Saturday, March 15, 2014

St Baldrick's Day

Yesterday, my youngest son Griffin, asked me to write a blog post about something and that was a first. Usually they want nothing to do with the blog or be mentioned in it. This was something I had thought about sharing as well, so I was happy to have his okay.

Right around St Patrick's Day, our town's middle school holds a St Baldrick's Day rally in the gym to raise money for the St Baldrick's Foundation. It's a wonderful and very emotional day as young kids volunteer to shave their heads to raise money for childhood cancer research. Each participant, mainly students, but also teachers and other community members, decides how much money they want to raise and then comes to get their head shaved during the lunch event.

Previously, I had given, but this is the first time one of my own kids has decided to participate. It was his idea and we were proud he was willing to. As a mom, watching this, it's pretty intense. Shaving their heads lets them identify with what these kids with cancer are going through.

Many other parents were with me, to cheer their kids on and to support this great cause. There were 49 generous participants at our school. Teachers were a big part. I was especially impressed by the brave girls (middle school age here!) and women who did it as well.

A few of the many participants after.

Our school raised almost $35,000 by yesterday and we are still getting donations. This is an annual event and I think it's one of the best fund-raisers I have ever been involved with. Our own community has been touched by this and two families that lost children as young teenagers in our schools came to speak to say how much this means to them.

Really I was a soggy mess by time I left the gym and even writing this is tough. I so wanted to share this great cause and let readers know they can read more about this wonderful foundation, donate to help and also, set up a St Baldrick's Day event at their own school.

With fellow mom Diane and our sons after cutting.
The St Baldrick's Foundation is the largest funder of childhood cancer grants. Childhood cancer is the least funded of all cancers. Less than 4% of all U.S. cancer funding combined goes to childhood cancer, so it's a cause that needs more support and public awareness.

Thanks for letting me share this and I am proud Griffin wanted me to write about this too.

Check out the St. Baldrick's Foundation website to read more about what they do and how to set up an event in your community.

Grif and a fellow scout and friend, Harrison.

To donate to through Griffin's school event click here.

To donate to the St Baldrick's Foundation directly here.

Thanks everyone for all your kind words and support!


p.s.  Yesterday, Griffin's friend Abby kindly donated 8 inches of her pretty long hair to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths  to make real hair wigs for women fighting cancer! Such a brave and kind thing to do and I love her new bob.


  1. I had never heard of this before! I'm misting up just reading about it. What a wonderful cause, and yes...for the girls it was terrifically brave. Bravo Griffin!! I'm shocked to learn that only 4% of cancer funding goes to children's cancer!! Thanks an awful statistic. Bravo to you Kim, and thank you for sharing about this wonderful foundation!! xoJennifer

  2. What amazing kids! Love this story!

  3. Inspiring story. I know you are proud of them.

  4. So enjoyed this. Brave guy you have!

  5. Such a cool gesture! Nicely done Griff.