Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly?

Seeing how Cannes is all abuzz this week about the Grace Kelly film, I thought I'd spit this post back out for those who missed it the first go-round....

Who isn't fascinated by the life of Grace Kelly?

Grace Kelly was the one girl in the world who never took a bad photo. 

She was a truly a classical beauty.

And what a story!  An American girl from a blue collar Philadelphia family grows up to be a famous movie actress, meets a prince and becomes a princess! 

A true fairy tale or was it?

That's why the Monaco Royal family isn't so happy this week.

A new biopic reveals some not so perfect moments in her marriage and life.

Getting a kiss from Marlon Brando with her Oscar in 1955. 

At the time this was the most expensive gown in Academy Award history as the silk alone cost $4,000.  Made for Grace by costumer Edith Head, she wore it to a premiere, the Oscars and for a cover shoot to get her moneys worth of it. 

That doesn't happen these days!

Nicole Kidman is playing Grace in the film.

Here's a still from it below...

The thing is 40 something Nicole is playing a 25 year old Grace.

However,  Nicole seems to be working the fillers and botox, so maybe she can pull it off. 

Some say a younger actress should have been chosen. 

No American trailer is out yet, but you can watch the U.K. one.

More film stills...

What do you think?

I think her hair looks a lot like Grace.

Apparently Nicole really wanted this part.

People have suggested Charlize Theron or

 January Jones look more like Grace. 

I kind of thought Gwyneth Paltrow's face looks most similar ..

The movie is set in Monaco, after her marriage.

They say it was about her struggle to decide to do another movie or not after becoming princess.

The Monaco royal family has said it's not based on truth and they are not happy with it.

Still I'd love to see it.

I can never tire of looking at Grace Kelly photographs.

Some of my favorites...


In High Society with Bing Crosby. 

And with Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief. Her wardrobe in this Hitchcock film was fabulous.

Grace made scarves, pearls and tortoise shell glasses hallmarks of the well-bred young American.

Could there be a more copied wedding dress ever? Or a more lovely one?

With the purse (the iconic Hermes' Kelly bag named for her) and the prince.

Taking snaps in Pucci.

Sailing in Monaco, but still looking like the all-American girl in white jeans and a cable knit sweater, and sneakers!

As a young mom with Caroline and Albert and Prince Rainier.

Amazing she was considered the ugly duckling and untalented one in her high-achieving family.

Her father still couldn't believe the fuss made over her later in life.

It's just a shame she wasn't here longer..


What do you think? who would be best to portray Grace?

Are you interested in seeing this?


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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vermeer Style and The Girl

"The girl", as she is called, is Johannes Vermeer's masterpiece, Girl With a Pearl Earring, and she's here  in San Francisco. Called the Dutch Mona Lisa, she is part of an exhibit of Dutch paintings from the Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis showing at the de Young Museum  January 26 through June 2, 2013. I just love the face of this girl.

Personally, I'm thrilled I'm going to get to see her up close! I'm a huge fan of Vermeer and Dutch paintings. Really, I now head first to the Dutch art at museums to check out the Vermeers and the Rembrandt's. Honestly though I'll admit what got me interested in Dutch paintings was the 2003 film, Girl With a Pearl Earring starring Scarlett Johansson and Colin Firth. If you haven't experienced this film, you are missing out. This film draws you in with the haunting music, the gorgeous cinematography, believable story and stellar cast. Adapted from Tracey Chevalier's novel of the same name, the film imagines story of of the pearl girl, Griet, a young maid who comes to work in Vermeer's home and becomes his assistant and muse. You are transported to Delft, Holland in the 1600's and I don't remember another movie experience that so captured a time and place. 

Scarlett in the film.

Oh my, the ear piercing scene...It's pretty hot. A clip from another great scene below.

The Milkmaid  c.1658

Vermeer set almost all of his works in his home in Delft. He was especially fond of blue and yellow.

The Art of Painting  c.1665-1667
This one is a self-portrait.

Vermeer has been accused of using an early camera obscura beause of the highlights and perspective he achieved. However, when he died at age 43, ther was no evidence of one in his possession. He died in obscurity and in debt with 11 children. Only later in the 19th century were his paintings rediscovered and his place alongside the masters of the Golden Age of Dutch painting was established.

Besides the amazing natural luminosity in his paintings, he was unique in his use of dazzling pigments. He used lapis lazuli and ultramarine. He understood that color was never one dimensional and reflected the environment that surrounded it. Notice the red skirt below looks real because he painted ultramarine  under the red, giving it a purplish sheen, which would have appeared due to the reflection of the grey walls.

Girl with a Wineglass  c1659-1660

The pearly light of his works makes everyday tasks look more romanticized. No other artist had achieved such an effect at this time.

Woman in Blue Reading a Letter c.1658

Vermeer was able to paint life with all it's variations and tones.

Mistress and Maid  c.1666-1667
The effects he achieved were remarkable for his time.

View of Delft  c.1660-1661

Young Woman With a Water Pitcher. c.1665.

Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window  c.1657-1659

The Glass of Wine c.1658-1660

This DVD, narrated by Meryl Streep, takes you on a journey to uncover what makes Vermeer's work so special with x-ray, infrared and other technologies that go beneath the paintings to explore his genius.
Vermeer DVD Available through the DeYoung Museum store.

Girl with a Pearl Necklace c. 1662-1665.

The colors and time of Vermeer are still inspiring. 

2009 was a big year of fashion inspired by Dutch masters...

Christian Dior  Spring Summer 2009 was inspired by Vermeer.

Love the Vermeer yellows and soft blues. the collars and ruffles.

Vermeer's use of tapestries, reds and shapes figured in this collection by John Galliano did for Dior.

And in Vogue..

Vogue 2009. 

And earlier...Marc Jacob's 2007 Vermeer inspired collection for Louis Vuitton...

Others inspired by Vermeer and his colors and light... 

Riccardo Bernardi channeled Vermeer with a hoody and a t-shirt for Schon magazine.

Vogue Living's version of Vermeer's Dutch interior 2007

Edward Blumenfeld for Vogue  c.1945

You can order her on a stamp here at zazzle.

 A French Elle editorial here and below..

This Vermeer inspired photo by Hendrik Kerstens won second prize in the National Portrait Gallery's Portrait Competition in London 2009.  Now that's good recycling. :)

Available at Amazon
A fun kid's mystery about chasing a stolen Vermeer.

I hope I'll get a chance to share about my visit to this show soon. And yes, I'll be wearing my pearls!

Have a great week!