Friday, July 4, 2014

July Fourth in America

Happy Fourth of July.

Sorry I bet a few of you we wondering what happened to me..
 Vacation was one reason and then I got sick.

I'm better now, but I didn't get out my usual Wimbledon post, (so upset about ANDY), and other planned things!

 Hawaii trip posts upcoming.

Just a few thoughts to share today and things I've saved.

I like getting home for the fourth and all the celebrations and parties.

The older I get, the more I appreciate the little parades, and picnics and barbecues.

Here in California, it's always dry, so fireworks are mostly, umm under the table.

Some still venture out to get the Picolo Petes and other crazy exploding and sparking items.

In California many streets gather to watch one or two set these off.

I love when Americans dress up their homes....

as well as themselves in patriotic and creative way!
I still think about the Bicentennial in 1976!

I was a 6th grader at the time.

I remember all the bells in all the churches and halls ringing at the same time that day!

My friends and I collected the special edition quarters. 

(Anyone remember those or that day?)

Fredrick Childe Hassam, Fourth of July New York, 1916.

I love being an American and July 4th reminds me how lucky we are.

I just love flags and also blue and red used in design. 

A few inspiring and fun ideas that make me want to use more of it.

I am ordering this pillow from Pottery Barn to go on my white couches. It's also sale right now.

Better Homes and Gardens

Architectural Digest...Go big or go home!

Ralph Lauren always gets it right. Adore this!

I'm crazy for the art in vintage magazines, especially the holiday editions.

This T&C cover done by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Vogue 1933.

Sorry lost the credit for this one, but what a fun look for the fourth!

This one too!

July 4th morning, we are going to the neighborhood I grew up in.

 My parents still live there and the neighborhood has a giant parade with floats, cars, decorated bikes, scooters, wagons, dogs and people.

Afterwards, hot dogs and ice cream are sold in the park.

The fire department comes and hoses everyone down too.

It's a blast and my kids wouldn't miss it, even though they are teens now.

It's the little things you know?

Wishing you all an ice cream cone, some sparklers, and fun!


Images Pinterest unless otherwise noted.


  1. Aww, it is the little things! As I get older, I appreciate all these little traditions more and more too. Love all the pics you choose, especially that cozy Ralph Lauren living room ... swoon! So glad you're feeling better and home for the 4th!
    Dawn Lucy

  2. Hi Kim, welcome back, so sorry you got sick, I often don't feel well when I get home from vacay, it takes a lot out of you. How incredibly fun that everyone takes to the streets in your old neighborhood, that is the spirit!

    1. Jody, Isn't that so true about vacations? Mom's especially so I think. Yes, it's a regular riot over there in the old 'hood and pretty fun. xx

  3. I just sent Hercules out for Ice Cream and Sparklers after reading that.
    I want to be an American toooo!
    Welcome home. Have a great party!

    1. Paul, Thank you!! Got some sparklers saved for you. xx

  4. This is the most delightful 4th of July post I have read!

    1. Cindy, Hope you had a fun fourth and good weekend! x

  5. Hope you had a happy 4th of July!

  6. A wonderful walk down memory lane! Thanks for this great 4th of July posts and all the collection of photo's you gathered and shared. I, too, enjoy the old fashion-small-town parades and fireworks and family BBQ's. Hope you had a most wonderful day.

    1. Trina, We did and I hope you did. I just adored your post and the homemade flag!!! x

  7. Love your post about the 4th! I, too, remember the Bicentennial and i recall how excited I was to be graduating that year AND being the first time I could vote. It might seem " nerdy" but I felt so proud and grown up at the time.
    Quick mention...if you are displaying the flag in any way, please remember there are specific guidelines for handling and disposing of our flag. You can find info about flag etiquette on the VFW website.

  8. Welcome Home!Sorry to hear you got sick................the 4th is special!

  9. Excited to hear about Hawaii - sorry you've been sick. I loved this post about the 4th of July - hope you had a great day. I was nine years old and living in North Carolina during the bi-centennial, and I remember so much about it!

  10. Dear Kim,
    I learned by Mr. Paul that you are a Mothette too, so of course I was curious and wanted to make your acquaintance (as with Cindy and Pam).
    Your photos are absolutely lovely - they show the pride and joy in your country.
    Here in Germany they show flags too - on a very minor scale - at the moment (but not that stylish as yours) - it is the World Cup of soccer, so people are very excited.
    I will join your blog - maybe you like to have a look at mine.

  11. Thank you for stopping by...hope you had a wonderful time!