Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Super Natural Northern California Cooking

It's getting the season where I am ready to spend more time on outdoor entertaining and cooking for friends.  I have been more than inspired by a darling cookbook I picked up at Anthropologie and wanted to share it with you. It's called Super Natural Every Day  by Heidi Swanson. I adore this book for many reasons, first being the recipes are simple, but delicious. What Heidi uses are the freshest and healthiest ingredients to make the most luscious food. This is what it's all about now isn't it? We need to eat as much as we can from the earth and make it fast and easy too.

So far I have made this white bean spread, which is so simple and a great appetizer or lunch with crudités or crackers. This would be a perfect with some crisp white wine in summer.

Also made this cauliflower soup. I added whole grain bread from LaBrea bakery, my favorite and drizzled with California olive oil.

I love this cookbook because Heidi is not an extremist. She uses lots of whole grains and natural ingredients, but occasionally uses white flour and sugar at times in baking when needed. She tries to encourage the use of local foods that haven't traveled far. By, "natural," she means food that is straight from the plant or animal with minimal or no processing used. This cookbook had me at breakfast, through lunch, salads, tea, treats and even popcorn. Next up I want to try her Buttermilk Cake, and her Honey and Rose Water Tapioca. There really is something for everyone and you can feel a little better knowing you are eating something great for your body too. You just may fall in love with this way of eating.

Heidi via Elle.com

Best of all, Heidi is a Northern California girl! You will enjoy her blog at 101 Cookbooks, where she shares her recipes and all things food related.

Have a great week!



  1. Hi Kim,

    These all look delicious! I have her cook book too and haven't made anything yet. Her food photography is gorgeous.


  2. I love cauliflower soup and never tried the olive-oil drizzle - I will next time. Great post showing you can cook healthy and yummy.

  3. Wow Kim, what you tried from the cookbook looks so delicious! I love natural ingredients too and also alfresco dining during summer.

  4. Loving the look of that cauliflower soup - up until now that's a vege that's been so underused. And that Heidi looks so groovy!

  5. Loove cauliflower—I use it mashed as a sub for potatoes, it works really well. The book looks great, will have to check it out!

    Kim | howtolovethisworld.com

  6. MMM YUMMYY post:)
    I wish you a great weekend.

    LOVE M