Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Perfect Color and a Contest!

For the past several years, our elementary school has held an art auction at the end of the year. Each class makes an original piece of art that incorporates something about the kids and sometimes what they are learning. It also has to look like art that you would want to hang in your home and therefore bid on, which raises money for the school. I remember when one mom started helping organize and inspire these art projects. What a ton of time, but they were all gorgeous. I bid on many they were so bright and fun and what a great memory for your child. Well, that talented lady, Bonnie, now a friend of mine, ended up doing this for 5 years and was just beginning to realize this might be a path to something else...

In her own words, 

"Claireʼs elementary school needed a volunteer to head up the art auction fundraiser so when asked, I said yes. I spent five years working on art with children. I developed dozens of art projects for kids and in the process learned a great deal about design, color and technique. I also taught summer art classes to children in my garage, teaching them about the elements and principles of design. At some point, I thought to myself, why havenʼt I been doing this all my life? I am passionate about designing and drawing. I am in love with vibrant colors and the happiness they add to life. I could sit down at my desk and do this all day long! I love that with art, there is no wrong way to do it. So I decided to begin creating art of my own. But first, I needed to find a style and brand of art that I could call my own." 

The result is A Perfect Color, Bonnie's own Etsy shop featuring her very unique art. Bonnie's playful, colorful pieces are happy and bright. All pieces are original. I can think of so many spots I would love to hang one or a group of them.

A grouping in Bonnie's beautiful home...That could be another blog post!

Some works in progress at her desk.

Four more of my favorites below...

 Bonnie uses different combinations of chalk, pastels, paint and stains to create her art.

These Tuscan colored ones are some of my favorites.. I think the pop of red is perfect to liven up a white or neutral decor.

Don't you think Bonnie's art would be so perfect as we freshen up for Spring? I'm personally tired of my drab decorating. I'd love to add some of these pieces over a coat of fresh white paint and find some pillows in matching colors to bring some Spring to my rooms!

Her Etsy shop is full of inspiring pieces if you are looking to start fresh and give a more playful look to your home.

Bonnie has generously agreed to create a custom piece for one lucky reader in their perfect color!

You can enter several ways.
1. Visit Bonnie's aPerfectColor Etsy shop and pin a photo of your favorite piece of art.
2. Follow her Etsy shop on the left side of her page.
3. Follow this blog by either signing up for Bloglovin (top left of this page) or Google Friend connect.
4. Follow NorthernCalStyle on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest.
5. Leave a note on comments about which you did. Each action gets another entry! Make sure you leave you contact info so Bonnie can email you to find out what your perfect colors are for your custom made work!!

Good luck everyone!



  1. Bonnie's paintings are so pretty! I pinned all the Tuscan like paintings. Love!!

  2. Brenda, I love those too! Good luck and thanks for stopping by.


  3. Love the simplicity and naturalness and textures of her pieces - the top and the bottom ones are my favourites. Kim - I loved this story because she started out helping kids volunteering and then in this finding her own way to a new love-career! Good on her! Funnily enough there's been about five women in our school who've done the same, volunteered to help art class and re-ignited their own love of art, textiles, jewelry and set up their own businesses. BTW, these class art projects are highly prized at our school auctions and sometimes go for $4,000! Can you believe this?

    1. Jody, That's what I thought was so great about Bonnie's story! It's wonderful that this lead to a second act for so many women you know as well. It gives us all inspiration that we may find another passion in this life. It's terrific that the art is so prized at your school! I thought so many of the works were better than anything in any gallery and meant more!

  4. Beautiful art and so colourful. I am following your blog already at Bloglovin. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Her things are lovely. Really colorful, and such talent.

    I'm on bloglovin and Facebook. I need to get on twitter with you.

  6. I love Bonnie's artwork! Great blog Kim!