Monday, February 13, 2012


Pretzel and cherry gumdrop heart arrows.

We have a few traditions we do here on Valentines Day. Usually, the day starts out with some kind of heart shaped breakfast. The kids get little packages on their plates. It's usually something small like some See's Candy. (See's by the way, is the best chocolates and a California Valentine is not compete without a trip to the famous black and white stores! If you grew up here, you know what I mean.) I like to also get them a card with some money and a small fun gift like socks or a book. This tradition comes from my Mom, who always had little gifts for us kids at the breakfast table.

When the kids get home from school, we usually make a fun dinner together to surprise Dad. Some years we have set a picnic in front of the fire. Other times we moved the whole table by the fire. We light votives, make heart themed decor for the table and house. The last few years we have made a pork loin and a couple years we had swiss fondue. One thing we always do is make chocolate covered strawberries. So easy and they look beautiful for dessert . Champagne and sparkling cider in flutes is also mandatory! I love getting the boys helping in this too.

Later in the week, my husband Max and I will do a date night. Those first few years we did go out on Valentines night, but with the crowds, it never seemed special. For that reason, we choose to spend the holiday with our boys and it has been really sweet.  We were engaged on Valentine's Day 1996. That day is also special because our niece, Veronica was born on that day. After a getting engaged at a romantic dinner, we drove to the hospital to see our little niece. This year she will be sweet 16!

Griffin, my fourth grader working on his Valentine cards.

Some cute foam stickers.

We cut cello bags in half, added a super ball, and stapled a card on top. So easy!

Happy Valentine's Day !


  1. Happy engagement anniversary (tomorrow)! You are such a fun mom. Your kids are going to have such great memories of Valentine's Day.
    Have and wonderful time tomorrow.
    Happy Valentine's Day!



  2. Thank you Adrienne. Always you are so kind. Have a fun day tomorrow too!

  3. What great ideas for Valentine's Day, have fun tomorrow!

  4. Kim, My daughter was "due" on Valentines 1996 - she arrived on the 28th! We have a sweet 16 and new driver in a very short time. Yikes! :-)
    Thank you for your post, I nearly went to bed without setting our breakfast table. (double Yikes!)

  5. Thanks LR and Linda! Hope you had good days too.

    Can't believe your daughter was almost born on Valentines too Linda! I can't imagine a 16 year old. I can hardly deal with 13!

    We set the table too the night before!


  6. I love the ball idea and I am going to file away for next year for my then 2nd grader.

    1. So glad you stopped by! I love that idea too. Wish I had found some of these cute ideas when my other son was small too. I think they really love doing something special. 2nd grade would be perfect for it!


  7. Kim,
    I love your Valentine's Day traditions. You make it very special for your family and they will always have wonderful memories of these days.