Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Bonnet Style

 Don't you miss Easter bonnets and gloves and little white purses? This is my grandmother, grandfather, my dad, Uncle Denny and Aunt Wendy on Easter 1950.  I just love how they are all dressed up in their best and looking so proud! One of my very favorite things as a little girl was dressing up for Easter and getting a new dress, gloves and a little white purse. Love how my aunt and grandma have their white purses and hats.

Here's a tribute to the long lost Easter bonnet and a treat. Enjoy!

Happy Easter to you all!

Kim :)


  1. Happy Easter! So beautiful family picture of your grandparents with your father uncle, and aunt. I used to wear new clothes too during Easter when I was a kid! Easter is like Christmas for us. Now we just have a feast on Easter and go to church.But still wear nice clothes:)

    1. Thanks Pamela! Hope your are having a lovely day with your family!


  2. I love that! I remember I had a white bonnet when I was a kid (I was 4 or 5 years old) but unfortunately I burned a hole in it from the candle during Easter Sunday mass! Arghhh my mom and my sister were frantically trying to put out the fire, oy. Haven't worn an Easter bonnet since! lol

    I love how everyone dressed up back then, I wish people would dress up today, everyone dresses so casually now (and do I dare say - frumpy).

  3. Peer pressure in 1950 was as strong to get us dressed-up as the pressure (or fashion) for us to dress casually today. Not better then or now - but if I could choose (for everyone) I would choose dressed-up. Especially on Easter!
    Spotted one lovely bonnet today walking into brunch here in Eugene, OR. She, her 20ish daughter and equally fashionable husband were (unfortunately) in the minority. And we may have giggled, "Now, THEY, went to church!". Shame on us.
    Now let's all get dressed up and change this casualness as we are all risking frumpy outside the house.

  4. Too fun...rarely do I see hats in our church today, but so love the elegance of those days...happy Monday!

  5. Hi there! Hope you had an amazing Easter weekend!