Saturday, September 21, 2013

San Francisco Neimans and a Blogger Girl's Lunch!

Yesterday I had the most fun day I have had in a long time.  I trekked up to San Francisco to meet Adrienne from The Rich Life on a Budget. Adrienne, is also a Northern California girl who lives in wine country. San Francisco is the halfway point between our homes. Luckily, it was a gorgeous day in the city! Fall is the best time to visit SF.

There is always a bit of nerves when meeting someone that you really only know online, in person for the first time. However, Adrienne was just as she seems on her blog. She couldn't be friendlier or nicer. She is also super-model pretty. It was kind of like hanging out with a down-to-earth and sweet brunette Elle Macpherson. That is not an exaggeration!

She is also super fun. We had a wonderful old school girl's lunch at the Rotunda in Neiman-Marcus. If you haven't been to this institution, it's one of the last places left to have a proper ladies' lunch complete  white table cloths, silver, and a daily fashion show.

Inside the gorgeous Rotunda which is at the top of the store. It's glass dome is from the original City of Paris store from the early 1900s. You can read more about it here.  It's lovely to behold at the holidays with it's huge tree!

If you are shopping in Union Square, this is a fun place for lunch, tea or a cocktail. The view overlooking Union Square is fantastic too. I haven't mentioned the monster popovers that come with strawberry butter and consume' with baby puff pastry that everyone is served...That, a friend and a glass of champagne at lunch and I'm in girl heaven. Add to that cute male models popping by the table, giggling and I need nothing else.

The beautiful models that popped by our lunch table wearing Loro Piana.
Anyway, we had so much to chat about that before I knew it we had sat there three hours! 

After we wandered into the new CUSP area of NM. This is the part of the store with all the young and hip designers. The Equipment area was our favorite. Are you familiar with this brand? I knew they had amazing silk blouses. The whole line is adorable, as in, -I want it all! Check out their sweaters and print blouses if you want to see what we are talking about.

We had a ball trying things on...So much to covet! Dropped a little money here. I'm loving my new blouse that Adrienne found.  She's got a great eye for fashion as you probably know from her fashion photos on her blog. She bought some gorgeous things also and I'm know she'll share them on her blog soon.

You can't go through Neimans without a stop in the cosmetic department. We checked out the Tom Ford lipsticks and fragrances. How is it Tom Ford just knows what women want? The colors are amazing not to mention the Portofino Neroli fragrance. In it's deep teal glass it was our favorite. Wish I could send you the scent! 

Adrienne checking out the Tom Ford area.
In the end, I bought the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara. It's $35, so not cheap, but our darling cosmetic maven Tiffany who helped us navigate beauty land swore it was the best in the department. Since we don't get to do this very often I went for it and so did Adrienne. 

Ms Tiffany at Neimans.
If you're in San Francisco and get to Neiman's cosmetic department look for this gal. Tiffany Johnson  is sweet, extremely knowledgeable and fun. She made shopping there relaxing without any pressure. You don't always get that feeling in the cosmetic department! 

 Though Adrienne and I consider ourselves savvy shoppers, we totally got sucked into the Neiman Marcus world. If you're going to treat yourself and have a fun girls' day, there is no better world! I think  it's nice to splurge once in a while. When you don't do it all the time, it's even that more special.

My loot. The beauty department is having a leopard bag as a gift with purchase right now filled with goodies.
Love the Equipment blouse. This is me. I do have a Pinterest board titled Floral & Leopard!

Best part about this day was bonding with Adrienne. I knew we would like similar things because of our blogs, but being able to shop and small talk easily was so nice. Adore this girl and we are already planning our next girl's day. Yea!

It's going to be a wet weekend here in Northern Cal! I'm so excited to get some rain. I love it. It's a good time to cozy up and bake or make soup. I'm thinking board games tonight or a classic Woody Allen movie by the fire. It also could be a good day to shop for those fall items...

What are your plans this weekend? Whatever you do, I hope it's a good one.
Thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods!


p.s. I'm linking to all these things so you can find them if you are curious. I'm not promoting anyone here. Just fun.


  1. I am still reeling from such a fun, fun, fun day! Great conversation, a gorgeous setting, tasty food, and shopping that was beyond fabulous.
    I can't wait to see you again soon!
    xoxo, Adrienne

  2. Sure does look like fun! I love my girlfriends so much and always have fun with them. These are the best moments.

  3. That top is amaze! Love love love it!!!

  4. There is nothing like a good lunch and chat with a friend is there? Looks like you had a genuinely great time and came away with lots of goodies that you must model soon for us! You both look very cute xx

  5. Looks like my kind of day exactly, how much fun is that! I have found that the people I know through blogging are so amazing in real life as well. What a treat that the two of you were able to spend the afternoon at Neiman's!
    Loving that blouse, it's gorgeous.

  6. WHAT a fun time. Feel like I was there. I was near Union Square this weekend....did a lot of walking. We ate at a great Chinese restaurant in that mall. Got caught in the rain yesterday...and now back in So. Cal. You two are such beautiful women!

  7. Definitely my idea of a good day out! Shopping, a delicious lunch, plenty of chatting and a fashion show too - perfect! The store looks beautiful and what a fabulous ceiling. You came home with some lovely treats too - I'm sure you two will meet up again in the not too distant future!

  8. Loved your post about your visit w/Adrienne @ Neiman Marcus. What a gift to make friends on line and then get to meet them in person at such a lovely location. And yes, I love NM also. I also scored the goodie bag - in the red leopard print.

  9. Fun post about your visit with Adrienne. So jealous, I wish I could've been there too! I love the Equipment blouse you chose and can't wait to see modeling pictures. Also, do let me know what you think about the Armani mascara. I let myself do a once-a-year mascara splurge. Last year was Le Volume de Chanel which I loved. If you like the Armani I might make that the winner this year! XO, Jill

  10. Fun! Fun! Fun! You two had a fantastic city day. I loved following along on Instagram. You did all my favorites so I'm loving this post. That's the cool thing about meeting a blogger friend-in so many ways it seems you genuinely know each other. Lovely! I posted a tip on that Tom Ford Portofino that I figured out last summer. Isn't it funny how we all adore that scent? Love your post! xx, Heather

  11. Looks so much fun Kim. Shopping and meeting a gal pal.

  12. I am so glad you two had a great time. I bet it was so fun.

  13. I am so glad you two had a great time. I bet it was so fun.