Monday, March 3, 2014

Oscars 2014 Red Carpet Chat

I thought the Oscars were pretty fun and Ellen was killing it in the first part of the show. The preshow on ABC was terrible. Their interviews were very few and the ones that actually happened were #awkward. E was superior and I much prefer to hear Kelly and Giuliana's thoughts on frocks.

Frankly it's all getting a little pat to me. Does anyone else feel that way? Everyone's styled within an inch of their life and the films are almost all pre-ordained as winners. I haven't been too excited about an Oscars since Colin Firth won a few years back. Two movies I thought were terrific this year, Saving Mr. Banks and The Butler got zilch. I would love to see 12 years a Slave, but haven't. I find it hard to watch some of that cruelty, though it looks like a great story. Dallas Buyer's Club really deserved the kudos it received.

For gowns, there were basically three camps early on: the pastels and whites, the dark navys and blacks, and metallic. The lighter frocks were gorgeous on television, but sadly did not transfer well to photos, and washed the paler gals out. The darks were lovely, yet photos rarely pick up what were divine details on some of these gowns. Metallics seem to be universally flattering, but it depends on the gown. It can be a little Barbara Mandrell if you get my drift...

But I digress. Grab your lattes kids. Lets tawk!

My favorites of the evening...

Cate Blanchett in Armani, was in the paler camp, but I loved this with her earrings, hair and makeup. Perfect for a Best Actress winner, it's fairytale beautiful.

Lupita Nyong'o in Prada was also princess pretty in ethereal blue. 
What a eloquent and lovely woman she is. So happy she won for 12 Years a Slave.

Jennifer Garner in Oscar de la Renta, was one of my other faves.
 I thought she looked the best she ever has. 

Sandra Bullock perfect! How pretty is this blue Alexander McQueen?

Emma Watson in Vera Wang. This girl always looks amazing.

Amy Adams' dress was classic and lovely, but I hated her hair. Apparently, she was her own stylist and she did a fair job. I just kind of wish she did an homage to American Hustle and the 70s.

Kerry Washington appeared almost Botticelliesque in this lavender number. 
She makes pregnancy look elegant.

J. Law in a red Dior. You can't go wrong with this, but the back necklace had it's detractors.
Hair was cute and she just looks very modern.

White was very hot...

Kate Hudson in Versace

Naomi Watts in Calvin Klein.

Calista Flockhart

Guiliana Rancic..So pretty.

Kelly Osbourne has been looking super lately. Love her hair, jewelry and accessories with this.

Jessica Biel looked wonderful. I feel like there were at least 10 clones of this look though.

Sally Hawkins dress was unique, but seemed too large for her petite frame.

Angelina  Jolie's makeup and hair were so pretty. Not sure I loved the dress.

 It seemed  to tip a bit on the matronly side. 
 Up close the top was more revealing than appears though.

There were a few people who I thought have looked better..

Anne Hathaway in Gucci

Why do I think of the scary witch in Snow White?
Something about Charlize Theron's pose and facial expression here probably didn't help.

Okay Julia a yea or not here? Something about this dress was too Gunne Sax for me.
Not sure I love her as a blonde. she's such a pretty and natural brunette.

Anna Kendrick also missed the boat in this funky dress with it's strange slashes and flowers.
Not very hip or youthful for such cool gal.

 Liza...At least she's true to her own style. Someone said this was vintage Halston, which is pretty cool. Probably the orthodic looking shoes wrecked it. I do think she may have needed a better bra, or one at all...

I did love the pinks.

Penelope Cruz sooo lovely in Giambattista Valli.

I was so happy Matthew McConaughey won best actor. I really thought he deserved it.
He and wife Camilla Alves looked amazing!

Jared Leto was adorable and I loved his Best Supporting Actor speech. 
Hard to believe this guy is 43! He hadn't done a film in 6 years and what a performance.

Pharrell Williams and his new wife looked like they were at the wrong event.
I'm sorry Pharrell, no matter how good your legs are, shorts don't cut it on the red carpet.

 Benedict Cumberbatch did not disappoint his Sherlock fans.
 No bow tie, but I thought he looked smashing.

Hate to end on a negative, but Goldie Hawn looked like her usual self, but with more fillers or botox.

Not even going to show poor Kim Novak, who caused such shock with her augmented appearance, that Twitter crashed. I would just love to see how both these very pretty women looked in their natural state. 

 Am I wrong here? They have to look better with wrinkles than this.

Who were your favorites? What did you think of the show? 

Tell me what you think and love to hear your thoughts and if you disagree. 

Did I leave anyone out?

Have a good week everyone!


Images via Pinterest,Twitter, Vogue, Huffington Post.


  1. I was hoping you would do a review and looking forward to this from you so I am so happy you did it!! Loved it - as there is a time lapse I don't watch the oscars live and get all my news in the morning. so this is the first i saw of all the dresses so this was all news to me so any comments are very much off the cuff.

    I differ re Jennifer Garner - while I acknowledge her nod to the latest fashion fringe trend I must say that she doesn't seem to look like she loves being in the dress - usually you can tell when someone loves their own dress plus the waist silhouette was not very well cut. I think the only pale dresses were a washout on everyone except for Cate of course. Kerry Washington's dress looks very creased - didn't her stylist advise her how to wear it in the car? People think stylists only choose dresses but they are there to think through every aspect of a dress and wrinkles are so noticeable in pictures but she still looks gorgeous. Angelina Jolie looked like a fancy lampshade. Lupita's stylist needs a raise and her own show. she looked in every award show so far. I thought Kelly Osborne looked amazing. Liza seemed like she did a last minute sewing job hence the hem on her trousers looked like the losing outfit on project runway. I bet Penelope and Camilla were like - oh snap - pink? although Penelope looks like she just came fresh from the fillier/botox center. I always feel so sad when people like Kim Novak appear - it just makes their mortality let alone physical beauty fading more prevalent. PS what did you think about Jen Lawrence in red? I think the red dior formula just suits her so well. If I were blonde I would always be in red. Sorry to go on so long so I shall leave it there xxx

    1. Naomi, I also saw Kerry's wrinkles on the dress. Funny how some dresses wrinkle and others don't. I wonder if you have to be careful how you sit? A few other gals also had this problem. Funny- the Angelina lampshade..I just thought it was older looking. I didn't get to see Penelope up close, but loved her in pink. Yes, the fillers just are obvious and look strange! I will add Jennifer. her dress was great..Was getting tired at the end there and forgot!
      Thanks so much for your thoughts Naomi!! I appreciate it. x

  2. Liza said her outfit was vintage Halston. Perhaps the shoes were a result of her surgeries - more stability? Thanks for your recap - perspective.

    1. Judi, It was Halston? I did look like that. I should be kinder about her feet. She showed up, and brought it right? I do think the Ellen joke was kind of cruel. She's an icon! Thanks for your note about the designer and your comment! xx

  3. I love Sandra Bullock, Kate Hudson, and Cate Blanchett's gowns...just stunning! (Thanks for pointing out no shorts on the red carpet!!)

    1. Pam, those three were pretty perfect. Yes, shorts! I think Pharrell needs fashion help..He is a good performer though... Thanks for joining the chat! xo

  4. You picked some great favourites here particularly Kate Blanchett (I'm always drawn to the neutrals with a touch of sparkle!) and Lupita Nyong'o. The pinks and the whites too are so fresh, elegant and perfect for this time of year. I've just been looking at lightweight sweaters in this palest of pink for spring. As for celebrities probably looking better with wrinkles rather than excessive treatment, I do agree with you. Great post, Kim!

    1. miss b, Kate was so pretty and Lupita, what a lovely gal. I think a pale pink sweater would be perfect for spring. Yes much prefer wrinkles to the alternative! Thanks for your comments!! xo

  5. Great conversation going here! .. I agree on everything. Goldie H ..too much filler!! and Liza.. oh dear. What's up with the shoes? It's sad to see the desperate looking Hollywood faces on the older crowd. The dresses .. loved Sandra and Kate. The pinks were so pretty and soft. I could keep going but I need to head to the office! xxleslie

    1. Leslie thanks for weighing in on your way to work!!

  6. I was so underwhelmed by everyone! Not a fan of all the skin-toned dresses at all. Even Lupita, who has been knocking it out of the park at every event, just didn't do it for me. She was gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but the dress she wore last night wasn't as good as that red dress with the cape. Her speech, however, DID make me cry. Twice. I admit - I just watched it again, and totally teared up again. The only one who made me gasp was Kate Hudson. LOVED that one. And girl? Don't even get me started on John Travolta. BLECH.

    1. I loved her speech too. Darling girl. Poor John Travolta, he will never live down that name thing...Thanks for the note..Heading over to check yours out too!

  7. I wish Goldie H. would cut her hair and hire Kelly Osbourne's stylist. Angelina's dress was too matronly and made her look thick in the middle which she is not. I wasn't a big fan of all the pale colors on all the pale women, either. Alexander McQueen is pretty on Sandra Bullock, but I wish she would have taken a bit more of a risk with the gown. Can you imagine if she sported something ethereal, light and other worldly to go with a Gravity theme? Halston and the Blue streak didn't really help me turn away from the apple cheeks that all these iconic older actresses sported, but the orthopedic shoes? My recent consulting project exposed me to the world of custom shoes and I know enough to know she had choices...
    At least Pharrell didn't pair the shorts with the Arby's hat and the ruby slippers...
    I love the Oscars!

    1. Great idea!! Can you imagine how good Goldie could look? She needs a change-up for sure...That would have been so cool if Sandra wore something futuristic! Wonder why they didn't think of that?
      Thanks so much for your note and thoughts!!x

  8. I felt disappointed this year, like everyone played it too safe!

  9. PS - Was Liza even wearing a bra?!

    1. Dawn you're right, a bit too expected from everyone. No Cher's or Bjorks, darn. After you mentioned the bra I looked again, yikes! xx

  10. My favorites Lupita, Penelope and Kerry Washington. I don't like the natural style on hair (as Jessica Biel), c'mon it's The Oscars! Neither black gown for this kind of party or the people who ages without grace. But the best of the best... your review! Thank you!

    1. Thanks Moni! I appreciate your comments. I agree hair could have been up on a lot more ladies and it makes a difference. Black gowns also just didn't look so great..xo

  11. HI

    I thought Cate Blanchett was a knock-out in that dress. We picked the same ones. I do not like Julia Robert's dress or any of the black numbers. I think that blue dress is lovely, but I really think dresses cut that low in the chest are not that flattering on people. Maybe it works better on someone with more cleavage, but I don't know. I felt the same way about Kate Hudson. The skirt of the dress reminds me a lot of the Duchess of Cambridge's evening gown style, but her tops look better.

    1. Leigh thanks for the link! I think I agree with you totally! Yes those plungers are only for the flatter gals if they are to be chic and not slutty...

  12. Great recap. I agree with most of your picks. Goldie was quite sad and Kim was frightening. I was not a fan of Emma Watson's gown. It reminded me of Anne Klein off the rack ala 1980's. Amy needed her gorgeous hair down and like you said, more homage to the 1970's. I think Julia's dress was just ok. Sandra Bullocks dress was lovely, but very wrinkled looking. Satin is hard to pull off after you've sat in it. Angelina's gown was stunning but too long in the torso for her. It didn't blouson as much when shown on the runway and needed a bit of alteration to fit her better. All in all, nothing too creative and I think people played it pretty safe but it was certainly fun to watch. Terrific post, Kim!!

    1. Jennifer, Thanks for your thoughts. Funny now that you mention Emma's top I may have had something similar in gold from Anne Taylor!! I remember those were big in the 90s!
      I agree satin is so beautiful, but do you need to walk around with a steamer? xx

  13. I love your roundup Kim and totally agree with you about E! doing a great job on the red carpet. I didn't watch ABC, but I used to switch over and then I'd always go back to E! because they're more entertaining. Totally agree with you about Ellen, I thought she was so funny without trying hard and Captain Phillips was so good. I saw 12 Years a Slave and it's very difficult to watch, but I'm really glad it won over American Hustle. I didn't really like that movie. :)


    1. Dale, ABC just seems to be failing and though I like Lara and Robin, they don't always ask good questions..The guys on that show are even worse!
      I so wanted to see Captain Phillips. Tom Hanks is such a great actor and he was really amazing as Walt Disney in The Mr Banks film. I'm bummed he got nothing for that. I'm glad 12 Years won too. Thanks for your opinions!! xx

  14. I thought everyone looked lovely this year and I really enjoyed the show for a change.
    My favorite was Camilla Alves. She is so stunning and I love that pale pink dress on her. And she had the best accessory ever in the form of her handsome husband (who I just adore).

    As a tall woman, I love that Pharrell not only married a statuesque woman but doesn't seem to have a problem with her wearing very high heels. That shows so much confidence in them both!
    The shorts didn't really bother me and I thought they both looked cute an coordinated. I do wish he would ditch that horrible Arby's hat he likes to perform in.
    Fun post, Kim!
    xo, Adrienne

  15. Wow Kim!! Such a fabulous and complete recap … and I couldn't believe how quickly you had this up yesterday. I think this is one of the very best recaps I've read or heard … professional or otherwise! Kudos to you!

    Absolutely agree with you view on Amy Adam's hair. I don't want to be negative … let's just say it didn't do her justice. I put everyone of your "seen them look better", into that category. I particularly found Anne Hatheway's metallic top quite distracting when she presented.

    Kim thank you for such a comprehensive and entertaining post! Thank you also for your sweet words on my blog … as I said in my reply … it's a challenging time … be kind to yourself.


  16. Kim,
    I think I love your day after posts more than watching the event. Jared Leto is 43?!?! How can that be?

  17. Such a fun recap, Kim!! I loved Cate Blanchett's old Hollywood look!!

  18. Absolutely brilliant Kim. I could easily forego the actual event and just tune into your blog each year, so entertaining. How beautiful does Camilla Alves look, wow!