Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Version of Black Friday!

It's Black Friday and while many can't wait to get to the mall, I am off with my family to the beach today…We are about to be swamped with red and green for a few weeks and I thought this may be a chance to share all the beautiful black I've been noticing lately..

Black just seems to make everything look chic from clothes to doors...

Even Christmas can look hipper with some black.

How did the black converse become such an iconic item this year? Feeling frumpy? Just add a pair and you've got instant cool.

Black wicker chairs also seem to be everywhere and I want some for my dining room!

Who said holiday cakes had to be red velvet?

The late Tina Chow, one of my first style icons.

 How fabulous is this men's trench she wore?

Some more of my favorites I've been saving...

Black wayfarers also kind of make everything look fresh I've noticed.

 Did you know that almost all the bikes in Northern Europe are black? Don't know why, but they are.

Love these doors and the French sign!

A black trench is probably one of the best investments and on my list!

Loving Harry here.


Love the fabulous black-green color of so much in Paris.

Best part of black is we all have some in our wardrobe...

Dig your black out and see how rocker or elegant it is...

It all depends on what you want to make it...

Gee now all that crazy color blocking seems like a bad dream!! Was that just last year?

Happy weekend friends! 

Don't forget to shop Small Business Saturday at your local shops. Support the small businesses in your community so they stay in your towns..

If we only shop at big box retailers, that's all we will have one day. 
Think about it and check local small stores out. 

Last year I bought a lot of my gifts in my town and they were all unique and not expensive!


Images via Pinterest and Tumblr unless noted.