Friday, October 12, 2012

Orange and Black Chic

 October is proving so busy. I'm happy today to be sitting at home by my fire and wearing a sweater! My first sweater outing of the season so far. This week the weather turned suddenly cold and wet and an damp chill hung all over. I dug out my boots today and am making chili tonight. I think the family will all cozy up by the fire and play a board game or watch a funny show. How I love Fridays!

Love the simplicity of the white brick + orange + yellow on my mantle.

This week I had a few friends over for a gathering and was stressing about my home. In all, a good thing  because it got me in gear to get my house pulled together for Fall. I made a few new purchases, moved things around and did some deep cleaning.  ( Yes popcorn is gone from under the couch cushions now!) Those dead plants and wall scuffs probably aren't even noticed, but it's all I focus on which is stupid.

 I also hung up those pictures I had leaning on things. I guess you could say I have a hard time committing!  Realizing people may be seeing my house in the warehouse mode, I grabbed a bunch of nails and started hammering items up. The thought just makes my husband shudder. Let me be clear, those 3M sticker deals ( guess whose idea) do not hold up art or baskets with plants. We learned first hand the other night when it sounded like the roof caved in. I was just about asleep. Going to bed, take two. The next day, I brought out the big guns ( large nails- yikes) and holes were made people!

 The results, below are a few new items and bits added to the home. Funny thing is, I have a lot of black and orange and thus, hello Halloween! I don't know how that happened, but I'm capitalizing on it now by adding pumpkins of all colors and sizes. I'll tone it down later...Or as Tim Gunn would say, "Make it work." Okay here goes...

The ivy in this pot just kicked it so Jack Be Littles work well instead. I can keep this for Thanksgiving too and add acorns, leaves and twigs perhaps?

Black has a way of making things look a bit sharper. I needed some and this Pottery Barn rug was the answer. I'm loving it in this formerly drab space.

 Just in case you were wondering, it's been cat-approved. They couldn't wait to experience it of course. Now our chunky boy, Hobbes can camouflage! This is their Awning Stripe rug and it's wool dhurrie. Very soft and on sale right now...

 Just found this for my dining room wall. This color works nicely with the paint in there to brighten it up.

Another project I did tackle a few weeks back was painting a chalk board in my kitchen. I was inspired by this I found on Pinterest (where else?) I loved this simply because I have the same exact space.

via this blog- dijeau poage

This is my version. What do you think? I'm trying to write a quote daily and  reminders on the bottom for school, etc. Was easy to do and I used the Home Depot chalkboard paint.

A few additions to my living room...

This tray was too fun to pass up for seven dollars!  Found this at Beverly's craft of all places. I brought my son there to get supplies for a school project and spied this on their Halloween display.

So going with the October theme, I'm using these pillows I had for now. I like the crazy mix. Yellow and orange is very candy corn don't you think??

Some of my favorite books look good at this time of year with the right accessories. Vintage books just have that spooky house vibe. Nature-inspired tomes are even better!

This frame I just found and love too...

Also added a ivy to my dining room wall below. Ivy with tortoise shell, like this frame, always looks so rich together. The frame is a gift given to me long ago from my dear friend Jen.

 I also unintentionally added another touch of black to my favorite kitchen corner with this print.

I hosted a Della Dress party and designer Andrea kindly brought these gorgeous sunflowers.
With these, my home really says Fall.  I just can't decide where I like them best! Thank you Andrea, I will enjoy these for a while I think!

Decorating the porch is the most fun to me. I love seeing a neighborhood with pumpkins on stoops. Aren't the Cinderella ones cute?  Trader Joes is my go to for those.

Then I've got to get out my special Halloween bits and bobs.

My boys want to put the cotton webs up this weekend. I'm okay with white webs. I try to wait until it's a bit closer to the actual date. It always seems like we have at least one rain after they are up. Then they look pretty bad all stuck to my bushes. I have one rule- cute decor, no gore. I'm not into graveyard stuff or hanging guys from trees. We usually stick with webs, spiders, pumpkins and a rubber rat or two!

Irritated black cat? Check. (Marlo, who we adopted near Halloween 4 years ago.)

Have you yet or do you even decorate for Halloween?

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Have a cozy weekend everyone!


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  1. You have been busy Interior decorating Kim! Your house decor looks so chic. That blackboard is such a clever idea. We used to have a huge blackboard in our childhood home and I would play as a Teacher. But when I grew up, I didn't turn out to be a teacher but a Banker. But isn't Pinterest so inspiring and addictive? I will follow you on FB. Have a happy Fall weekend! :)

  2. Wow Kim you are inspiring me to get decorating for Halloween! fabulous ideas and inspiration here:) Your porch is gorgeous! Have a good weekend!

  3. Hi Kim,

    Your home looks perfect and SO festive! I agree, the pillows do feel a little like candy corns :) and I love all your mini pumpkins displayed around your home.

    Enjoy the cooler weather!


  4. Fantastic ideas for decorating - I really like the chalkboard idea (and the Oscar Wilde quote)....those old-school vintage books are fantastic too!

  5. Must feel quite liberating to finally get all those jobs done around the house Kim. I still have pictures leaning against things waiting to be hung too. Marlo's expression is priceless, obviously not a fan of having his picture taken.

  6. I love what you have done, Kim. I really love your cats!! I had a huge black cat, but my son was allergic to him so he now lives with another family. I love Cinderella pumpkins, too.

  7. Perfect arrangements - I especially like your idea of pumpkins replacing the ivy in the urn - I'm going to try something like that. And I don't think you ever need to be nervous about having folks over - your home is so inviting. And besides a rule of "no gore" at my house, I also request no spiders - on or off the fake webs!

  8. Thanks so much everyone for your kind notes! You are making me feel better about my house ! Have a good week everyone!


  9. You have a lovely home, Kim. That dining room is gorgeous!
    And great job with the chalkboard. I love the idea of writing inspirational quotes.

    Your tuxedo kitty looks just like mine!
    xo, A

  10. Every year I buy at least one "iconic pumpkin" (silly phrase courtesy of the now defunct Domino magazine) and you have inspired me to go out and get that pumpkin today! I usually get a green one. Gorgeous pictures!

    Kim |

  11. Kim - Your photog skills are showing! The reflection of crow and books and the patio garden outside the kitchen, beautiful.

    Of all your redecorating decisions getting rid of dead plants is always worth the effort. :-) And because it freed up that urn for the pumpkins - so pretty.

    My favorite is the chalk board which the entire family will enjoy - but the girly bit fav is the pillow combination!

    Thanks for sharing. :-)