Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Girl's Lunch !

A quick post, but I have to share some fun news. Tomorrow I'm going to San Francisco to meet the darling Adrienne of The Rich Life on a Budget for lunch! We have been meaning to meet for a long time and are finally doing it. We will be having a girly lunch at Neimans and then do a little shopping! This is a big treat. I rarely get up to the city (what we in the Bay Area call SF) anymore by myself, let alone to meet a girlfriend!

Now pardon me, but I've got to run and try on my whole closet. You know the need to look cute when you are with other women? Adrienne is always stylish so the pressures on! Just look at this outfit from her last post above. Funny, two of the things I have considered wearing is my black J. Crew ankle booties and my distressed boyfriend jeans like she is wearing. I have a new camo jacket that I bought at Anthropologie that I'm thinking may be just right for a fall day in San Francisco...

Two photos of the jacket above. What do you think? 

I'm hoping to shop for a pretty fall lipstick and I think we will be checking out the Tom Ford colors while we are there.

Stay tuned. . . I hope I can share my trip with you tomorrow night and more about the chic Adrienne and some of her style secrets!


 Check out my Instagram and Adrienne's Instagram where I'm sure we will share a few snaps! 


  1. You will look amazing! Love camo!
    Enjoy your trip! Will follow on Instagram!

  2. A girly lunch in San Francisco - sounds like a fun thing to do and I'm sure you will look fabulous in your camo jacket. I often pop over to Adrienne's lovely blog. Enjoy your day out - I'm sure you will have plenty to talk about!

  3. Wow - Adrienne gets to meet you too? She met Heather from stylemindchic as well! She seems like a lovely gal. Have a great time and pics please xx

  4. Enjoy! What fun to lunch with Adrienne x

  5. Enjoy, Kim!! Would love to meet you both.

  6. Hi Kim,
    Just catching up on blogs and instagram this morning after a busy work week. I jumped ahead and saw your lovely photos of your day with Adrienne in SF. You both looked gorgeous and like you were having so much fun. You also hit some of my favorite spots and it was fun to see you enjoying your time together. Great glimpses of fun in the city. Your outfit looked perfect by the way!
    xx, Heather