Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekend Recap

So glad Friday's here. It's been a particularly long week to me. Not sure why, but being home a few night with the kids alone makes those days really long. Some bright spots of the week..

My oldest competed in his first ever cross-country meet. Hundreds of kids. There were about 300 in his race alone! Such a blast to watch and cheer him on!

We are having some fabulous weather here in the Bay Area. Loved the late afternoon rays and the ducks at Central Park in Santa Clara where the meet was held.

 I spent many days as a young girl feeding the ducks with my grandfather at this same place. Good vibes here.

My younger son ran for president of his fifth grade class last week. 

He didn't win, but hey the posters he crafted were pretty cool! 

He did get class representative though and brought me home this gem from his ceramics class.

A cat cup! I love it's tail and whiskers. These are the things that I value most of all. :)

And in other news I got out to a fun school benefit lunch last week at the lovely Testarossa Vineyard in Los Gatos put on by the Doves Club. Another wonderful September day. I have to pinch myself to be so lucky to live in such a gorgeous area of the world.

My friend Wendy enjoying the wine.

The gorgeous venue of Testarossa. More moms below..
 Shauna, Juel and Rachael above. My pal Mindy and I below.

The great part about this fundraiser is you can direct exactly what school you would like your money to go to. Nice.

Yesterday my dad brought me this... Behold the bounty of my father's garden. And this is after I shared with neighbors... Yes, we are blessed to have an amazing dad who can grow anything. Those tomatoes are delicious people. We are talking sweet! I am ruined for any boughten tomatoes and peppers.

Can you believe he grew all these in containers? Only thing is...Dad, I guess we'll be eating tomatoes for a week or so at least. This is my third batch from his backyard or shall we say gentleman's farm? (I keep hearing realtors use that term about orchard on a property- kinda funny. Trying to make old bunch of fruit trees sound high brow -you know?)

When life gives me tomatoes I make something like this... I just chop them, add course salt, olive oil, basil, and anything else that's around. This was my version of an Italian bread salad..

This weekend we are headed to a friend's house for family movie night. Sometimes it's so nice to go to another's home for an evening.  And then my peeps ( i.e. my child labor force), don't know it, but I've got a painting project planned that they are going to help with. He he...

Hope you have some fun plans and grab those Fall sunbeams..


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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Brights at the Emmys..

So just a quick rundown on the other night. What did you think of the Emmy fashions?  Citrus colors were clearly a favorite. Personally, I  think the red carpet can get a bit tired seeing everyone so made up and perfectly styled. I'd like to see a bit of mixing it up and a more natural look, less posing. Some still looked too made up and stiff. However, there were others who were rocking the more fresh look. The brights helped. I personally love yellow and so did a lot of gals last night...

I want this dress! Love the pockets and turquoise accessories.

Loved Julie Bowen,  Leslie Mann, Julianne Moore and Claire Danes. All were unique, but fun and flattering.

I thought Jessica Lange looked amazing. Chic and not frumpy.

I like orange, but I thought this was matronly. Gennifer Goodwin always looks great, but I didn't love this.

          Padma Lakshmi was perfection. This orange was lovely on her.

Nicole's dress was pretty, but her more botoxed face was not. Why??

 However, some clearly do need a stylist or just an honest friend...

                                Yikes! Poor Glen Close. Who told her this looked good?

 Julia Ormand is beautiful, but this dress and hair were OLD!

Really, Ashley Judd?  I thought Valentino was her good pal. What's with this get-up with the Elvis hair, bow, earrings and pin!?

Let's end on a positive note...

Gorgeous were Emily Vancamp  above, and Hayden Panettiere below.

  The jury's still out on Julianne Margolis dress. People seem pretty split. I think I like the pockets. It needs a necklace or a less extreme hair.

Speaking of hair -should it match your dress?

Something about Kelly Osborne's look was appealing to me. I've always liked lavender. What's your take?

And what's with this new trend of just covering the end of our bosoms like Kat Dennings? Some dresses were barely hanging on. It seems to be the new thing. All I can think is that they must be selling a lot of tape down in L.A....

What did you love or hate? I love to hear what you readers think.




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Monday, September 24, 2012

A Backstage Pass to Fall Trends..

Well, I left the home front behind Saturday morning and made my way to my first professional gig as a blogger! I was flattered to be included in Stanford Shopping Center's blogger preview for their Fall fashion event, which is called Simon Fashion Now. I won't lie and tell you I wasn't totally stressed a bit about what to wear and more. Though after I met all the lovely fellow bloggers and the Simon people I was quite thrilled to be there!

Learning how they run it backstage from Jacque'.

We all loved their stylist's Miu Miu sequin and stud tennis shoes!

 After meeting everyone, we got a special behind the scenes look at the clothes, models and hair and make-up. We even got to peruse the outfits put together by their stylist, making notes of what we wanted for ourselves and taking pics.

We all loved this leather dress from Bloomingdales, which they showed with a white chiffon blouse underneath.

This coat from Rachel Roy was also very popular.

Anne Sage of The City Sage admiring the gold leather pants. And Jessica Ryzenberg, below of Ryzenberg On, checking out the racks backstage. As well as being nice, these ladies have amazing style blogs. You need to visit them!

Stylist Erica Sanae below also has a terrific site and Rommellyn with camera writes a blog called The Stunning Post.

And hey guess what I got to wear? I'm press, baby!!  No doing laundry today people.:)

First up we got to see the Design Wars fashion show from The Art Institute of California. It was Project Runway on a small scale. I loved seeing the student creations . There were a lot of very theatrical dresses. The winner was the dress with the full cream skirt and leather top.

The Bloomingdale's runway presentation used many of our favorites from backstage racks.  The only thing this show was lacking was some happening music! I seriously love to hear some inspiring tunes during a fashion show. The items below all are from Bloomingdales. Some of the Fall/Winter trends I noticed on my favorites below..

Primary colors are deepening and paired with similar tones of the same hue. Mixing tones is so right now.

Peplums are still big.

Furla plastic satchel.

Leggings and layers.

Colored cords seem to have taken the place of colored jeans for Fall and in more muted versions of the primary colors.

Lots of tops and dresses with longer draped backs. Neon colors as a foil with black.


Black mixed with metallic tones and leather.

We loved this J brand jacket with leather sleeves. Wearing white jeans year round with wintery sweaters looks chic and seems to be the thing now.

Booties with dresses and skirts.

Tweeds and Chanel inspired jackets.

Men's clothes have also seen some brightening. The dusky versions of primary tones look brilliant together. It's a welcome change from the usual blue and browns.

Not sure if I love this mix, but he has a darling smile. My fellow bloggers agreed. :)

Loved this look on him.

Simon did a great job with the fun interactive events. One was Ready, Set, Style! Contestants from the audience competed in two teams, to style an outfit on a model in a few minutes.  Really fun to watch and two of my fellow bloggers, Erica and Jessica helped out the stylish gals from the audience.


The results below. Not bad for a few minutes!

My takeaways from this show.. Leather can look pretty as trim on silky dresses and paired with soft, sheer blouses. Adding a bit to your closet will look current. If you want look smart,  you need a pair of short booties to wear with dresses, skinny jeans and leggings, preferably with a wedge. I would also get a scarf, bag, dress or a standout coat in one of those deep teals, reds, magentas, or mustards that are so fun.  To top it off, a tweedy Chanel-inspired jacket to pair with distressed jeans and you are set for the season.  I  believe in just adding a few chic pieces to your closet is all you really need to do. You have to pick what you like and what flatters you.

Thanks to Simon Fashion for a wonderful day and getting local bloggers together. I truly feel so fortunate to have met so many inspiring and talented new friends.

 Did this give you any inspiration for Fall and Winter? 

Have a great week!


All photos Northerncalstyle.