Sunday, June 24, 2012

Humboldt Style

Italian Vogue
We are leaving next week for a trip to Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons and then down to Utah for dear friend's wedding. I was thinking of all the possibilities of what to wear to this event when we got the groom, Justin's email detailing the activities of the day. He is renting out the lodge of a gorgeous ski resort and many guests are camping out there. They are being married by a pastor from the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.  Serious! It's real, check it out. I thought it was Justin joking. Justin and his fiancĂ© Laurie will be in, "costume," and he encouraged others to dress comfortably for scavenger hunts, star-gazing, roasting s'mores and more. He said he'd probably be changing into Carhartts later. Hmm, I wondered, "What the heck is Carhartts?". When I googled Carhartts it said flame resistant work wear, i.e. plaid shirts and the like. Huh? All the high fashion possibilities for this event just crashed and burned!

 A Carhartts look for Fall.  WHAT??? You can see from the background they know their customer!

Okay, I have some knowledge of this stuff. My husband grew up in Humboldt County, in the little beach town of Trinidad, 7 hours North of the Bay Area. This area of California is often referred to as behind the Redwood curtain. It's a place where even few Californians ever venture. Carhartts is the uniform up there give or take a pair of birkenstocks and a tie-dyed T. It's a unique area of the world that  is a mix of hippies and lumber jacks. When I met my husband Max he only owned shorts, Ts and wore Tevas with socks. I kid you not and he was a late 20-something engineer who was going places. One day I'll do a post on Humboldt, but suffice it to say that Justin, his family and all his friends are from up there.  They also happen to be the kindest, most fun and loveliest group of people I have ever known.  All of them.

Reese Witherspoon in a Carhartts type of plaid.

So I'll work the California nature girl/grunge look I guess. I can do that. It will also be right for the first 4 days we are spending in Jackson Hole and the Tetons. I'll have to incorporate some of my own things with the flannel shirts!! Some possible inclusions:

 A vintage looking denim skirt 

 Cargos for hiking and a Prana yoga top plus my woven necklace from my friend Etsuko in Japan and my J Crew Timex.

Maybe if I add a boho type scarf they won't look too preppy?

Gotta have my stripes! A shout out to my pal Kim from How to Love this World, who always inspires me with her love of all things stripes also. Just check out her very chic blog for inspiration!

...I could always add one of my son's plaids on top!

Because this is a casual wedding, maybe I'll wear this Roxy stripe dress above with a J Crew cardi and bauble necklace.

And I'll take this.

And why not? ( This T was a gift from my husband. ;P)

I'll need some deet apparently. :(

As my friend June said, "You can leave Louis Vuitton's at home." I crack up at the thought.

Bringing my Feed bag for sure...

And my union jack tote from Boden.

Of course a few pairs of Toms and hiking shoes.

I think this Michael Kors bracelet my husband just bought me has an earthy vibe so I'll bring that too.

Here's a few of the styles from Humboldt I snapped on our last trip.

Kale just adds that extra oomph to an outfit...

At the Arcata Farmer's Market, men in skirts and women who may have time traveled from Sherwood Forest. This was just a random sample, but you see what the vibe will be at this occasion!

The groom Justin above after surfing and below with his fiancé Laurie. Sweet.

I can't wait to tell you about all the fun!

Last four images Northern California Style. Others via my Pinterest Boards with original links unless noted.

Friday, June 15, 2012


I'm sorry my posting is going to be a bit sporadic for a bit. Summer is here and I am finally catching my breath.  I forgot how wonderful it can be to have unscheduled days. It's an amazing gift and I'm really loving it. We've got another week of sleeping in, staying up late, roasting s'mores, swimming, BBQs and outdoor movies on the driveway. Then we are off on a little adventure to Wyoming and Utah. I created a Pinterest board with my favorite summer images. Just looking at them gets me relaxed! I hope it doesn't go by too fast.

This reminds me of laying by my grandparent's pool as a child.

Summer reading is the best!

Love this and it's Coppertone smell.
It brings back beach days as a child.

Do you remember staying out until after dark on your street with a pack of kids?

I hope one day to take my kids tubing on the Truckee River in Tahoe like we did many summers.

Flashlights for ghost stories.

Camping at Pinecrest is my favorite with my brother and his family.

Driveway movies on Friday nights is our new tradition with bean bags and blankets. via

My mom hated the ice cream man who came right before dinner hour in our neighborhood. I could never decide between a missile or a creamsicle.

Anything with mint!

Hope you enjoyed the escape!
Happy Summer!


images via my Summer pinterest board unless noted.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Boys...and milestones.

Gold Rush days is a end of school tradition for fourth grade. Griffin was a chef, with his miner friends.

Last Thursday I took my younger son Griffin to his favorite pizza place for lunch. We started going there when he was just a tiny preschooler.  He always asked to get a slice and visit the duck, Petey at the flower shop next door then feed the fish at the garden store. Thursday was his last day fourth grade and next year he will begin his last year of elementary school.  :(

  Wow, how did that happen so quick? It seemed those, sniff, toddler years were long. I remember people saying that they couldn't believe he hadn't started school yet. He was my constant companion forever and older brother had begun school four years before him. Well, he started school and BAM, it's almost over and on to jr high soon. He's really loved school and got involved with student council and a new school club that helps others called the Buzz Club. I'm amazed all he's done on his own.

Why is it each new grade seems to pass more quickly than the next? I can barely type this it's so upsetting to me.

Grif at his Spring piano recital.  

With pal Liam above.

 Best friend Nicholas and Griffin being lifted by their very tall and wonderful teacher, Mr Bolin on their last day. He loved fourth grade and I think it was my favorite too.

Now on to the really big news...My Jackson graduated from 8th grade! Sorry tissue break here. Unbelievably, he will start high school in 2 short months. He has four years left with us and it's too much for me to even go there.

The kid.

And some of my favorite shots of him...

Reading with Dad. He has always loved books.

In Sonoma. I love his little sandals here.

Watching his first bouncy house inflate in the backyard for his 2nd birthday.

Drawing pumpkins at Halloween.

He always loved sitting by the fire doing legos in his jammies. Below preschool graduation.

Third grade rocker for Halloween with no front teeth! With buddy Vedaank.

Vedaank and Jack now.

Jack with his fifth grade heritage project.

With pal DJ in fourth grade.

And with DJ now!

But this is supposed to be a happy post and as a mom I just want to say how proud I am of this guy. He is the kindest and sweetest 13 year old I know. He has had his issues and we have the usual struggles.

Jackson is not a sports star, but he has a sport he loves very much, tennis. He is not a straight A student either, but he aced his exam to get into the honors biology class he so badly wanted and also got into Geometry. We are so happy, but what we are most proud of is the kind of person he is. He is a guys who smiles at old people and helps our elderly neighbors, make cards for his grandmas and regularly hugs and kisses his grandparents. I'm not sure if this will last, but I think it will since he's already at that embarrassed age.. He plays too much computer and reads too many comics. However, he has the best sense of humor and makes me laugh every daily.

Walking down after graduating.

Jackson surprised us by being an honor scholar. He didn't know he was either!

Getting his diploma

Celebrating with bro after at Benihana his favorite restaurant.

This boy is still a work in progress, but I am feeling pretty optimistic about the final product.