Monday, September 23, 2013

2013 Emmy's Red Carpet Chat

Dear reader friends, grab your latte, (heck by time I publish this it may be cocktail hour), and let's hash over last nights fabs and flubs from the Emmy Awards. The show was pretty fast. I think Neil Patrick Harris did a great job and I loved the dance routine, especially the roaring 20's part. Hey this is not an Emmy review post!

On with what really matters, the dresses!

My faves...

Loved Julia Louis-Dreyfus last night. She's so natural and pretty and real. Her dress and hair were perfect!

 Elizabeth Moss looks wonderful with her cute bob in this Andrew Gin!

 Kerry Washington's Marchesa dress was dreamy on her.

Michelle Dockery wearing Prada. Loved the colors here!

Padma Lakshmi is always lovely and her makeup and hair especially last night..

Anna Gunn had one of the prettiest looks of the night.

 Rose Byrne in Calvin Klein.

Morgan Saylor looks perfect for a younger woman in this Honor number.

Christina Hendricks' jewels, hair and makeup were lovely. Her dresses always fit her perfectly.

Go Jessica Lange! Not sure about the dress, but hair and makeup looked pretty.

 Connie Britton in velvet brocade. I don't know why everyone panned it so much, but I think it flatters her.

Not so sure about. . .

Claire Danes' dress was ahhhmazing up close...However, not sure if it was flattering on her body type. That said, love her embracing her natural shape!  No taped up chest here! Apparently that was a faux bob. I prefer her hair more natural.

Pretty hair and makeup, but this dress also did not flatter, (but did flatten) January Jones I thought.

Not a fan of . . .

 I adore Robin Wright, but I just didn't like this on her. The hair needed some styling.  Maybe it was just that she has broad shoulders and with the flat hair, it just looked very masculine. Perhaps jewelry or a great clutch would have kicked it up a notch.

Really? Fashion Police and this is all she came up with? I expect a little more wow from Juliana Rancic, not to mention the girl needs some fat. She would be so much prettier if she gained some weight. Sorry but being too thin ages you, no? (Also, cut back on the spray tan girls. It's not attractive and just so fake.)

Kelly Osbourne another Fashion Police gal, also should have been a win, but this very vintage-looking dress made her bigger than she is. I blame the top. Also, those kind of fluttery short sleeves look good on almost no one.

Julianne Hough in Jenny Packham. Too long and just don't like seeing what looks like panties under. Looks about to fall off. What's up with her hair?

I see why Lena Dunham chose this fun Prada number, but the bodice was unflattering. Got to be honest here and say I'm not a tattoo fan. 

Sarah Hyland collaborated with Carolina Herrera on her dress, but it's way too old for her and frankly, way too ugly. She needs to ditch the heavy makeup and tan! This looks like a Halloween costume.

Amy Poehler. Just meh. Something about the top seems cheap.

I think Mindy Kaling's hair was pretty...Not so much the gown!

Adorable Sofia Vergara is always gorgeous, but haven't we seen this Jessica Rabbit look from her every time? Love to see her hair up and something modern and different for a change.

  Melissa Leo. Um, no.

Let's chat! Tell me, did you love or hate something? Spill it. Love to hear what you all think! Did I forget to include anyone that stood out?



  1. Hi Kim, I thought so many of the dresses/looks were just bad. What was Melissa Leo wearing, for example? My favorites were Michelle Dockery's Prada, I think it was the color combination and the drama of the bow (very Yves Saint Laurent!) and Anna Gunn's dress, though I don't know who made it. I don't understand why Lena wore that Prada dress, it was not flattering on her at all! And I'm with you, I am not feeling the tattoos. Is it just me or did she add a few more? Oh, and I liked Robin Wright's dress, it was amazing and unusual, but the hair was no good! XO, Jill

    1. JIll, Should have added Melissa Leo. Maybe I will...She was just crazy with her pants. Way too casual. Love Michelle Dockery and Anna. Anna's dress was Ramona Keveza..Need to add that..I think Lena's back tattoo was the worst. Would have looked better covered. Robin's dress was unique, but I think the hair and no accessories messed it up!

      Thanks Jill for weighing in here!

  2. Kim, I agree with your reviews here. I did not see the red carpet, just the show and every time the camera caught Jessica Lange she was stunning! Yikes, Hough was rough! (I'll need to catch the Fashion Police rerun to know who chose her for worse dressed)

    1. Linda, Love Jessica too. I don't know who styled Julianne, but she's so pretty and wasn't. The hair was kinda stiff and crazy. The dress just wan't great...Love FP! They liked some that I didn't like Heidi Klum...
      Thanks for chatting Linda!! xo

  3. Hi. Kim, I think you nailed it....Giuliana Rancic (I do love her though) is waaaay to thin, she is not a good role model for girls at that weight.
    All those e news girls obsess over diet. It's not healthy.
    Loved that Claire Danes looks so normal! A normal woman! No Hollywood fake boobs,

    1. Karen, I think Giuliana is a doll, but must be extreme dieting or something..Yes agreed, so many TV girls are stick thin. I just saw Kelly Ripa this morning and thought the same.

      It's cool Claire embraces her shape and is a good role model for girls to see vs. all these enhanced breasts. Too bad her dress wasn't fitted correctly. Could have been pretty if it was pulled up about 6 inches.


  4. Love it!! I was going to read it last night but then I thought no - i am going to have a latte and scroll slowly and guess what? I am in a cafe having a latte reading this post. I agree with EVERYTHING you said. I don't even know where to start really...The only thing where I will just move off center is the julia dreyfuss dress - she looks amazing but I find unless you have a small waist that brocade doesn't give you the most flattering boost but then again it didn't detract so much either but the white color combo just made me feel like she might not be so comfy in it if that makes any sense. Agree that over thin actually is ageing - you cross a hump and actually it works against you. Also think Sofia should go high fashion once in a while and no so Miss unvierse pageant gown. The worst was Lena Durham. I just coiled back when I saw that - sorry but there was nothing right about it. not even her hair. January Jones would have been amazing but just in another color dress. So much fun Kim xx

    1. Naomi, I have my tea! Julia's brocade probably did add some bulk to the middle. It's so heavy that fabric. I know I wouldn't have looked good in it. I just loved her hair and the whole package.

      Funny, Sofia is Miss Universe with that look. Just needs the crown now...I just would love to see her get out of the same look.You can end up a being stuck in one look forever, but she's beautiful and it would be nice to see something different and less vampy...I did like her lighter hair.
      Lena could have been so cute and January just got blah with that color..Both are lovely. Don't they photograph in the dresses before they choose? They should.

      Thanks for having your latte with me! xx

  5. Kim you've got it spot on! I didn't see the show so thank you so much for the review. I did see a couple of dresses yesterday, one being Claire Danes and I did not care for it. Too much skin and you're right, the whole thing needed pulling up. If she has a stylist that person should be fired.
    Robin Wright is such a beautiful woman but her short hair and the fact that she is clearly hitting the weights pretty hard is making her look masculine, I think she's lost fat and added muscle or something, she looks so different! The dress was severe and only exaggerated the whole effect.
    My favourite: Michelle Dockery's gown!
    Thanks Kim, how fun!

    1. Dani, Loved Michelle. She's just lovely and that drew was so neat. Yes, maybe Robin's been working out. She's definately in great shape..Now what about a bad stylist like Claire's? Do they get bad press for this kind of thing? Really is was terribly fitted on her..
      So glad you joined the chat Dani!

  6. Kim, I agree with everything you so eloquently stated about the Emmy styles. The only other comment I have isthat I loved Connie Briscoe's dress - I know that many didn't. I thought it was perfect with her coloring. Thanks for the great overview.

    1. Connie's dress was that the brocade one? I thought it was gorgeous too with her strawberry blonde coloring. It was a beautiful gown I thought. Don't know why so many people panned it! Fit her well too! I should add it in. Thanks for chatting Brenda! x

  7. Good morning Kim!
    I had a quick glimpse of your fashion picks and had to stop by again to comment. I always love your red carpet run down and I agree with your ideas-spot on! Love Julia L.D. in everyway-so modern and fresh on her. Anna Gunn was another favorite for me. Gorgeous fit! I usually love Jenny Packham but I do think they forgot the 'pack the pants' or skirt. ;)
    Off to work--have a lovely day girlfriend!
    xx, Heather

  8. You nailed it with your comments! I love your, "Um, No." comment... totally agree! :) ep

  9. Oh darn, I wrote my comment than my son popped out of bed, and lost what I wrote. I like your picks. What in the world happened to Julianne Hough? That is terrible.

  10. I haven't seen any of them till Julia looks stunning, she has gotten better as she's aged.
    Yes, LA - I'm over every two years or more but it just has to be there for my 50th!

  11. I just discovered your blog! It's fabulous! I love your comments. You have a brand new follower now!
    Greetings from Rome

  12. Your favourites were good choices. Kerry Washington looked amazing - Marchesa gowns are always so glamorous and I usually like Jenny Packham but having the pants show through just spoils the femininity of the pretty dress. Your commentary on your least favourite dresses made me smile - so true about the unflattering designs. The last outfit just leaves me puzzled! Great post!

  13. Yes! What was up with Melissa Leo?! She looked like the Mad Hatter (and not in a fun way)! I LOVED Kerry Washington. I thought she looked divine. I wish Lena Dunham would've had the dress actually fitted to her torso! It looked way to big and her makeup was just crazy--And don't even get me started on that bowl cut she is sporting.

  14. MeOW! I love this post Kim, the second half was quite funny indeed. I had so much fun polishing my claws whilst reading it:) X

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  16. I agree with almost everything you say here. My favorites were Michele Dockery and Elizabeth Moss. My least favorite was Carrie Underwood. I thought she looked as if she were channeling a Disney princess. I also thought it was weird that she sang Yesterday in the third person masculine!