Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Thoughts, Memories and Fun!

 Halloween is here tomorrow. I love a little mid-week party! Even though my kids are older they are still enjoying getting some kind of get-up together. Well, it's mostly gory and scary stuff now. The joy of boys!  I love getting the house decorated. Loved these linen pumpkins I got at Pottery Barn this year.

They blended well with my bland and natural decor I dig so much.

My friend Sue who can make anything gave me this cool wreath!

Together with my old books and crow it gave a darker vibe to my entry.

I tried to glam it up a bit in my dining room with some Halloween colors and silver. I think adding Ivy gives anything a pretty look don't you? I grab them whenever I can.

We are carving tonight. Some scenes from last year's massacre.

 They usually have their ideas all planned out. We often refer to an oldie, but goody Martha Stewart Halloween book for inspiration. Notice Grif's home made tattoos? Hope it's not a mark of things to come..

 Jackson used a drill for his!

 Quick mom take the picture, it's cold!!

Last year. These have to be my favorite Halloween costumes so far. So aptly representative!

I like to make chili and a platter of quesadillas for the kids to grab as everyone is running about. I've also got to have the fire on and some appetizers and wine for any friends who stop by. It's all about the candy now and the high-schooler and his pals still plan on hitting the nearby homes before coming back to hang in the guy cave - aka the garage. We also have a sweet senior neighbor who still gives the street kids $2 bills. Can you believe it? She makes a special trip to the bank I'm sure. Bless her. She likes to see the costumes and they like to give her a hug.  My husband will take the middle-schooler and his pals out for a bit. Yes, we assured him, dad will stay a few homes behind them. ;)

These were just five short years ago at our last home...Sniff.

First and Fourth grade here. It goes by too fast!

Answering the door is getting even more fun for me as the little ones on our street are getting big enough to get really into it. One thing I will miss this year is the wonderful parade of kids at our elementary. After 11 years of having a student there, we are done. Our school always does a wonderful parade next door to the senior housing complex. The older folks look forward to it and the kids love the attention. I think every grammar school and senior home should be built next to each other! It's a win-win.

Our neighbor girls' costumes last year. How cute is Abby with the Rudolf nose and sign?

 Seraphina was pretty clever with the raining cats and dogs thing..

How do you celebrate where you are? I know some countries have only recently begun having Halloween. It does seem like a bit of a money-making scheme sometimes..I tried to have my kids make their own costumes and not purchase store things. It's greener too to use what you have around the home. We always did and it was fun. Who doesn't remember being a gypsy or a tramp with your parents clothes and the dress-up box?

 Making your own, encourages a bit of thought and frankly some of the store costumes are just gross and in the case of girls, downright wrong. I don't believe parents should let their girls buy into the slutty version of a nurse, devil maid, angel, doctor and so on. Let girls be something fun or cool, and don't get them start thinking being sexy is something good at a young age. A young woman from our local high school, Caitlin Cozine just wrote a terrific piece for the Mercury News on the choices out there for young women. Check it out here. Then while searching for that article I found this...

 The meme above, and it's hilarious, yet wise accompanying post, can be found at The Every Girl a awesome blog for young women. Highly recommend stopping by, or telling your daughter about it. I just found this blog and I wish I had something like this to read when I was younger.

Our neighborhood has a little pumpkin carving party also about a day before. It's very casual. We set up some tables and tools and let kids get dirty and creative. The moms and dads (if they are home) and neighbors all come out and chat a bit, share a glass of wine, some nibbles and relax. At the end, we have all the kids line up their jack-o-lanterns. Precious!

Well, I'm off to indulge in a pumpkin latte, (apparently they are calling it liquid crack now?), and get a few items ticked off. If you still haven't gotten in the Halloween mood, here's some of my favorite ideas out there this month.

From the talented Annie, of Most Lovely Things, darling goodie bags to make for your Trick-or-Treaters!

And for the grown-ups a gorgeous Halloween cocktail created by the fabulous Mr. Paul of The Magical Christmas Wreath Company, The Blood Rose. Both of these blogs are favorites of mine!

You can find more fun on my Pinterest board, I Love Fall and my last year's post, Getting Your Pumpkin On!

Remember, you can still keep the pumpkins around until Thanksgiving! (Sorry not the carved ones! That could get ugly.) I remove my webs, spiders and the like. Just and add acorns, pinecones some fall foliage and you have Insta-Thanksgiving!  I'll be back soon with some more beautiful ideas for that.

Watch out for those zombies. They are awfully popular right now!

Happy Halloween Friends!




  1. Hi Kim! I am super jealous of the pottery barn pumpkins...they are gorgeous! Your Halloween styling is fab. I love your pics of the boys when they were younger. Time does fly.
    Happy Halloween from the UK xxxxx

    1. Thanks Karen! Happy Halloween to you all too. Will Meadow go trick-or-treating?

  2. Kim,
    You are so fun...I loved seeing all your decorations around the house, the boys in costume and carving pumpkins (last year)....seeing them when they were little...I know...sniff, sniff. Time goes so fast, but they will always remember what a fun night it was at your house on Halloween. Happy Halloween!

    1. Annie, Thanks so much! I only wish I could be a cool a mom as you are! I hope you have a fun Halloween and thanks for letting me share your wonderful ideas!


  3. those linen pumpkins are so good! i would have them year round...

    i like halloween in the states - so much fun - here only certain places get into the spirit though children and their knowledge of it spur on parents in certain areas. I do get ready but last year only had 5 people drop in the night!xx

    1. Naomi, I was really bummed, with all our street's decorations and pumpkins we only got about 10 kids!! A lot of folks in our town frequent an old neighborhood where they close the streets, instead of their own. It gets so out of control some people gave out 3,000 pieces of candy! Nuts.

  4. You are so festive and such a fun mom!
    Happy Halloween! Have a great time celebrating. xoxo

    1. Thanks Adrienne! Hoping you had fun too. Are you finally back from SF? Excited to hear more about it!! xx

  5. I want to come trick or treat at your house!!

    1. Cindy, I wish you could. We could have a cocktail together!

  6. Firstly, those linen pumpkins are gorgeous and would look perfect in our lounge too! Halloween is such a fun time and an opportunity to be creative and how clever to use a drill to save time with the carving. Those goodie bags are such a great idea (so stylish!) - I must pop over to have a look at the blog. I like the idea of the Champagne cocktail for the grown-ups too. Have a good weekend.

    1. Miss b. I love the pumpkins too. Pottery Barn has been really on it of late. There's a bunch of other things on my radar there! Hope you have good weekend too! xx

  7. Hi Kim! It's Friday so I'm finally catching up on my favorite blogs today. You are so fun and festive. I love your touches-you do Halloween in a stylish way. The pics of your boys, through the years, are darling. What fun you've had!
    Have a wonderful weekend (and I'm counting down the days;)!
    xx, Heather

    1. Heather thanks so much. I know what you mean about catching up. I'm finally able to do it today..Can't wait for SF!! x

  8. Happy Halloween Kim! Thank you so much for featuring our cocktail, I hope you get to give it a try, very yummy!
    I love the costumes the kids have worn and their pumpkins are works of art, so much fun. I must try the drill method on some pumpkins next year, great idea!
    Halloween is becoming more and more popular here, this year the locals really went to town making it super creepy with cobwebs strewn up and down the road. I even found some plastic cockroaches were mysteriously added to the mouth of one of our pumpkins!

  9. I love your linen pumpkins and of course, your cat. When I saw your first and fourth grade photo, it made me think of us. I'll have fourth grade and kindergarten after next year's Halloween. I will say that was our best Halloween. Cute costumes, and L really got into it this year.

  10. Really great post, we started celebrating Halloween in Spain just a few years ago, and just as you said,
    is a comercial thing everyone buys her costumesand not even the decorations are handmade, a bit sad.
    I loved you style and you have such a great kids.

  11. Loving the new look on your blog! Those pictures of your boys past and present are so much fun to see. And I really like the linen pumpkins...and all the sweet memories of Halloweens past. I'm a few steps behind with my little guys...makes me realize how quickly things change!