Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Green Team

They said oxblood was the color of the season. It may well be, but I can't help noticing all the deep green tones that are turning up everywhere. Green is just one of those colors that seems to look good on everyone. It's fabulous on brunettes, but equally as appealing on blondes and was made for redheads. 

It's gorgeous with gold accents and leopard.

                Deepest green are perfect for Autumn and Winter.

Kate Middleton in what I think some call, "bottle green."

                 Deep green and tortoise look so rich together. Tory Burch bag

                                            How I want to dress for Fall!

Dorothy Draper collection

Love!!! Someday I'll start collecting bakelite bracelets.

You can order vintage books by color via Retro Reading.

I particularly adore mixing of green shades.

Colored kitchens are getting very popular.

      A Fortuny wrap from the 1920s. Can you believe how gorgeous this is?




I think green is a color that just makes people feel good!

Do you think you're on the green team or not? :)


 (A kind of a joke because I'm on our elementary school's Green Team- and love it. - Totally different post of course!)

Images sources via my Pinterest board.


  1. You have just reminded me why I've always liked that colour Kim! Must invest in something green soon:)

  2. I love the green with the leopard print accent! What a great idea!



  3. I enjoyed all of the photos Kim. Green is a very stylish colour for Fall. Have a good day!

  4. I do like it Kim! Beautiful images and a reminder that we should add this to our fall color whether it be in the home or part of our wardrobe.

    Hope you've had a wonderful week!

  5. Yes, I much prefer the greens to the burgundies that are out just now.

  6. You are so with it!

  7. I want to wear green now after seeing this post!

  8. Hi Kim,

    You have made me want to run out and buy up some green. I like green a lot. But, you're right. It does look great with leopard and turquoise. Those were some great items.

  9. Loving this particular shade!!! What is this called - bottle green? We wore it for our school uniform - with gorgeous pleated tunics that were terribly flattering. But I am loving it again. is there a single picture of Kate Beck that you can't stare at for hours?