Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day !

Hope all you Mom's ( pet mama's too) are getting a little pampered today!

It's been a crazy last week or so and my poor blog has been neglected.

I've forgotten how busy the end of the school year can get.

Well thanks for hanging in there. I'm back this week.

Today I am having my mom over for a little Mother's Day BBQ in the yard.

We chose this over doing a brunch and I just got a new table and chairs. 

 I'm kind of excited to make our yard festive for her.

I'm lucky my mom has always been the biggest cheerleader for my brother Peter and I.

Even when I was in school and quite average in grades and looks, my mom always made me think I was the smartest and prettiest, though that clearly wasn't the case.

We don't get to see my parents as much as I would like. 

 They never forget to tell us how much they love us all.

Tuesday I am taking my mom to get her hair done and a little pampered.

It will be fun for her I hope.

My guys were the best.

Look what I got...


Love those homemade cards!

I also got this pretty blouse picked out by my husband from J Crew.

 He made me Macadamia Nut Pancakes for my breakfast!

I'm spoiled.

Now if we could just make Mother's Day into a week or two....

Just saying!

Enjoy your week and mom's I order you to put your feet up for a few hours!

x Kim

(Do you think I'll get to redeem any of these? ;)


  1. Aww! Your gifts are so cute and that's so nice you're having your mom over and I can relate on having a mom as my biggest cheerleader too. Especially in high school when no matter what, she always made me feel better about myself. :) LOVE the JCrew top your husband picked out and haha, if only you could get a coupon book of the 'free dish wash' cards to last the whole year. :)

    Happy Mother's Day Kim!


  2. I'm so glad you had such a special day, you beautiful mama, you!

  3. Hi Kim: Have been enjoying your writings on the Napa Valley Getaway. What fun that must have been! Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day with your mom and family. I promise to keep in touch more often. I know I still owe you a photo with my winning necklace. I'm getting there -- just been a little busy too. Take care xo, Lamar from Texas

  4. I adore those homemade gifts! My rascals made me excellent cards but I didn't get any coupons! Mother's Day is the best, I didn't do any cooking or washing up. I did have a drink with two of my friends who are recently separated from their husbands and it made me realize how much Mother's Day really relies on the Dad's organization... these holidays can be so hard for so many people depending on their situations.
    Isn't it a busy time of year? I've got a list long as my arm of things to get done before the end of June! Take care, xox.

  5. Those home made cards and coupon books made me smile as I remember those son took his family away for the weekend so he could spoil his lovely wife! I cooked dinner for my daughter and her significant other and we all had a glass of bubbly to celebrate.
    Those pancakes look tasty and I think your idea of having Mother's Day extend to a week us a great idea! Take care.

  6. OH, How I loved those cards!This was the first year I did not get a CARD!!!!!!!!It was okay but just felt odd.........I got roses and a rice cooker!Plus, they cooked me dinner!!!!!!!!!
    KEEP THOSE CARDS as it will bring back memories later on..............
    Looking forward to our OUTING!

  7. Kim-what a beautiful brunch you created for your family. I saw the photos of you and your mom and dad on FB and the images were just filled with love. The boys, growing up so fast, are still very thoughtful, just like their dad. Love the cards and IOU's. I'd go for it. Gorgeous blouse from J.Crew-it will be so pretty on you. Happy Mother's Day darling mama and glad you enjoyed your day.
    xx, Heath

  8. I love the "free catbox clean"! So, so cute! I hope your Mother's Day was wonderful.

  9. Love your cards and the blouse is super:) Hope you have a good week Kim!
    ~Anne xx