Friday, May 31, 2013

School Daze Screeches to a Halt..

Grif and buddies Nicolas and Liam in colonial garb.

Its almost the last week of school... This week just about put me over the edge. As my friend Kim said, weeks like these, you wake up hyperventilating. Really. Why does it all have to get crammed in at the last minute?

Boot Camp

Last week it was School Picnic and Boot Camp, Open House Night, Colonial Days and a Fifth Grade Music Concert that we failed to get the notice about... Yes, he survived. All for the fifth grader these activities. I forgot to add Bike Safety Night too, and that the big state report was due along with treats to share state related to class..We had Maine so it was blueberries in dixie cups for 30. He remembered about that 9:00 p.m. the night before of course.

Grif and classmate Seraphina on way to school for Colonial Days. Our Jack Sparrow Halloween jacket has served us well!

This week it started with a class water gun party that they earned. He had to bring treats to share and a water squirter (of course none of ours are to be found and new had to be bought),  electronic gadgets could be brought to class and a change of clothing for those going to after school rehearsal for the Beatles chorus.. Yes, they planned the upper grades chorus show for this week. Not sure who made that decision...

Goofing around at the chorus concert with neighbor and friend Abby.
Usually its been a few weeks earlier. Sorry, but even the Beatles can't revive the checked out kids.. Chorus practices this week after school until 6 and shows Thursday and Friday. Big book report due today. Tuesday night was a special Scouts meeting and Wednesday night was the big picnic and music show for incoming fifth graders at the middle school.. We dragged over to that to catch a few tunes after the chorus rehearsal.. Almost forgot Tuesday was dress like another era day and at 7:45 that morning we were trying to recreate Richey Cunningham here...

Now we just have to get through next week's trip on Monday to mini-golf and water-slides, Tuesday is something-forget now. Wednesday is the picnic for all graduating fifth graders at the park, and finally graduation. Whew. I made it   Oops, we made it through. He is our last one at elementary. I dearly love our school, but I have been there for 11 years with the two boys. I think I'm ready for middle school and less parent involvement! Oh wait piano recital on Sunday after..

Notice I haven't mentioned the ninth grader? The first year of high school is just about over and like everyone said it flew, literally whipped by. I'm starting to believe what they say about high school going really fast and it makes me a bit sad. He has already checked out. Seriously. After starting so enthused. things are falling between the cracks worryingly. I have heard this is a ninth grade boy thing and that they are done and burnt out by this time. I hope that is it..On a bright note he did bring home a gorgeous table crafted in wood shop class.

I'm working on getting a few things lined up for them for Summer. It's a fine balance to get them doing some fun activities, but letting them chill and enjoy the pleasures of Summer. My best memories are lazying about swimming pools, riding bikes with my pals around the neighborhood, popsicles and lemonade stands and Lake Tahoe.  I don't want them to miss just being kids and the feeling of no schedule. That only happens for a short part of their lives.. With that attitude they would say we may not be Stanford material, but I think we are okay with that. I'd rather have happy kids than perfect kids....

On that note, here's the best thing I read this week. A blog some friends shared on Facebook. This mom gets real about the end of the school year and I just want to hug her.. Read this is you need a smile and some perspective!

Have a good weekend and if you are a parent you are almost there!!




  1. I don't remember it being that busy when I was a kid...But lately it really does seem so hectic and jampacked...But it is a lovely time of year and then the summer holidays seem a relief and a great time to bond again! I hope the rest goes smoothly xx

  2. This time of year is always so busy for everyone! Hope you have a lovely weekend:)

  3. It gets easier, I promise. When they start to drive your life will be so different!
    My stepdaughter graduates today from high school. She is the last school stuff really is over for me after today. So weird!
    Your boys are adorable...esp that photo of the 50's look. Darling!
    Have a great weekend!
    xo, A

  4. Whew! And you know what, happy kids are perfect kids! What a great mom you are and those boys will look back with so much wonder and love some day! Try to take a spa day for you - you deserve it :-) xo Jen

  5. You are busy! The end of the school year is always a hectic time but it's a fun time for children with so many special evrents and school trips. I especially like the sepia photo.

  6. Hi Kim! I'm loving all the pics of your boys. I work for the Butte County Office of Ed so I'm very much in tune with very busy end of the year frenzy. Ahhhhhh-the end is in sight and it looks like you and the boys will have a fantastic summer.
    Happy for you all.
    Enjoy! xx, Heather

  7. Kim - That Jen Hatmaker.... a scream!

    Adrienne is right about the driving, when the youngest is a Junior (like our daughter) you'll never see him till just before dinner. You'll get a text that he's going to the mall and can he buy (whatever you used to enjoy shopping for with him). HEY! Maybe this doesn't happen to Moms with Boys?

    It's just us with the last being a girl. so sad :-(

  8. Love love love this post because I'm telling you, I feel your pain, sister! It is 11:06pm in NYC and while writing this I am also baking brownies for my daughter's kindergarten picnic tomorrow and that was after taking my 5th grade son to his middle school orientation tonight! The schedule of end-of-year events is about killing me and in NYC the kids don't get out until June 26. I feel like I won't make it from now until then! On a completely unrelated side note, thank you for joining Adrienne and me for "How I Wear My: Florals" post. I loved your Liberty jacket and you looked so good in it. I am following you starting now! XO, Jill

    1. Jill, Thanks so much for your note! I was so excited to finally get it together enough to participate in one of your fun posts! I just found your blog as well and love it! Don't know how I missed finding you before!

      I can't believe your kids don't get out until June 26! Crazy. Seems a long time still..My kids could barely make it until tomorrow.


  9. Our last day is Monday. I'm still recovering from my trip to Toronto, too. The house is a mess. And of course,as I type this, my 3-year-old is trying to run outside in the rain. Oops!