Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Inspiration Boards!

Spring is here and I am ready to jump in with both feet! I don't know about you, but with all the new colors in fashion and decorating, I like tearing out my favorite images and pinning them up when the season changes.

I found a small spot to hang my personal mood board above my desk in our spare bedroom. I also make a small one in my closet with fashion inspirations. I love having a place to post images, cards and and other lovely things that bring the feel of a season. For the Pinterest addicts, like myself, it's much the same, only larger and more personal!

A few shots of the large board above my desk. Love the cards from my kids and hubby.

I try to keep postcards of all my travels so I can relive my trips just a little each time I walk by. One of my favorites is the portrait of Raphael from the Uffizi in Florence. I love his face. Painted cards like the half-timbered house from Normandy are fun to keep too. I think it is great add invitations, thank you cards and special notes from the mail. They are all so rare nowadays, I try to save them! 

 Here's a few other cool boards to give you some ideas. Some messy and others are very orderly. All fun to look at I think.

Chance inspiration board via Habitually Chic

Michael Kors

Gene Meyer's desk.

Tone on Tone Antiques


C Magazine

My favorite!  Blogger Slim Paley's summer mood board. slimpaley.com

I adore that Slim Paley's board is loaded with Summer memories. I think I'll collect a more souvenirs from our trips and try to replicate my own version of this beautiful board. I guess this is just another form of collage and I love it! 

What about you? Does this get you in the mood to make your own? 


Images via my Inspiration Boards  on Pinterest. Top photos- northerncalstyle.com

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bunches of Spring!!

Happy Spring! Can't believe it's the first day already! I don't know why, but it seems each time another Spring comes I am seeing so many buds and blooms that I never did before! I love how each little living thing finds a way to regenerate again. Marvelous and lovely! We have a huge wisteria bordering our garage and it was cut back quite severely in the Fall. I was worried since it looks like a marled and twisted dead wood, but low and behold, a sign of life! A beautiful tiny cone of lavender color was hanging yesterday along with, if you look closely, a ton of little green buds. I am blown away by nature. How amazing she is!

I thought this would also be a fun time to show you a few pictures of one of my favorite places in Los Gatos, Bunches.  In my Spring house style post, I showed a picture of a cute wood box filled with ivy on my mantel from there.  I'm crazy about this flower shop!

The people who work there are so helpful and nice. Bunches always has something unique and different. I recently asked them to make me something for a friend who had surgery and they made such a pretty,  modern bouquet. They use unexpected combinations!

 Bunches has a multitude of beautiful pots and vases. Whenever my home needs something fresh, I can always find a pot to inspire me. Sometimes I like to buy ivys to add to it. Other times I am in the mood for potted flowers. Right now, I really love all the forced branches that they are selling. Those say Spring so well and look fresh in a large vase or bucket!

Bunches holds a special place in my heart. When my youngest son was in preschool, we used to stop and see their duck Pete, after we grabbed pizza from across the street. Petey, is actually a girl and yes, lives in the shop. You can see her sleeping, or in her corner eating. She can talk a lot and is quite cute! On this day we visited, the owner let my son hold her!

  Beautiful pots out for St Patrick's Day and Spring. They totally embrace the seasons and have unique items to help you bring the feeling into your home too.

Baby soft, locally knit scarves that are the most delicious colors for sale.

Some of the larger plants and orchids are in the back. Don't miss the room with house plants too. I love to get my wreaths and garlands here during the holidays. Right now there are a ton of cute ideas for Easter.

Pete in repose.

Don't miss this darling shop next time you are in Los Gatos!


All photos property of Northern California Style unless noted.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

One Year & Thank You!

I just happened to look back at my past posts yesterday and realized that today is the one year mark of writing this blog. I almost can't believe it. It seems a year can't have gone by so fast!

It's been so fun and rewarding to do this. I love sharing my ideas, photos and thoughts with you all.  I am learning so much from this blog. I am truly thrilled each time a comment appears. I know it's not easy to leave a comment on these things. There are so many of you who stop by and visit without commenting and I thank you so much. I know you are out there!  The visits show in my stats of over 6,000 visits recorded on my small blog.

The one thing I never expected from writing this blog is the friendship and kindness I have received from other bloggers. I feel like I have made a truly special new circle of friends from all over the world. It's been so fun to get to know all these great people that I would never had a chance to otherwise. I am also thankful for the generosity of one beautiful and sweet lady, Adrienne Shubin, of The Rich Life on a Budget.  She was an early friend and put me on her blogroll, which helped so much. If you haven't stopped by her lovely blog, one of my very favorites, you should.  Four other ladies who I am so grateful to for their kind links to me are Design in my View , Sara's House,  Thyme2Be, and I Just Want to Say..  They are amazing women with so much to share on their very different blogs. Thanks also to Jennifer Scott, of the The Daily Connoisseur, whose mention of my French related posts brought a lot of friends here.

Adrienne's lovely blog. http://therichlifeonabudget.blogspot.com/

Thanks most of all to all my Facebook pals who took the time to click over and read. Thanks to my family ( my mom and aunts, and cousins) and dear friends who support and comments made me believe what I am doing is worth something! I love you guys! Lastly, but not least to my husband, who gave me the idea to do this in the first place. His belief in me and support make it all possible.

Thanks everyone from the bottom of my heart! I look forward to another year with you all!



All photos original property of Northern California Style, unless otherwise noted.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Random Thoughts..

Happy St Patty's Day everyone! Hope you are enjoying your Saturday and doing something fun! This week Winter finally decided to come to Northern California and boy are we getting it. The rain and wind is coldest yet this year! Finally am getting to wear my rain boots my husband bought me for Christmas!

Today my 4th grader has been busily working on the school's science fair project and we have been keeping the fireplace on and hanging out with this lot.

Lazy mongrels and heat suckers!

Loving all the citrus from the neighborhood trees that we have been collecting, cough, stealing.

And enjoying all the variations of green tossed about this week! The school bunch and my son with the new green shoes on the left! Loverboy headband added without my expressed permission. Don't you love their little faces?

Enjoying my tea by the fire with Irish Soda Bread today and had a nice chat with my pal Kim.

 Savoring the cozy sound of the rain...

 Yet dreaming of Spring and all the loveliness about to burst forth!
Have a lovely day!



Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring House Style

I love the way my painted brick looks with this brown and white bird print and wooden box.  We recently painted it and I am really enjoying how much lighter my house feels.

This year's crazy warm weather has got everything blooming in my yard. I'm loving the sun and buds and baby birds chirping every morning. It all makes me in the mood to brighten up the house with some pops of color.

I still am not sure what kind of tree this is, but I love it's white-pink flowers.
My husband hates the mess in the pool.

Here's some bright additions and a peek into a few other parts of my home.

I found this butterfly tray at Pier 1, and added yellow accents to my entry.

Here's my $7 Trader Joe's Christmas topiary in a crackled green-yellow pot. Still doing well and worth every penny!

I found this wooden box and ivy at Bunches, a florist I adore in town who always has something new and fresh.

I reorganized my library shelves by color and it feels new!

One of our older Christmas cards of my sons on the beach, which I framed.

My husband brought this tea pot back from China for me. It's so pretty I put it on my shelves.

More lighter and brighter accents..

The living room mantel with some of my older books with green colors.
A burlap pillow I bought at my favorite store Fiori's before they closed in January. I should change to something lighter than the fur throw, but the cats love it!

Another favorite photo framed.

My grandmother gave me two of these garden stools from her 1960's furnished model home. One is outside, for drinks, by the pool. This one is cheering up a corner in the dining room with some of my favorite books.

I added these two sea life prints on either side of my french doors to brighten up the dining area. It needed some white. I had them in the bath in my last house. Love these and have been waiting to see where they would look best.

My dining runner flipped to black stripe side. My dear friend Jen gave me this darling crown and I added some hydrangeas to my votive holders.

Another picture I love with birds.

A  zebra print pillow that I added to an ottoman in the entry. Great for purses and coats. I stacked these colorful  astronomical prints from my grandma's house above.
My latest find from the DeAnza flea market. I couldn't resist. This sign is perfect for this area!  It points right to the two bear pits we call boy's rooms here!

  Our bedroom. A few months ago I added this Josie Kalamakari yellow & aqua quilt from Pottery Barn and a felt yellow pillow from Nordstrom  Rack. 

I moved this butterfly print in here from the mantel and it picks up the yellow, gold and grey colors in our room.

 My Max framed on a rare weekend together in Sonoma.

Love these bowls from Anthropologie to hold jewelry and baubles.

One of my most favorite things. These are rocks and things that are heart-shaped that my boys have found for me on beach trips and hikes through the years.

My bedside :)

Books I'm trying find time to read!

Another  favorite thing.  A watercolor bought in Paris, on our first family trip that needs reframing.

I removed a top off this blue urn from Homegoods and added hydrangeas from the yard that needed cutting.

 I order this striped rug for $49 from Pottery Barn. I think
stripes look so fresh now. Love this for cold feet in the bathroom floor.

Look what I got at Trader Joes for $4.00!! This is Spring in a pail and it smells divine.

Are you ready for Spring too? Hope this gives you inspiration to change things up a bit!