Monday, January 13, 2014

Golden Globes 2014 Red Carpet Recap

Ready to ease into the week with some fluff? Okay here goes...

I thought Amy Poehler and Tina Fey did another great job hosting the Golden Globes. Love those girls! They were pretty darn funny too.

It was a great night for fashion with new looks and styles. Fashion is evolving and we are seeing less strapless dresses (yawn) and more chic and unique shapes. Same for hair and makeup which is going away from long barbie hair to short and more geometric shapes. I so enjoy all these new looks and there were just a ton of ladies nailing it. Has everyone got a stylist now? Or at least a good one? There was a notable absence of those fake spray tans which was a good thing.

Can I just say I love Emma Thompson? She's is so real and funny. I'm sad she didn't win for Mr Banks. Loved that movie.

Speaking of movies, what happened with The Butler? Another movie that blew me away this year and not one nomination? I do not get it. Hopefully they will get some kudos at the Oscars.

Well, let's go on to the red carpet...

Standouts to me ...

Amy Adams in Valentino may have been my favorite.

This dress had some of that Hustle vibe and with the long necklace perfect!

Her hair was also a gorgeous woven bun.

Amy Poehler looked the best she ever has. 

Loved her red carpet dress with it's cutouts and unusual shape. 

Tina Fey also was gorgeous, but this flower dress and hair was not her best.

 I preferred her onstage look, below.

Michelle Dockery's ( Downton's Lady Mary) Oscar de la Renta is a work of art. 
Sadly it photographed a bit bland.

Laura Charmichael, our other Downton gal (Lady Edith), was in Viktor and Rolf. Lovely.

Olivia Wilde makes pregnancy look chic in her green Gucci.

Robin Wright is 47 and looks amazing.

 She just got engaged to a 33 year old! Go Robin.

Loved Sandra Bullock's hair and makeup. The dress would have been perfect without the blue bit. 

Just a little too Disney colors for me.

Caitlin Fitzgerald in blue. Love how fresh and different this is.

Gorgeous Lupita Nyong'o was wearing Ralph Lauren.

 Another lovely new shape.

I love that Emily Watson took a chance and wore this pantsgown. Is that a word? 

She has great style already.  (Miley you could take notes.)

Kind of a unique J. Mendel gown on Elisabeth Moss.

The hair though was sadly messy and dirty looking for some reason.

Mila Kunis wore Pucci and this dress was gorgeous.

 Pretty hair and makeup too.

Rashida Jones. What a great look. Another of my favorites!

Love the white on her and the top knot as well.

Reese kept it simple and this color was fabulous on her.

Most improved has to go to Mayim Bialik. She really looked amazing.

 Zooey Deschanel was washed out in this color. 
The flowers in the hair, on shoes and nails were all a little much.
 Let's see her try chic. She does the prom look a lot.

This Cate Blanchett look reminds me of Joan Crawford.

I wish she would have worn something like she did in Vogue this month.

I just think this looks old.

Matthew McConaughey was sharp in this green tux.

This guy is the real deal. He's a lot funnier than people know. I love his recent interview on NPR here about being voted, "Most Handsome," in high school and his acne issues here.  He tells a story so well.
(The best part starts around 25 min into the audio .)

I just loved this on him.

This Dolce & Gabbana was much too matronly for beautiful Julia Roberts.

Does she almost look like someone working at Downton with the hair and all?

Not loving her updo either.

Paula Patton's dress was a big mess.

Jennifer Lawrence's Dior was funky.
Almost looks like a under piece to another dress.
 I'm not a fan of the heavy lip and eye on her. 
She's much prettier when she doesn't have 50 pounds of lipgloss on.

Hayden Panettiere's Tom Ford dress was beautiful on camera. 
She's a lovely girl.
Not sure if the cut was so flattering though on her upper arms/shoulders. 
I did like the black and white.

 Hair was too severe with a high forehead though.

Is Kaley Cuoco not in need of a new hairdo?

Maybe a fabulous cut and about 6 inches off.

 This dress is lovely, but I'd like to see her try something more avant-garde. 

Heidi Klum had way too much hair and necklace for this delicate Marchesa dress.

 How lovely this could have been less hair and jewelry.

The dress has enough going on I think.

In other Globes news, some of the beauty details really made these red carpet looks...

Just loved Emma Watson's makeup and pink lips with red dress.

Amber Heard's updo was feminine and romantic.

Lupita Nyong'o has a hip hairstyle and love her makeup too.

Michelle Dockery makes me want a bob.

Adore Zoe Saldana's nails and lovely hair clip!

And Diane Keaton went grey, which is pretty on her.

Can't say the same for her suit and her wacky speech accepting Woody Allen's award.

Okay talk amongst yourselves.. Did you watch? Who was your favorites or who was needing help?

I love to hear all your opinions and tell me am I off? Do you love someone I didn't?

Happy Monday!



  1. Due to time difference and that Golden globes aren't starred here. Plus I only get digital at present so dont have access to the E channel so I really loved and appreciated this!

    I love the analysis and agree with you on pretty much all of it. I didn't see it so I can't add anything. But it does seem there was a lot of press about Jennifer Lawrence. That dress was featured in Vogue a few months ago and I remember commenting on it. It is a memorable shape though I don't know about flattering...I agree that her lipstick was a bit forced avantgarde. My faves were Lady Mary's dress - agree it is as photogenic as it would be in real life - wish they did that in another color. Lupita's red dress was so chic and loved the green dress on Olivia Wilde. Least fave was Julia Roberts dress - just odd...Thanks for the recap Kim xx

    1. Thanks Naomi! Love to hear what you think. Jennifer's dress wasn't bad, but there were so many other choices that she could have gone with. I would bet that she probably has her pick of everything!

  2. Yay! You know I love a good fashion round up! I didn't get to see the Golden Globes at all, so this is my first look at the looks. I've never seen Amy Adams look so chic! Wow! My fav. I also loved Mila Kunis and Lupita Nyong'o! My pics for worst? Paula Patton and Heidi Klum. Horrible. And what fun would it be if we all agreed on everything, right? My only difference of opinion is on Jennifer Lawrence. I love this look .. the short hair, the dark lips, the black and white dress. OXOX Dawn Lucy

    1. Yes I love the same ones Dawn. I didn't mind Jennifer's makeup so much as the amount. She kept slathering on that gloss and her mouth was looking scary. Also not a fan of the inside eye lined. She is darling with the short hair though..Thanks so much Dawn for your thoughts!

  3. I did not watch, but I did look at People before getting to your post so I could be prepared. When I looked at it online, Julia Roberts stuck out like a sore thumb. That is an awful look. It was almost as if she was trying to go to the office, but then realized she needed to go red carpet.

    You did a great job as always. I didn't really care for Sofia V.'s dress, but I thought it looked great and unique with that necklace. Something different. I agree with you about Amy Adams and Emma Watson. Perhaps, my two favorites.

    1. Yes loved Sofia's necklace, but not sure about the dress. Doesn't she always do the same look? Thanks Leigh for chiming in!

  4. Oh, darn. I wrote a long comment and wasn't signed in...and I think I lost it when I signed in. Oops.

    Great recap. I thought Julia Roberts looked awful. Loved Amy Adams and Emma Watson.

  5. Tee hee...I did my own Globes roundup today too - stop over if you're so inclined! My favorite was Kate Beckinsale...until Diane Keaton came out. She trumped everyone, as far as I'm concerned!! I HOPE I'm that fabulous at 68!

    1. I loved yours! Kate had a unique dress, maybe should have included her. I think Diane is so cool!

  6. I thought Lupita's red cape took top awards! It was a great year overall, alot more style and fewer 'oops' dresses! Sandra Bullock still doesn't get it right time after time, poor thing. xo Nancy

    1. Nancy, I thought Lupita was so gorgeous in that. What a stylish girl too.

  7. Love Emma T. so so much, and think the fact she gets the outfits just a bit wrong makes me love her even more, she's not slick and therefore more human. Would have loved to have seen something more glam on her in More Mag this month.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Agree Emma is so attractive because she is so real! I do think I would also love her in something a bit less 50ish looking.

  8. Hello girlfriend! I love your reviews-such a fun perspective. I won't tell you-I are so spot on. I thought Amy and Tina did a fab job. They are so funny-I loooooved the George Clooney joke!
    As for the bob-it would be super chic on you (I say that as I'm growing mine out a bit) fun!
    Happy week to you!
    xx, Heather

    1. Wasn't the George comment a hoot? Loved the one Melissa McCarthy made about Matt Damon too. I noticed your hair was getting longer..I am always in the process of long bob or growing out..I need to get some new ideas!

  9. My favourite was Cate Blancjett's Armani gown. Sandra Bullock's and Julia Robert's gowns are a big miss! Those gowns don't look good on them. I don't know what Paula Is thinking with that gown? Tina Fey looked fabulous and performed really well last night.

    1. Pam isn't it funny Julia and Sandra have the same stylist? .Up until that night she was doing great. Maybe she let her clients have the final word? Love Tina too!

  10. Ok, I only snuck in a bit of the Golden Globes as I had a ton of work prep to do for the new job, but I love your recap because I feel like I got to see all of the fashion, which is my favorite party anyway. I thought Amy Polar looked gorgeous! The kids are I are HUGE fans of Parks and Rec so it was so nice to see her up on stage being so cute! I loved the dress she wore on stage, the cut was so flattering as well as the color.
    Thanks for the fashion recap girl! No, I do not have a stylist, but honestly wish I did! It would make my life so much easier! xoxo, Jackie

    1. I'm so excited for you and the new position. You are going to rock it girl. With I was up there so I could shop at those stores! Funny, my kids and I love Parks and Rec too. We just got into it and are doing some marathons. The characters are hilarious. Yes, the green dress Amy has was gorgeous! Wouldn't it be cool to have a stylist??

  11. Great post, Kim. I like the way you inlcuded the hair and make-up at the end. Good to see so many different styles and colours of gowns this year. I agree that Robin Wright loooked stunning with just a hint of sparkle too. So polished and elegant. The shape, fabric and colour of Michelle Dockery's dress was so pretty and I imagine that it was even better close up. I thought her make-up and bob were perfect with the dress too.

    1. Miss b, Just watched Fashion Police right now and that Michelle Dockery dress is amazing up close. I guess they thought she needed more pop or accessories. Robin is perfection too.

  12. Lupita definitely takes first prize. What a great look! Michelle Dockery looked amazing and I agree, Mayim Bailik wins for most improved.

    I agree, so nice to not see so many strapless dresses (aside from Michelle Dockery's and Laura Carmichael's, which I liked) - I like that people are starting to try new looks, hairstyles, makeup, etc and not look so cookie cutter.

    1. Yes, so fun to see a bit of a shift in fashion finally..It was all getting too promish and staid! Love that short hair and more geometric and modern looks are in!

  13. Great Post Kim! I agree with you about Emma Thompson, she seems like someone I would like to have as a friend! I have no fashion sense to speak of, but I, like everyone else has an opinion so here goes. I thought Lupita was lovely in her gown as well as Robin Wright. I also thought that both Downton ladies were beautiful! I do think that Heidi Klum needs to stop trying to be "edgy". I have been liking a lot of what Sandra Bullock has been wearing to her premieres lately, but I was not a fan of her dress here. I don't really care for pink and I felt that the color blocking overwhelmed her here. I can't wait for the next event!


  14. Kel, Wouldn't Emma be a hoot to hang out with? She was just on NPR and says she still lives in a little street in London across from her sis and mom so she can walk down the street with her tea and in her robe and see them. Love that.

    Yes what is up with Heidi? That girl should always be fashionably sharp with her job. This is bordering on hippie...That hair is awful.