Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Witch Style! -Wonderful Witchy Women


Last week a fun caper took place midweek and I escaped my hood and took my broom to The Fairmont in San Jose for the annual Wonderful Wonderful Woman charity lunch. How often as a grown-up do you get to dress like a witch and have a fancy lunch all for a good cause? 

This annual bash is in it's 8th year and has raised a ton for local charities, especially those helping women and children. Last year's witches raised $200,000!

Cheryl Bailey, the founder of this event began this with a small lunch with her friends and it has grown to be a very huge and popular event in this short time.

Cheryl the lovely and kind founder.

I think Women love a reason to dress up and also help other women. One of the best things about this day is seeing the unique and gorgeous creations so many came in. Truly there was not enough time to snap all the fabulous women who were there.

 Sadly I pulled a blonde witch maneuver and left the card out of my nice camera. Arghh! These are all iPhone pics, but funny enough the light that morning gave them a soft look, so maybe not so terrible?

 I thought you may enjoy seeing all the lovely witches that attended!

 This cute lady preferred to wear her hat as a pin. Darling.

There was so many women who spent the better part of a year working on making this event fabulous. From the amazing auction items, decor, charity connections and a ton more.

Photo courtesy of Barb Johnson

A few of the beautiful ladies who worked so hard..

 Loved Jeanne's hat and red spider ring!

The pretty tables!

Some witches' accessories were pretty fabulous..  

Loved these lace shoes!

How cute are the dots?  Purple also really pops with black!

Some obviously put a lot of effort into their hats and coordinating outfit.

Loved mom Lisa's look and her cute daughter!

 Also, so many pretty variations on black! Love these dresses!

With my friend Shawna.  I wore my custom made blue bottle silk Della dress with some satin leopard wedges, black J Crew woven clutch from a few seasons ago. 

For more information on Wonderful Witchey Women with a Cause and the Bella Vista League click here.

Happy Witching!

Okay had no idea how annoying my hat was! Lol! :(


  1. So first of all, I love the new blog design....good job!
    Secondly, you look adorable in your witchy look.
    And lastly, I want to live closer to LG so I can have fun with you and your friends. You guys know how to have a good time.

  2. Looks like such fun. The last pic cracks me up!! We don't do proper Halloween parties because it sent huge here. Trick or treating only started several years ago and even then it's mostly all the foreigners who do it. Like the new format, I should do some updating too! Xx

  3. What fun this must have been and for such a great cause.. and you raised so much money!! Yes.. we all love to get our Witch on :) every now and then and what a great looking group! Love all the dresses, shoes, and HATS. You look great Kim! Hope your week is going well:) xxleslie

  4. I think this is a great fundraiser for this time of year.