Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pantry Love!

Just picked up this Organizing magazine, a special edition of Martha Stewart Living. The word love does not begin to describe what I feel about this book. It actually is a kind of hard copy version of all the best organizing tips and new ones from the queen of perfection. I have been falling asleep to this tome every night and grabbing it and gobbling up all the gorgeous photos and ideas every free second I have.

The cover- from my phone. No images were available at her website.

Some of the loveliness.

My favorite is this blue pantry. Loving this sick.

 In my feeble attempt to replicate this, I ran out to Macy's where they carry the Martha pantry products. Some good things (no pun there), to be found there that are used in the book. Also, and contain yourselves neat and paper freaks, Martha's newest line of pretty labels and folders are now available at Staples see here. The chalkboard paint labels seen on the glass jars here, are my favorite.

More love...

From the book, a fabulous entry.

Does it mean I am getting older when instead of beautiful clothes, I dream of beautiful pantries?

Run, don't walk before this collector's book is gone!!


  1. Kim - You old fart! (takes one to know one) Kids who don't need moms 24/7 make moms who (attempt to) organize.
    I do love the lead on the mag/book and the labels.

  2. Oh I don't think a well organized pantry means you are getting old...I just think it means you're so together that you look good and have a beautiful pantry! I had no idea Martha had a line at Staples. Since we are moving, I am really trying to use everything I already have, but I might need to check this out later today.