Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter California Style -Lunch at Leasa's

The most fun day happened this week when my friend Leasa hosted a birthday lunch for our dear friend Cristina and a few of us. Birthday lunches usually mean restaurants which are nice, but often loud and a bit crazy. Having lunch at someone's home is such a treat I don't know why we don't do it more often. It was something to look forward to at Leasa's home as she is a great cook and a relaxed and fun hostess. 

Her home was decorated in anticipation of Easter and for her darling little girls, Peyton and Coco. How cute is her centerpiece? She loves putting these things together. I wish I could. Her little daughters loved that their bunnies were part of the arrangement.

When you walk in her lovely home the dining room is to the right, so her cute decor welcomed us in. I only had my IPhone, so I had to do the best I could to show how darling and happy she made her home look! I love her home which is so pretty, chic and bright. I love the paint color in here and her chandelier, window coverings and mirrors.

Her home sits on an historic street in our town and she and her husband renovated it keeping it basically the same size, but opening it up. From the front, it appears as it probably did 100 years ago which is so neat I think. Inside it's all you could want from a home. It's open warm, cozy and bright and not over-sized. If I could design a home from scratch I would use her blueprint which is brilliant.

Darling Leasa and her puppy George who thinks he's a cat. You can tell what a relaxed home this is.

Our friend Hang helping Leasa plate her home made pesto which is so healthy is includes arugula and avocados (how Californian is that?) It was delicious!

We had some fun.  The sweet birthday girl, Cristina above right.

Leasa (okay I never look this cute being hostess), finishing her salmon with fresh ginger before putting it in the broiler. It was the best salmon I have ever had and that is the truth.

I love her decor which is a mix of black and white, mercury glass and little found objects. A few snaps of how she mixes it and makes it look amazing. I think she could be a stylist.

 Who would think to decorate your cooktop, but I love this.

 Loving her counter stools too.

Her black honed granite counters are perfect with the white cabinetry and natural wood accents like her woven window coverings and floors.

I just loved the table settings and how she used a little gift for each place card.

As if this party wan't good enough, our friend Catrin (yes, that Catrin of the Swedish-California Christmas I wrote about), made the most delicious desserts for us all without any egg or dairy, since the birthday girl was allergic. This chocolate mousse was so rich and can you believe this was made with cocoa, bananas and avocados? Hey would you expect any less of us Northern California girls? Darn good too.

Hope this gives you some Easter ideas if you celebrate! Here's to more lunches at home. I plan to do this next. It really does feel like a huge treat to do this. Thank you Leasa for allowing me to show everyone your lovely California home!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!



  1. What a beautiful birthday lunch! Love her home...and that black tiered display piece...gorgeous. The menu sounds perfect too! The great thing about having a celebration at home is that the only noise is that of your party...You all look beautiful!

  2. Can I post some of these photos on my Pinterest Decor Board? Or can you and I'll repin them? (Seriously. These pics are awesome! There's dozens of ideas I want to try!)

    I love black & white decor. The Easter centerpiece is so creative and lovely. You can tell Leasa put a lot of effort in the party and now we're all drooling over the photos! lol

    I also love Hang's hat.

    1. I will post some, but I'm so happy if you post some too..I think they will link back here. I'm glad you thought it was beautiful too. I just really love her style!

      Thanks Lacey!


  3. Kim, your friend Leasa's house is so stylish. You all ladies look beautiful and had so much fun! Her table setting and Easter centrepiece are both so fabulous. Happy Easter!

  4. Hey Kim!

    Any chance she would share her delicious salmon recipe? It sounds amazing!!

  5. Her home is beautiful. I want to see the outside. I love historic homes. What a beautiful luncheon, Kim. Happy Easter!

  6. What a gorgeous and fun looking bunch of friends you have and Leasa's house is soooo pretty and the tabletop so fun! Am squinting at Lisa's necklace, loving the look at that! Am also loving your dress with the boat neck, really chic!

  7. Hi Kim! Thanks for the glimpse of this stylish afternoon soiree with your girlfriends. Leasa's home and styling is fabulous. Even better you seem to enjoy an authentic and genuine friendship with this group of lovely women.
    Such a treat. Love this post!
    Happy Easter Kim (NorCal Style!)
    xx, Heather

  8. Hi Kim! I'm finally back.. and have a bit of catching up to do;) Look at all of you! So fun and your girlfriend has a real eye for decorating. Love all the spring color and the food looks so delicious. Thanks for sharing:)