Saturday, March 16, 2013

Entry Style and Hooks

Ahh, Saturdays...So much promise isn't there? Right now I'm sitting by the fire with my two cats and my tea. We are watching the foggy morning through the front window. The little birds are bouncing all around my giant sequoia. It appears Spring is here. I just love the quiet of the morning and having the house to myself before anyone wakes up. I'm trying to enjoy the moment, but all the weekend possibilities are swirling in my head...

Our hangout this morning watching the fog. (Me and the cat that is.)

I was waiting for that Spring cleaning urge to kick in and it finally has. I'm ready to purge and organize, but I have to be in the mood. Are you like that? If I'm not ready than I find it's not so effective. I have to be in the throw it all out state of min.! Seconding that is superior organization! I want to see what the heck we have so we use it and it doesn't just take up space. That's why I'm so in love with the look as well as the function of hooks and coat racks that seem to be everywhere right now.

Tim Barber Architecture- Im loving the simple. All one color paint helps.

I built a mud room type space in my pantry/back entry that has been functioning great. I love the heavy hooks we got from Home Depot. They hold masses of coats as well as bags.

This area was used for holding brooms and mops when we moved in. The room also had white linoleum. We repainted, had new lighting put in and changed the floor to travertine which has been so easy to care for and shows almost no dirt. My husband added the heavy hooks for me in a varied pattern. Basket is for flip flops and shoes from Target's Smith-Hawkins line.

A Summertime shot I had below. More hats, less coats and I changed the art to a Venice picture.

I loved it so much that I decided we needed a similar set up by the entry. Though we have a large closet for coats at the corner, I craved the convenience of hooks so friends and kids coming in can throw a coat, or bag on it. I also like having another spot for our scarves and totes as we run out. 

Found this stripe wool rug at Homegoods. The black helps punctuate the space. (The grubby little flip-flops are my Griffins...He keeps wearing them year round and I keep hiding them!)

The chest is from my husband's family and we keep scarves, hats and gloves in it which is so handy. The hook rack is from Target. I was thinking of ordering this beautiful one below from Pottery Barn. However I wanted immediate gratification the day I was doing this and the Target one was just $29. It has done the job.

Pottery Barn link here

Now I'm on a quest to do it again for the backyard near the pool. We have a long wall with nothing. It looks kind of bare and boring. This photo inspired me to get a rack or more hooks for towels along it. How useful and cute could that be with some darling striped towels? It's a win-win. I get to style my yard up and no more wet towels draped all over the yard. Each person will have a hook, I love it. 

So that's what I am going to do this weekend. I wish I had these amazing towels, couch and pillows. The dog isn't bad either. :)

Speaking of hooks, I have employed them in other areas as well...

Our pool bath has two for towels. You can never have enough to hang up suits and such. I also redid this room last year and will show that on another post. I was really happy with the color sea glass by Benjamin Moore. I used it at 75% and it's great by a pool.

We got these pictures in Hawaii. Look kind of crooked don't they? :/

I also installed a row of hooks (think these are Home Depot) behind each boy's door for backpacks, hats and coats. Really helps with the clutter control - when they use it.

 Griffin's room

Jackson's room 

I chose hooks for my pool room hand towels. They take up less space than a bar and this room is tiny. Only issue is children don't get how to keep them on the hook and off the ground! These hooks were from Martha Stewart at Home Depot and I chose them because they match my Pottery Barn faucet, however they are very flimsy, move around and I wouldn't go with these again.

My obsession with entry style started when I saw how Annie Diamond of one of my favorite blogs, Lovely Things designed her threshold and changed it up according to the season. Visions of her darling entry below...I love her style and everything she does inspires! You should pop over to her blog. I could read it all day. She has amazing recipes too.

Lovely Things entry post here

Some other hook looks I love:

Irene Turner Design _ This could be easy to DIY with a great piece of wood.

Emerson Made at home - Always love seeing boots out too.

A Beach Cottage blog

Pottery Barn  When I can I would love to have an entry with chair rail moulding at this height, grasscloth wallpaper, and a new door with a window...Someday!

Are you ready to hang it up?:) You can get more inspiration from my Pinterest Mud Room's board.

Have a great weekend!



  1. I love an entry or a bathroom, a bedroom, a hallway with hooks! I love that you change your art to reflect the season...summer hats, summer art....Love that!

    1. Thanks Annie! Thanks for letting me use you entry for inspiration!


  2. Hi Kim,
    What a fun post! I love the idea of hooks on the wall beside your pool. They can go from barely noticeable to a bright color pop in a hot second. Love it!
    I don't have a bare wall near our pool but I did paint one of those wall ladders (leaning style)for moving from pool area to spa area based on what we are up to. It's easy to move so it's very functional.
    Good luck with the spring cleaning. The view from the couch is pretty fabulous!
    xx, Heather

    1. Hi Heather! Hey that's a super idea to use a ladder you can move. Love that.
      I may try that too. Thanks so much for the note.


  3. Amazing post! Have a nice weekend:)

  4. Nice upgrade/mudroom Kim! If we ever move again.. I WILL have a more formal mud room (even if I don't have little kids.. it's a great place to drop things off and wipe off a muddy dog). I love your little rug with the stripes!
    Good for you for getting the spring cleaning urge. It's still grey and cold here in Seattle but we are seeing a few signs that spring is coming.


  5. Hey hey Kim!
    I've had a "hook" post holstered for awhile now... so glad you got yours done! Since I'll likely keep mine on the shelf awhile longer, thought you may like a lead to one of my favorite sources for hooks - Equestrian Tack Shops.

    They always have horse head designs - but they also have specialty hooks for specific equipment (which would look great for home uses too) and nearly all come in solid brass. If that's too shinny remove the lacquer and let them age.

    Thanks again for your inspirational photos (you need that dog!) Cheers!

  6. And so nice to find your blog! It's full of inspiration, thanks! Already loving lots of those images...xo Caroline

  7. Lots of fabulous ideas! I noticed the oar hook image is attributed to Recent Settlers - it actually originally comes A Beach Cottage blog. I read Sarah's blog everyday and recogised it! Jen

    1. Jen, Thanks very much. I will fix that. Sometimes it's hard to find the original pinned if it's from Pinterest, which it was. I appreciate that!


  8. This was a neat post, Kim. I wish we had a mud room for things. I do have some hooks for the kid's coats right as you come in off the kitchen.

  9. What a great post! I love those big black hooks you found at home depot! They are wonderful!