored a table. Here's a few snaps of the event. I loved seeing how creative ladies got with their chapeaux!! It was all about accessories really and some ladies took license and went brooms out!


Love the lady on the left's spider pin and earrings!

Love Leasa, our team captain's peacock feathered hat and Catrin's silvery skeleton and ribbon.  Jataka and Lei are on the ends with their jaunty smaller hats and frilly frocks.

Here's Hang hanging out with the Halloween tree...(sorry couldn't resist that one.)  Her feathered fascinator with small hat was  very elegant.... she looks perfect for New Years too.  Guess the bubbly made me think of that. :)

Love their feathers and bowler hat.

Purple was cute on June.  Sorry- made her hold my drink! She really wasn't having both before lunch !

This lady had quite the hat and I loved the coat.

Chatting during the silent auction.

Susan had what I think was Puss-in-boots on her hat. Very original.

I hate shots of myself, but couldn't resist showing a bit more of my owl hat I loved and also with Catrin, my brilliant doubles partner last season. Didn't realize my hat was quite annoying whacking people in the face and such, especially in photos. Mostly, those I edited out.  Aack!

Some gals working the pink. The bowler hat on the left was chic too.

Another bowler hat with pretty spiders, pin and veil.

A group of Barbie-wannabees.  They had their own table. The shoes were just like the dolls!

Loved all the mix of prints and finery at this table.

Blondes make great witches....

...but the brunettes ( Michelle and Kirsten), really look so natural in the black and all!

More yakking...

The centerpieces.

Some more cute witches - Barb, Jeanne and May looking chic.

Our team table!

Sadly, I had to leave my black cat home. She's sick with a bladder infection...:(

My baby Marlo. She would have been the perfect accessory. ;)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Decor !

Our cat Marlo,  making the house look Halloween ready, though she's being naughty sitting on the table. 

This important news flash... Halloween is just around the corner! Really. Yeah, I should have done this post earlier.  Are you properly decorated yet? And more importantly, have you seen the Great Pumpkin on t.v.??

Here's some of the bits and bobs around my place that the children and I have thrown up in honor of the holiday. I actually have a lot of black accents in house, so sometimes just chucking in the orange is all I need to do.  Luckily, orange is very chic right now.

Our entry hall. I added my witch hat, a broom and some snake and nature books.

The front door. The boys put so much web up, no one could get through. We had to modify a little...

As much as I love glass pumpkins, the real ones are so lovely, so I stock up on lots. I get a whole assortment, mostly from Trader Joes and wherever they're cheap. Then I use them through Thanksgiving and do harvest themed decorating. It basically looks the same, except I rip down the webs and ghosts!

My living room mantel.

                                         Our stoop.

One little tradition we have done since the boys were small, is construction paper window decorations. I think this came from my childhood. I remember everyone having pumpkins and ghosts taped to their you? The last rainy weekend we had, my husband got the kids started on it and we all made them together. It was a cozy afternoon.  I think they look adorable from the windows.  It's a way of saying children live here and I love that!

Some of their creations.

Happy Halloween!!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall Wardrobe Stuff...and Closets

My bowl of bracelets. Perfect for the pile-it-on jewelry trend for Fall!

Don't you love Fall clothes? I really do look forward to chunky sweaters and boots. I Loooove herringbone, tweeds, cable-knits, argyles, cashmere, camel hair and all the lush fabrics that embody this season !

When I was a small girl, I loved school shopping with my Mom.  I could picture myself meeting my teacher in my new dress, fresh knee-high socks and shiny mary-janes. Growing up, there was always some item of clothing I coveted that would change my world if I could just get it. Clothes lovers you know what I mean! My Mom, bless her, always made sure I had a few special things, even when we didn't have a ton of money. One, I remember, was a red faux fur coat in elementary school, another time it was flowered denim platforms in fourth grade and later, in junior high, brown dittos jeans and boots that laced up. That last ensemble went along with a knit cap with a flower I loved! As you can probably guess, I stood out. That wasn't always a good thing. Yeah, I was harassed throughout my school career for my non-conforming clothing choices. I was the first girl at my high-school to wear ankle jeans in the early eighties.  They were so cool, but they called me high-water girl.  Anyway, I have suffered for fashion willingly since childhood!

 Back-to-school shopping is now for my two boys. Getting a few special new pieces for myself is fun too. As far as the closet, I try to take a hard look at what I have actually worn in the past year and donate what hasn't and what is looking faded or worn. I've noticed it's the finer things I have added that have stood the test of time so I try to add one or two a season, if I can afford it. Sure, I also still like a few new trendy things from places like H&M, Banana and J. Crew that I throw in the mix. I am trying hard to buy less and only things I am truly crazy about. Otherwise, they just end up taking closet space. As a close friend recently said, if you haven't worn it within a week of buying it, you probably won't. True that!

This is the perfect time to point out the virtues of a fabulous book that really got me revved up about Fall wardrobes, closets and starting fresh. It's called, Practical Princess Perfect Wardrobe, and it got my tail into gear regarding my closet. The author, Elika Gibbs, styles and organizes closets for the rich and fabulous, (Kate Moss, ladies!)  She knows her stuff.  It has many helpful tips, that you should be doing, but probably aren't.  For instance, how to keep things ultra clean so you will never get moths, and how to properly store every kind of garment and why it even matters. Loved this book and if you are into clothing you will too.

Some of the fashion books I keep on my closet shelves.

Here's a peek into my weeny closet. It's tiny, but I don't share it, unlike my old larger walk-in. I kind of like it smaller and to myself. I love to fill it with sachets, and a candle, that make it smell girly. I also have some shelves that I like to place jewelry, accessories and bags. I try to rotate them out each season, where I can see them.  I like putting a small inspiration board of pictures up from the latest Vogue or whatever I love! It's fun- you should try it. I did it for the first time in Summer and I enjoyed seeing it in there when I dressed and now I just changed it for Fall. It also gave me some ideas for getting dressed when I was feeling uninspired. This is like my only personal spot in the whole house, so I tried to glam it up a bit and really make it my own little sanctuary, though it is a closet!

I display my jewelry so I can remember to wear it. I recently bought a pretty bowl from Anthropologie that I pile all my bracelets into. I love seeing them sparkle on the shelf. I also use the tie racks that were originally built into the closet for my necklaces. It makes it so much easier to see what I have. I put these by metal and color. Check out my cute owl necklace my sweet friend Jen gave me if you can see it.

So ladies, get on with the de-cluttering, as one of my favorites bloggers, Faux Fushia always says. While you're at it, get yourself a Vogue or Bazaar too. Lucky us, we can do back-to-school clothes without the school !

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Style !

Bracelet piling- very big this year. Short painted nails also look very chic and fresh.

Now that October and cooler weather has arrived, I thought I'd throw out there a few style pictures for inspiration. In case you don't follow the fashion rags, here's a capsule of the latest trends for Fall.  I don't know about you, but I enjoy seeing what's hot and how women on the street are working it into their own looks!  These pics are from Tommy Ton of Enjoy!

The faux fur vest seems quite big this year, ( literally!)

Love the jacket and clutch with tassel. Aren't tassels fab?

Check out her colors and more bracelet piling!

Dots are big too. Check out the bright clutch and again the bracelets.

Bracelets again and mixing metals.

Floppy 70s hats are apparently back. The trench is still a good investment and animal prints are still  hot.

She's working the animal prints and the bracelet thing.

Capes look fabulous darlings. I just want to be her! I had a cape in 3rd grade.

Citrus people! Embrace it. Drink your orange juice!

She's adorable. Love the color-blocking and her shades. Pony looks cool too.

More floppy hats. You could steal this from your kids' Indiana Jones costume.

Stripes are still chic and wearing your purse as a clutch. I know if I wore this I'd get Bee remarks from my family...

She's working the stripes into her Fall.

Love her trench and scarf.  Notice how she ties it? It's all in the tying and it's got to look like you did it carelessly, but of course if it looks good you didn't!  Got that trench wearers?

More brights and chunky jewelry. I'm digging the ring.

Black tights are back in a big way and color-blocking with black is too.
   Black tights and some pops of bright color are on my shopping list. I don't think you need a new wardrobe, but just a few little pieces to make it fresh and current. I'm going to try my nails short and dark with a ton of bracelets too. What do you love or hate for Fall?