Saturday, July 6, 2013

Vintage Wimbledon and 2013 Style

 It's that time again. My obsession with Wimbledon knows no bounds. If I wasn't so glued to the screen, (and jet-lagged), I would have gotten this post out sooner...Better late than never right?

First of course I have to trot out some of my favorites from my youth because I am still in love with  their style. Chris Evert will always be the tennis dress diva in my mind due to her variety of custom-made frocks. Part of the thrill was waiting to see what outfit she would wear next. Notice her coordinating bows, jackets and towels as well... I dig coordination.

This was the era when players had their frocks custom made, before they were beholden to brands like they are now. Clearly more there was more individual style and flair.


1975 How cute is the bow as a headband?

 At this time everyone had lace ruffles on their tennis pants!

I also loved the feminine style of Aussie Evonne Goolagong. The neck scarf was a pretty as well as useful and scallops are always a good idea.

 Before we get into the action this week, a bit of appreciation for the king, Bjorn Borg, please.

Have I mentioned I am campaigning to bring back the tennis sweater?

Bjorn Borg and Arthur Ashe looking preppy at Wimbledon in the late 70s. I have a reverence for the pukka shell necklace Arthur is sporting here as well. (Brings me back to dreamy guys in 6th grade...)

 The hair gods were good to Borg, no? He got a few other gifts as well.

This shot is purely for tennis sweater campaign purposes only. ;D

 Really McEnroe?  Next to Bjorn he has the look of an extra in Meatballs. (Remember that quality flick?) Hey, McEnroe didn't behave so well either, unlike the gentleman Borg. Can you imagine guys going around with their shirts unbuttoned like this now?

Did I mention Borg never looked sweaty? Okay sorry!

Check out these wonderful vintage Tube posters.

Wimbledon requests white attire of it's players.
 Tradition and all you know... 

Some players try to assert a little flair without breaking the rules. Stylish looks I appreciate this year...

Apparently Sharapova got in trouble for having these orange colored pants under her dress. As a tennis player myself, I love them. White shows everything.

Caroline Wozniacki's Stella McCartney for Adidas dress was one of my favorites.

Sloane Stephens is very feminine and I loved this lacy headband.

Maria Sharapova always has pretty dresses. I just can't stand her terrible squealing.

Serena was out early. She looked great as always and I believe her dresses are custom fit to her. I know tennis dresses and hers are always tailored perfectly to flatter her shape.

How inspiring was Kimiko Date-Krum of Japan? After retiring for 13 years to have a family, this 42 year old came back to make it all the way to the third round of Wimbledon where she played Serena Williams. Love stories like that!

Marion Bartoli of France won the final. Nice to see someone who had never been expected to get this far win. Also inspiring! Anything is possible.

As far as the men...

Spaniard Fernando Verdasco. He always keeps his cool. My son was ball boy for him and he's a complete gentleman.

Dustin Brown of Germany has a unique style.

Juan Martin del Potro of Argentina also looked crisp and played a tough game against Djokovic.

Speaking of, I'm firmly in the Andy Murray camp, but Novak Djokovic has been growing on me. Here he's riding his bike around Wimbledon. He actually dressed as one of the ball kids and ran into center court with them. He seems like a fun guy.

Hope you enjoyed Wimbledon as much as I did.


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  1. Perfect post. And Gosh, I felt so old because I actually SAW Evonne Goolagong play at Wimbledon !...XX

  2. I love to play tennis too. Although I need more practice now. Wimbledon is just so classy and the competition intense. Watching tennis at Wimbledon with a glass of champagne is the way to go!

  3. Kim, Your Wimbledon wish has come true! Though you may have been pleased with either contender. :-)

    I will agree with your admiration of the Borg Tennis Sweater style. His shorts length would be equally great if it made a comeback!

    Did we learn trench style from you? I note a couple in your photos. The worn jeans jacket is my go to style. Thanks for the concise report now I can quote details and sound like I closely followed the tourney. Cheers!

  4. I was able to watch some of the matches while out at the cottage (the playoffs) - really enjoyed watching the tennis. I was happy that Bartoli and Murray won, but I agree, Djokovic is growing on me too, especially with his little smirks on the court throughout the games, but he was gracious when he lost. I loved the tennis outfits you posted, I agree that the tennis sweater should be brought back. I liked Lisicki's, Radwanska's and Sloane Stephens' dresses (I thought Radwanska was going to beat Lisicki to get to the final!)

  5. Love all the old school pics, I adored my tennis dresses and had a few pairs of those frilly tennis pants, I loved them!

  6. I'm playing catch up, too. I like the old days of Chris Evert tennis. I'm not as wild about the looks today.

    Is that the actress who plays Edith? Wow, she looks different in person.

  7. Just catching up after my holiday! What a great post! I enjoyed the trip down memory lane and I agree with you - Andy Murray's girlfriend is stylish and I love her Willow Mulberry bag too! Speaking of Andy Murray - what an achievement - finally he did it!

  8. What an awesome wimbledon tourney this year! I agree w Leigh above that the outfits of our generation were so much better. The men had so much more character and personality than they do today... and I had such a girl crush on Tracy Austin who was just a few years older than I when she won the US Open and I sat in my dad's corporate box and watched it all! I had the amazing privilege of attending many Wimbledon championships as my grandfather was a member there. In fact, during the off season, because my grandmother was in a wheelchair, we were almost always directed to using the Queen's loo! Imagine, gasp, if she knew a commoner - an American nonetheless was in her loo! Imagine if Instagram and Twitter had been around back then... You know, as a teen, I would have gone crazy!

    Now I offer this historical correction. Andy is NOT the first Brit to win in 77 years. Has the world forgotten the lovely and talented Virginia Wade??!!!!