Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Modern Mother's Guide to Life...

I'm away right now traveling and I can't wait to get back and share what I've been up to...

In the meantime, please pop on over to a wonderful blog that I'm crazy about, Modern Mother's Holy Grail. Elizabeth is an Aussie mom and wife as well as a fashion and beauty writer and stylist. She's funny and wise and each post is just brilliant. Busy moms will love her, "How to fake a perfect life," approach to cooking, looking swell and being a fab parent. In fact I loved her blog so much I read her entire archive in a sitting and I wait anxiously for her next post.

Gushing aside, it really is good stuff. It's what I want to read right now. So when I was asked by Elizabeth to  answer some questions for her modern mother post, I was hugely thrilled!  You can read my favorite fashion things and a few mom tips and more on her blog here.

Some examples of her posts are below. You can see all the treats in store for you over there...

Images and text: Modern Mother's Holy Grail.

You can also follow me on Instagram to see my latest travel photos and where I am!

Until then, I'll see you over at Elizabeth's blog!



  1. Just popped over there and left a comment. You're right it's a great blog!

  2. Your new layout looks great kim! I'll pop over to the blog:)