Monday, May 12, 2014

Making White Jeans Elegant

Love this casual chic look on Christy Turlington.

Right now it's the school year's end, and almost Summer and there are so many school events and gatherings.

 I'm always stumped about what to wear to these things. 

Dresses can feel sometimes too fancy. 

You can easily throw on the same jeans or yoga pants, but why not have a little polish?

Sometimes just a bit more effort makes you feel good and people take notice.

It can be as easy as upgrading to white jeans!

Last week, I tried to dress up a bit for the school book fair I was working.

I threw on some new white jeans, simple Patagonia sandals from many years ago, and a Joie silk sweater with a Banana Republic leather tote I love.

Surprisingly, my friend Elizabeth was in something very similar, white jeans with a soft grey sweater.

I realized when I saw her, how much I adore the beauty of this understated combo. Also, my friend Elizabeth has this simple and elegant stuff down to a science.

 Her addition of pretty pewter braided sandals with the palest polished feet hands and toes looked so Jackie Kennedy to me.

Take note of those sandals and pale pedicure!

 Elizabeth has the kind of style that makes me want to chuck it all and redo my home and wardrobe!

Her hair always has that just blown out look and she usually carries a luxe looking handbag with a simple design. She inspires me to strive to look a little more finished with my hair and clothes.

We tried to take a selfie- NOT! You get the idea though..White jeans and a pullover.

Take Elizabeth's cue, white jeans with a loose sweater is the perfect combo for May.
Add in a flat sandal and you are finished and ready to go.

When I stress about what to wear to an event, I need to remember this clean, simple look always exudes taste and class.

You just need a few tweaks to keep it from being bland....

Upgrading from simple to simply elegant:

Pair with a silk or linen sweater vs. cotton. (It's worth the extra money for the wear you will get and the feel and expensive look.)

White jeans vs. regular jeans.

Pretty flat sandals vs. flip-flops. ( I know it's easier to step in flip-flops, but a flat sandal is a game changer for the whole look.)

A tote or bag in a soft leather or solid vs. a complicated heavy or designer logo bag.

A fresh natural manicure and pedi with Essie's Mademoiselle or pinky sheer vs. bright, white, dark or frosted.

Clean shiny hair done and styled.

Minimal and simple jewelry.


I just replaced my old white jeans from a few years ago that were looking tight.

It's good to refresh this basic every year or so.

These are my new white jeans that I just found and loving.

 I was also contemplating these Paige ones. 

I'd love another pair of white jeans with this boyfriend fit , and if you are short as I am, these J Crew ones are a terrific price right now. 

I also love these dressier streamlined white crops from Karen Kane.

Remember the addition of the pretty flat sandal makes this look more Cannes than Santa Cruz.

One more tip: Always buy your white jeans a size up. Skintight is never good in light colors.

Stay chic!

x Kim


  1. I like white jeans with flat sandals and will the new sneakers I just purchased. I will be wearing white denim more this summer than last. Enjoyed the post!

  2. Hi Kim, I just love this look .. it's so chic and comfortable. You are right, sometimes you want to take it up a notch and you've nailed it here! I can't wait to wear more white ~ it's still rainy/muddy here but the weather outlook is warm and sunny so I'm optimistic! xxleslie

  3. I think white jeans are very elegant. I like the way both of you styled yours for the book fair.
    Jackie makes quite an entrance and she makes dressing chic look so effortless....if that were only true!

  4. White jeans and a neutral top is a look I like to wear as it's so easy and as you say ideal when you want to dress up just a little. Sometimes not always suitable on our rainy days in England though. I love the texture of your sweater and the pretty pendant and Mademoiselle has been a favourite shade of mine for some time now.
    PS I loved those cute coupons in your Mother's Day post especially the little 'used' tick box. We celebrated here a few weeks ago.

  5. Love the look -- I'm still looking for a pair that flatters me, but I'm not giving up until I find them. Thanks for all the great styling ideas!

  6. What a lovely post! White jeans are my favorite (and who says wait until Memorial
    day to wear 'em?!) Super cute purse too..I adore your classic style. Xx, Tiffany

  7. You look lovely and so California casual chic in yours. There is nothing - nothing! - finer than a good pair of white jeans. And I love your flats and bag too. I have yet to find white pants that are flattering and lined...but that's a whole other conundrum of swim suit proportions

  8. I love wearing white jeans. Can't wait to wear them. Christie looks so stylish. Your suggestions here are on the spot, so perfect!

  9. White jeans look gorgeous on you, Hon! Love your polished, understated look!
    Dawn Lucy

  10. What a great post! You outlined an updated, fresh look perfectly!

  11. Thank you so much for this post! I am shopping for white jeans and don't have time to search! I am going to check out your suggestions. What polish did you use? Will you dress me please!!!

  12. I'm sorry to arrive late to your white jean party!! Nothing I like better than clean white jeans and simple chic accessories. You look fabulous!! The entire trip in Napa, you looked like a million bucks!!! Great tips and inspirations here Kim!! I love it. Happy Weekend.

  13. YOU GOT IT GIRLFRIEND!IT's a win win look!
    This Elizabeth thinks so too!

  14. I consider white skinnies my go-to from April through September. It does add that touch of polish without looking fussy. I fear I may have such a selection that I wear little else.

  15. I need to get some new ones. Mine are tight. Got them when I was 10 pounds lighter. And they are no go now.