Thursday, July 10, 2014

I Heart Hawaiian Gardens

 I'm working on my Big Island of Hawaii travel posts..

One thing that I brought back with me was a newfound love of tropical plants, especially the palms.

Who knew there were so many varieties?

I don't know why I didn't notice on previous trips, but it may have something to do with chasing small boys and all that. 

This was such a nice relaxing and long trip I really soaked up all the beauty of the islands..

I took copious pics of the fabulous palms and plants of Hawaii..

Our sunrise view of the many palms blowing in the wind.

I love all the many shapes...


and colors.

So many flowering trees!!! 

Flowers that grow on beaches!

Tropical forests next to lava fields.

Gorgeous flowers spring right out of the lava cracks!

These reminded me of that Beverly Hills Hotel Martinique wallpaper.

Love it!

Check out these Charlotte Olympia sandals. Impractical, but soooo fun!!!

We thought these were Dr Suess-like.

Sugar cane!

A macadamia nut tree.

A monstrous bloom of Little Shop of Horrors proportion, but you can't tell from this photo.

 (This particular variety of fern makes good head :)

A very ocean like fern!

Palm trees can sway an amazing amount when it's windy. They are extremely flexible!

The variations of color on these leaves was gorgeous.

More prehistoric-sized leaves.

Bread fruit! 
Did you know this is the plant HMS The Bounty sailed to Tahiti to collect?
This very starchy plant has a storied past and today has been found to have 3 compounds in it that are more effective against mosquitos than DEET? 

 Pretty heart shaped leaves were everywhere at our hotel.

Love the little baby pineapples!

A glamorous pic from a hike in the very wet and steamy volcano forest at Mount Kilauea.

Some charming old Hawaiian style homes on the Hilo side of The Big Island of Hawaii.

These amazing beauty of so many plants had me visualizing landscaping with palms and tropical trees, flowers and painting our California ranch house a bright white!

The new C Home Magazine gave me even more inspiration to do this.
Loved Jessica de Ruiter's Southern California home. 

More lovely photos can be found on Habitually Chic.

Creeping fig looks so tropical on her wall.
I would love a banana tree at my entrance and other palms.

Then, my gardener dad pointed out that we have a huge sequoia growing smack in the center of the front yard, which isn't going anywhere soon and may outlast even us.

I guess we are kind of locked in with that Nor Cal look. :/

Darn reality checks! 

In the meantime, I'll stick to my native plants I guess and dream of a Hawaiian holiday home.

Anyone else have a Hawaiian inspired garden? I can still smell the fragrant sweet smell of the island!

Next on the blog, more details of the Mauna Lani where we stayed and all I love about my favorite island, The Big Island of Hawaii!



  1. Hawaii is definitely a piece of paradise on earth. I don't know the Big Island but do know Maui (which I imagine is very similar). Gorgeous images x

  2. Dear Kim,
    I've never been to Hawai, but your pictures show it as a very alluring, green place. The palms and ferns are impressing, and to think that you can get your pineapple from outside: lovely!
    We don't have the climate to grow a Hawaiian-garden here - but we have a few palms inside.

    1. Brigitta, The plants amaze me there! Yes I thought it was pretty funny seeing pineapple just grow outside your door! xo

  3. GORGEOUS photos! You're quite the photographer! So many pretty plants. Hawaii is so fabulous!
    Dawn Lucy

    1. Thanks Dawn. I know I want to go back already!!

  4. Oh gosh what a gorgiss homecoming post. I am in love with palms too, we have banana leaves (think they are called strylizia ) all over the show though they do not look as verdant and healthy as in Hawaii.

    i love that bathroom - is that from the Beverly Hills Hotel? Think my friend in NZ was going to do the same wallpaper for her loo

    You look so cute in that photo of the mist.

    There is no vacation like Hawaii, just utter unwindulaxing isn't it? (part of it is that there is no churches, museums to see so I don't feel I have to check boxes while I'm there...)

    1. Jody, Wondering how well those banana trees grow here. I know my grandmother had luck, but she's got an amazing green thumb. Isn't that paper the best? I'd love a room or loo with it! Love your word- unwindulaxing!! xx

  5. I really enjoyed this Kim. Great photos!!!!

  6. Your pics make me want to go to Hawaii again!! I haven't been in years and I wish I would have paid more attention to all the palms like you. They're truly beautiful and your glamorous hiking pic made me laugh, I have one just like that on a hike in Honolulu with way more matted hair. :) You look great and it looks like you had a great trip!


    1. Dale, The humidity is craaaazyy!! Especially in the forest areas! My hair never fully dried the whole trip! It's funny the older I get I guess I have more time to look around me and appreciate all the beauty. You are sweet. xx

  7. Just gorgeous I love palms! Very different from where I am just now in the Yorkshire Dales, with the sheep and the Pennines and the oak trees. It is so much fun to have friends all across the globe and here we are having such different visual experiences.
    Very happy to see you are well Kim and that you had an excellent holiday. Isn't it nice when the kids get a bit older and we can stop and enjoy the scenery a bit? xoDani

    1. Dani, What a difference vs. your England trip! Another kind of beautiful right? I hope your trip is as nice and looking forward to reading more of lovely England!! xx

  8. Beautiful, I"ve always loved palms, my loo which has the Martinique paper is my favourite room, it's so chewy to go into, it cost a fortune to get it here though, if that room is ever flooded ( we have an awful roof) I don't think I could justify it again.
    And flowers on the beaches, I know, quite magical.

  9. Hands up, palm addict here too. Even with your wonderful sequoia you can still get the look. Surely you can grow Bananas. Musa Basjoo is very resilient. If not then Hedychium gardenarium or Canna will give you the foliage effect, the colourful flowers and the Hedychium will give you that exotic scent. Love the pic of you on your tropical, steamy hike, you look wonderful. My hair would have gone into a frizzball in an instant.

  10. Gorgeous pics! We're leaving next Friday for Maui and am looking forward to seeing all of the beauty of the islands that you captured so well!

  11. Loved seeing all the much color and life...great shots!

  12. I think I have finally caught up on your posts. We have not yet visited The Big Island but it looks so lush and you have captured the huge variety of exotic plants so well here. One of the things I love about travelling in addition to different styles of architecture, cuisines and culture are the plants which vary from one place to another. Have a great weekend, Kim.