Saturday, March 17, 2012

Random Thoughts..

Happy St Patty's Day everyone! Hope you are enjoying your Saturday and doing something fun! This week Winter finally decided to come to Northern California and boy are we getting it. The rain and wind is coldest yet this year! Finally am getting to wear my rain boots my husband bought me for Christmas!

Today my 4th grader has been busily working on the school's science fair project and we have been keeping the fireplace on and hanging out with this lot.

Lazy mongrels and heat suckers!

Loving all the citrus from the neighborhood trees that we have been collecting, cough, stealing.

And enjoying all the variations of green tossed about this week! The school bunch and my son with the new green shoes on the left! Loverboy headband added without my expressed permission. Don't you love their little faces?

Enjoying my tea by the fire with Irish Soda Bread today and had a nice chat with my pal Kim.

 Savoring the cozy sound of the rain...

 Yet dreaming of Spring and all the loveliness about to burst forth!
Have a lovely day!




  1. Kim - Love the boots, mine are the green gardeners Hunter - not so fancy! Your son's headband - such a great statement. He'll see this photo in 10 years or so and complain that you didn't stop him from wearing it out of the house! Hee hee :-)
    It is great to be back to blogging (and sitting at the computer at all!). The forced break has built up quite a backlog of reading others posts - yours will always be one I make time for first.
    Our favorite citrus in the yard is our lime - amazing! I'll be looking for you to come by and pick. Cheers!

    1. Linda, I was torn between the green boots and blue. Love the green because they are so classic and remind me of the royal family! We have limes too. Love those. Someone put a pomelo tree in here too and I have no idea what to do with those beasts!

      You are so sweet to stop by. I've missed your blog too! Glad you're back and feeling better!


  2. The boots are fab. I wore boots to work on Friday - the 2nd time worn this whole winter - crazy topsy-turvy weather we've been having - I too have the fireplace going throughout the weekend. I'm enjoying your stories and pictures and look forward to your posts - stay warm and dry in these (almost) "old-testament" weather conditions (as Faux Fuschia would probably call it!).

    1. Jen, Can you believe the funny weather? Actually happy it's raining! Great hanging by the fire. Love the Faux Fuschia comment! Totally old testament conditions! Isn't she the best? Adore her crazy blog.

      Just read your St Patty's post. Happy Birthday! Looks like fun. What a wonderful day to be born on. The whole world celebrates. Hope this year is the best!

      Enjoy the rest of the weekend!