Monday, September 30, 2013

Mixing Leopard and Florals

I think I've had a love affair with leopard or animal prints since I was a small girl. I can still remember the feel and look of a boxy leopard print tote with faux tortoise handles that my mother owned. I adored that bag and once on a train trip back East, she let me use it as my own for all my books and coloring supplies! That was in the late 1960s, but by time I went to college in the 1980s animal prints were big again and I claimed it for my book bag. All my friends coveted that vintage tote. Oh how I wish I still had that bag.

 If you read the post before last you know I was just up in San Francisco and did a bit of all shopping with my pal Adrienne of The Rich Life (on a budget). Shopping with her I found a dream blouse that was both floral and leopard from Equipment! Love! So me, since I already have a Floral & Leopard Pinterest board.  I was going to model my new blouse here, but I'm saving it to wear in Adrienne's (and Jill's of Everything Just So), special How I Wear My - animal print edition this week. Send your photos to them by October 1st., to be included in their fun posts of readers wearing their animal prints.


I also love a good floral as you know from this previous post. Leopard I like in smaller doses. Women my age have to be careful not to look like too cougar or Jackie Collins, if you get my drift.

That said, a little leopard gives you some fashion cred. The floral- a bit of innocence and femininity. Perhaps that's why the mix of the two, strikes just the right note..There's something inherently appealing about it to me.

Look what Alice Temperley showed at London fashion week for Spring /Summer 2014 in the four photos below. Lovely! Apparently she likes the mix and we'll be seeing more of it come Spring...

 Dresses in both have been a big hit this year, especially loved this...
Dolce & Gabbana 
 And this..


 How great does Andie MacDowell look at 55?

via sadieandstella

Leopard and floral can look so pretty in a bedroom. I've always been crazy for leopard rugs, but not so sure how the hubs would be.


The  stylish Linda of Design in My View found these online at Zara Home and thoughtfully sent me the link.  I think they would be so cute at a ladies' lunch with a hot pink tablecloth or cocktail hour. Thanks Linda!

Don't ask how much, (too much), but Roberto Cavalli is making a floral/leopard collection for children. Bergdorf-Goodman link here.

This look works best if one of the prints is in a small accessory counter to the other one. For example, I've been crazy about this floral jacket and how cute would it be paired with a small animal print wallet/clutch?

Can't find the original link, but similar versions here.
Prada zip wallet/clutch surprising found on

I also got a new leopard tote with my Neimans' cosmetic purchase. It's actually a really chic and not your usual freebee. I'm thinking it could be cute with a rose blouse I have...

A snap of my tote which I was using as my laptop bag as I worked at Peet's this week. (Like my new sequin converse? :D)

Are you now craving something floral or animal print for your autumn wardrobe?

I hope I'll see some of you on Adrienne and Jill's, How I Wear My fashion show post later this week!

 Have fun with your prints!



  1. Whoa - you have sold me your love of print. I have two things animal print - a pair of shoes and a jacket that was lined with leopard print. I don't know if most people can get away with it...But that picture with the chinoiserie wallpaper and the leopard carpet completely changed my mind!!! You should do their PR :) xx PS I need to try and take a picture for How to wear it.

    1. Naomi, It would be great to see you in the next, "How I Wear My." Please do it!

  2. I agree with you about not going overboard on the animal print - definitely small doses are more chic and I especially like accessories. Leopard print and florals together are such fun and I like the animal print used as a trim as Alice Temperley has shown here. The long floaty chiffon dress is so creative and different - love it. I was surprised to read that Andie MacDowell is fifty-five and yes she looks wonderful! You must have been delighted with the tote - Isn't it great when a freebie is actually something you can use!

    1. Miss b, Yes! Usually they aren't so great looking-right? This was quite nice.


  3. Like the others, I agree about not overdoing it on leopard/animal print. I work with someone who will sometimes wear ALL leopard print -- shoes, blouse, nail design, purse, wallet, scarf -- all in the same outfit-- and truthfully, it does make her look, well, cougar-y. She does have one leopard blouse that looks really good on her, I sometimes want to say to her -- just wear that! Not with all the other leopard accessories! :)

    1. Lacey, Your co-worker sounds like a interesting lady. That is a don't photo I'd love to see!

  4. Hey hey Kim! Thanks for the mention :-)

    Not a bad Temperley in the bunch, but one I would DIE for... the lavender lace with the flair leopard skirt. "bananas" (credit rz)

    Thanks for this inspiration... now I'll be on the lookout for the combo to try for myself. Cheers!

  5. I never thought that floral and leopard print would look good together. I like the floral jacket on the last photo matched with jeans. So chic.

  6. Oooh, I'm inspired! Gonna shop my closet and see what I can do! :D

  7. Love the looks. Thank you for a great blog. Your pictures are always crisp.
    I have a question about the Rich and Skinny jeans- I am having a hard time finding reviews- how do they fit- go up a size, down? I am typically a Citizens of Humanity, but I love the look of your jeans-dark, slight distressing, some relaxed fit. Anything you can tell me would be great.
    Thank you

    1. Joanne thanks for reading and your sweet note. I love these jeans. Super comfy! Definitely are a bit roomy. They stretch a bit too. Not a ton, but some. It depends how you like to wear them. If you want them slightly loose, like the boyfriend fit, get your regular size. If you want them more fitting, maybe a size down?
      Hope that helps!

  8. Thanks everyone for all your notes! Love reading what you all think about this mix!

  9. Kim I loved this post and I thought I commented but I guess I was too busy pinning things from it... I linked back to it on my blog today as there is a Brora scarf just out that is floral and leopard, it's so Kim!