Friday, September 7, 2012

Thirty Days Hath September...

Hope you all had a nice Labor Day. Though I am a bit sad about Summer being officially over,  I truly believe September is the best month! Maybe it's because it's my birth month.  I do know September is an opportunity to bask in more of those gorgeous days that seem like a special gift now.  September means weekend getaways and alfresco dining to me. The weather here in Northern California has turned my perfect temp of 75 degrees. Last night it seemed everyone was out for a stroll. The sky was a gorgeous pink and white. This morning I was woken by the loveliest little rain. It was just enough to make the plants happy and the smell of wet pavement rise! Then we had thunder and lightening this afternoon! Now it's blue skies and puffy clouds as I watch little birds scamper about.

September is all about the golden light. I plan on using those 30 days (or what's left) to grasp all the  light-filled, days I can. Some inspiration to get out there...It's all about those late afternoons and a glass of lovely white wine!

One of my very favorite books. Highly recommend it.

Dallas Check him out.- Wonderful.


This looks like my dream porch in late Summer.

Carmel Valley

Savor the sunbeams people! Have a great weekend everyone.

Kim :)

Images via- you had me at bonjour tumblr,,WPA, zodiacchic,,yelllowdoortumblr,pretty images,katespade,nomad chic, pinterest. and Northern California Style.


  1. Very nice images. As for me, September this year is a month of new beginnings, just like the new Fall season coming. I will be starting a new job position in the Bank this month. I am looking forward to it. Enjoy your birthday this month. Have a great weekend! :)

  2. Kim! This is a GREAT fantastical post!

    Now girlfriend, after co-hosting family for dinner and a cocktail chased by a couple glasses of wine let's chat!

    The photo with the chandelier in the tree - a ma zing! But how much must one drink to be comfortable in those wire chairs for hours? (no worries about me!)

    The coastal photo after the desert sunset...did you take that? Just looks so northern Cal or Oregon.

    I'm right there on your dream porch!!! Or this was taken after you and I got up to get dinner going and make sure kids were getting out of the showers (and bath water was not all over the floors).

    Wicker chairs photo - now THOSE you can drink too much and slump into a nap as others conversation buzzes around - then wake for another coffee or a bit more dessert before heading off to bed in that, HOUSE!

    Sandra Bullock - simply perfect. (makes me want to follow through on going out to Riverside Co tomorrow to see a dog in a pound - will take over an hour one way. No one else in the family wants to go with it's just me and Bodi)

    Carmel Valley - You can just FEEL the heat! But I want to get my clippers and clean up around the base of those trees.

    And then put on a full skirt and S P I N! :-)


  3. Lovely images! I'll look for that book. I also agree on the dream porch. Happy pre-post-and-day-of-birthday to you when it rolls around this month - I hope all your dreams come true!

  4. Gorgeous photos. September and October are my favorite months. The photo of the back porch just gave me the inspiration I was looking for so thank you! Have a wonderful weekend.


  5. I definitely have to agree with Sandra Bullock's quote! I love the month of September, I've always thought of it as the start of another "year" (like students do).

  6. "Savour the sunbeams people" I love it, I'm taking that quote and I intend to own it throughout September.