Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Green Weekend in Northern California

UC Santa Cruz

Happy St Patty's Day everyone. 

A little green for you from my weekend.

It was a gorgeous Spring weekend in Northern California.

I couldn't help taking photos everywhere. So much was blooming and I don't know why, but it just felt good to be alive.

You know those kind of days?

Our wisteria got it's first bloom of the year and started to open Saturday morning!

Thursday, I also felt lucky to spend an evening with high school girlfriends.

I couldn't believe the citrus in the trees above us at this cute taqueria we had dinner at!


It was such a warm evening we enjoyed a long dinner outdoors.

It's a blessing to still be friends with so many nice women from my class.

Love these girls! Some are friends since 7th grade.

On Saturday the family did a self-guided campus tour of The University of California at Santa Cruz.

My sophomore Jackson is thinking UCSC could be a choice for college and we wanted to check the campus out.

We were enchanted by the natural beauty at this school.

Redwoods encircle most of the campus and you are walking through paths in the woods to get to each building.

Checking the walking map...

Jackson is interested in engineering, or science. 

We explored the many buildings and areas.

How fortunate the students are who get to go to school in such a beautiful and natural location!

I was ready to grab a cute bike and go back to college. 

I wish I went here!

You know I love a good redwood. The smell of the redwood forest permeates the air!

The lower part of the campus has rolling hills and old barns. All have a panoramic view of the ocean.

Truly one of the most lovely situated colleges in the world.

Afterward, we had lunch and a lovely stroll in Downtown Santa Cruz.

We got to our favorite bookstore and had coffee at Verve and ice cream at The Penny Ice Creamery.

Grif bought a beanie to cover his newly shaved head. This was probably the best place with all the surf shops, so he was happy to find the 'perfect' one. (Isn't that kind of an oxymoron?)

One more thing that made me feel grateful and happy was playing tennis on a team again.

I had a doubles match this weekend. We lost, but it felt nice to be back out there. Something about playing a sport makes me feel young and just good.

Are you getting a little Spring fever at all yet?

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Don't kiss any frogs today!!


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  1. The UCSC campus is so naturally beautiful and still close enough he can come visit mom and dad on the weekends!

  2. Happy St Patricks Day to you. UC Santa Cruz is in the most stunning location. I'm a redwood tree lover too. The smell, the majesty of them, everything about them. It would be very nice to have your son go to college so close to home. Sounds like you had a very fun lunch with your girlfriends. The weather here this weekend was breathtaking too. Enjoy your day. xoJennifer

  3. How funny! We were in Santa Cruz yesterday too! It was gorgeous and yes, I totally have SPRING FEVER!

  4. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you. How fun. How far are you from Santa Cruz?

  5. Looks like a beautiful weekend for you! Gorgeous shots of Santa Cruz. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  6. Harley did a tennis camp there - it is just so lovely. Loved seeing pics of all your friends - what a lovely bunch, your town looks so sweet

  7. So gorgeous! I have never been to Santa Cruz, but I lived in LA for 3 1/2 years, and fell in love with San Francisco on my very first trip there, a few years ago – I always felt so at home in California, and I miss it terribly! I am a nomad at heart, but if I had to pick a place to live for the rest of my life, it would probably be somewhere in CA, no doubt.