Thursday, August 29, 2013

Shop Talk- The Small Motorcycle Jacket

Kate of course.

Have I said this before? I just adore fall! The weather, back to school and the rebooting of the home and getting closets refreshed too. Now that I have a bit of freedom again I had a chance to shop a bit.  I'm not keen on buying a lot of  new fall clothes when it still feels like summer, but I like to peruse the offerings! I think it pays to wait to buy things in October or even November when we start to really need them and they are often discounted by then. In the back to school spirit though, and after purging the closets, I like to get one or two new things that will work for fall. 

Something that's been on my radar for is a motorcycle jacket. One benefit to suffering the chilly  summer weather on our Europe trip was the chance to see the stylish European gals in their cold weather clothes. It seemed all the cute girls (I still want to look like a cute girl), had fitted motorcycle jackets and were just very cool. I loved how stylish this gal in London above was and the mom in Amsterdam below.

Copenhagen Cycle Chic

My first reaction to leather jackets is been there, done that.  Having worn one a few years ago, okay um, maybe decades, not so appealing. However, many of these new style jackets are not leather, in fact many are polyurethane of some sort mixed with stretch material often on the arms and sides. It makes for a chic fitted and more moveable look. You cannot tell either until you look at the price tag. Seriously, they feel and look quite real. They are much less expensive and best part to me, vegan! Wearing a big piece of leather is almost kind of creepy to me now. So when someone sniffs and asks is that real leather, you can put on a shocked face and say,"Oh no, it's vegan. I wouldn't dream of wearing leather!" :D

Hate selfies and not good at them, but here's what I found:

Trying this simpler style with a longer shirt under and distressed jeans. These jeans are Rich and Skinny brand (don't I wish) and they have been my faves all summer. Super comfy.

A tan version. This one has more pockets and details- also zip sleeves that can be cuffed back. 

 Adding boots and scarves to see if this will work for winter as well.

The good news in the shopping department is that if you get out there now, there's some darling offerings for pretty good prices. A pal and I ran across these jackets at TJ Maxx this week, and also spotted a some at Nordstrom and just about everywhere. At these prices, $39 for the black and $49 for the tan, I may keep both and  give my wardrobe a little more rock n'roll for fall. At my age, it could be better than botox. (And no I haven't gone that route yet!! Two years away from 50 and still holding out.) 

Dress like you have some style mojo, have a fabulous haircut and color and it will do more for you than all the fillers out there. You know? At least that's what I have seen of the women I admire.

What's your thoughts on these little jackets? A fan or not? And what about, "pleather" or whatever they are calling the new vegan versions of these?

To get you inspired. . .

link Reese in a jacket similar to the black one I found. Perfect for dressy nights.



Lost the link for this is anyone knows.  I find this darling with the tough jacket/sweet dress.

Harper's Bazaar

SJP via Daily Mail

link Love everything about this!

link Perfect summer/fall transition look.
Blake Lively via Pinterest. A rerun, but I adore this look.

Harper and Harley This isn't short, but this is so cute.

One thing that makes the shorter jackets work is the longer tops underneath, so you get a layered and more modern look.

Harper's Bazaar 

Sara Strand blog This mix of heel, baseball hat and jacket just adorbs.
models on the street

                  The mix of tennis shoes like converse or vans with the jackets is fresh.


X Kim

More links and images available on my Pinterest Board Thinking About Fall Already. . .


  1. One word.... YES! It's a must have! I'm wishing for autumn so I can wear mine more! SJP looks so cute and sincerely jules! Does that girl ever get it wrong?. Grrrrr!

  2. Karen, I agree they look so chic. Even with one I can't ever look as good as some of these gals. I bet you have a cute one too being a Brit! I need to pop over. I'm terribly late on reading all my favorite blogs!

    Thanks so much for the note!!


  3. I can't wait for some cool weather so I can start wearing jackets again. I have a biker jacket similar to the one you're wearing that I bought in Italy last year for a song. I also just bought a denim biker jacket from Gap on sale for $25 that I think I will get lots of wear out of.
    Love that photo of the cute girl walking the dog. I thought it was a magazine shot!
    xo, A

  4. Ha! Kate of COURSE.. she's a classic! OKAY.. I JUST bought my biker jacket so this post is perfect;) It is real leather and I got it on a 60% markdown. They didn't have the black in a size that fit so I got one that's similar in color to the photo of the girl walking the dog. It's a camel, caramel color. I wore my jacket to the office the other day over some silk ants and linen tank (I was worried I'd be too warm!) Have a nice weekend kim!

  5. You certainly got yourself a bargain there and I agree it's sometimes difficult to see the difference between leather and pleather until you check the price. Great selection here. I have a black one from a couple of years ago but I'm tempted by the camel and taupe ones. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. The cropped leather jacket style is so cool! Will definitely wear it this Fall.

  7. I just read your post and was feeling like I am so "in" right now lol. I just bought a jersey type material jacket in green. It has the look but no zippers on the sleeves. It was a huge deal for me to buy it in green because all I buy is black and my niece had to drag me away kicking and screaming from the black jacket. I have to say that I do have a real motorcycle jacket from the 90's that I do love and will never part with. I just got around to donating my black suede jacket with fringe haha. I guess my hair band days are over.

  8. I had a "pleather" motorcycle jacket that I got rid of. I have to say no one knew it was not real leather and I got way more compliments on that one than my expensive leather one! GO PLEATHER|||