Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summertime and Seizing the Moment

Summer is such a sweet word filled with so much happiness especially for kids. Each year that passes I feel the very precious and fleeting nature of it even more keenly. Kids are changing, growing and becoming bean poles. No matter how much they tower over me, they still just want to get their fill of  popsicles, pools, staying up late, running around town on bikes, camping and all those quintessential summer rites. 

 When I returned from my vacation, I learned my close friend is battling a serious illness and she hasn't left my mind hardly at all. She's a happy and joyous person who knows how to enjoy life and I am hoping she will soon be better. 

I am feeling very much aware that it's important to live in the moment. 

There is no perfect time to do something and later often means never.

 Life is precious and summer especially short.
 I wonder how many lazy summers do we have left for my kids to just chill?

Already my oldest is doing an short internship with my husband's start-up. 

Jackson's first day of his internship. Don't you love how they are both wearing flip-flops?
The Silicon Valley summer work uniform here.

Pretty soon they will be scrambling for more summer experiences, camp jobs and volunteer hours.

 I am trying to be a 'yes' mom more so than usual this summer.

 We made this collage of Griffin's visit to Santa Cruz earlier this year.

Lemonade stand? Sure!

Late night frozen yogurt? Let's do it!

Planet of the Apes? (Hey that one is major mom points if you ask me!)

Water fights, nighttime swims, sleepovers and camping on the lawn? Yes!

S'mores on the BBQ! Making ice cream!

More time for our favorite pets...

They so appreciate it!

Time for books! I'm reading as much as I can now!

A getaway with my husband before school starts is on my list too.

Some other ideas for savoring summer...

Afternoon ice tea with friends. My pal Kim is always good about impromptu tea chats on her porch.

 Look at what my succulent gave us this week! 

I am taking time to see all that's blooming and enjoying the garden bounty and beyond.

Happy hour with your neighbors on Summer Fridays.

Movie nights on the driveway. (You can sometimes do this in conjunction with the happy hour.)

Game nights- we are talking board games here people- old school Monopoly and all that. (My kids love this and no one misses television when we get in the habit.)

Late night tennis when it's cool and the courts are open!

Summer Camp for you! ( I am doing this!! At least I am calling it such. While my youngest is away at Scout Camp, I signed up for a Blogher Convention nearby and am meeting some friends and hope to make more friends and learn a few new things.)

Yesterday, Grif and his friend Nicholas and his little sister had a lemonade stand in the park.

They had been wanting to do this for a long while.

I had saved an old copy of Martha Stewart for lemonade stand ideas.

Grif used it to make some cute goodies to sell.

The day before they actually squeezed lemons from Nicholas and Lauren's yard.

It's was a pretty serious set-up and Nicholas was muddling raspberries and rosemary!

Gee maybe I should use them as bartenders!!  ;D

Anyhow, would you believe they got only 1 customer?

We got some very un-California like, crazy gale force winds for a few hours and even a light sprinkle.

Just enough to clear out the park!!

I've never seen the park empty, ever! It was crazy.

Still they enjoyed eating all the profits...Sugar intake was likely at a record.
I let them enjoy.
We will make it happen on another day.

Is there anything that means summer to you?

How do you live in the moment?

It's something I am working on.

Any tips?



  1. Cute post, Kim! I am glad you are embracing summer. I feel like I work ALL the time...everyday and before I know it, it'll be Christmas. I know it's not healthy and I need to live in the now much more.
    Maybe in August I will pretend that I am a Parisienne and take off the entire month...yeah, right!
    So sorry to hear about your friend. Sending healing and comforting thoughts her way and yours.
    See you next week!
    xo, A
    P.S. Any time your son wants to set up a lemonade stand at my house, he is welcome. Lemon, raspberry and rosemary- ade? Sounds yummy...and just screams for a little splash of Belvedere ;)

    1. Thank you Adrienne for you thoughts for my friend. I agree I think you should take August off! Live like a Parisienne! You deserve a vacation for sure. You would have loved the lemonade! The Belvedere splash is a fun idea!! We may need to try that. xx

  2. This was so much fun to read! I know what you mean about summer being fleeting. Both my boys are working this summer, and I miss the lazy days of going to the beach, the park, the fair. I do love to read out in the hammock though! Sorry to hear about your friend - I will send good thoughts her way!

    1. Lana thanks so much! Love the reading the hammock. Very cool. Enjoy summer!

  3. I just love this post my dear … so poignant and even a little bittersweet for me. Thank you for the reminder … to cherish not only each season … but each and every day. My children are older … and a little further down the path of life … but this summer we are once again are having family dinners every Monday night … including the wonderful boyfriend and girlfriend … our family is expanding … and I am trying new ways to savor summer and celebrate this newest … and wonderful phase ,,,with the intention of making new lasting memories …

    Kim thank you for this beautiful post … and the reminder to cherish each and every day!

    I can't believe I get to see your sweet, beautiful self … in a little more than a week … at our 'summer camp'!

    Much love dear friend! (this one had me in tears of recognition)

    1. How nice you have everyone home now and are enjoying the boyfriend and girlfriend too. I am sure you are good at savoring the moment. You create such special memories for your kids. Looking at yours though I see how fast it all goes and we will be there before I can blink... So looking forward to seeing you dear Tamera. xxoo

  4. This is the most idyllic summer post, I've never had this sort of summer, well not since I was a child, you have such a long season for your summer, ours is a day or two a week if we are lucky which is why we all need a minimum of 6 weeks holidays a year.
    What's a start up? I keep seeing this phrase and don't understand it, is it something techy?

    1. Tabitha, Summers I guess seem longer here due to the weather, but are vacations sure aren't! A start-up is a new company formed with a plan or idea , but limited resources. They usually run on a shoestring budget and hope to get funding from investors, then become publicly traded when they start making money (IPO), or they get acquired or merged or many just go belly-up.It's all a big gamble and tons are happening where we live here in this tech-center. It can be a any kind of company really, but many tech companies begin this way and especially here in Silicon Valley.. My husband's is still in the funding phase, hoping to close the next round of funding. So he has to work finding investors as well as run it and also create a lot of the product. Stressful!! It's all a crapshoot around here and sometimes the most unlikely people get funding and other fabulous products don't. A lot is due to connections also and your past experience...A lot of luck helps!

  5. Adorable summer post! Life is precious and everything should be savored and enjoyed. Keeping your friend in my thoughts and prayers. Can't wait to find out what you learn at the bloggers convention!
    Dawn Lucy

    1. Thank you Dawn. So good to see you and catch up last week. Yes, hope I do learn something!! xxoo

  6. Hi Kim,

    So sorry to hear about your friend.. it does make you think doesn't it? Life is more precious than we think.

    The kids are darling in these photos and you sound like a wonderful mother and partner as you balance "life". The to do list sounds perfect to me:)

    Have fun today!

    1. Leslie, You are kind. Thanks so much. Happy summer friend. xx

  7. I also hope your friend will be better soon, what hard news to get.

    My boys are now in their early 20's and I miss the days when they were younger mostly because I didn't live in the moment. Consumed with a corporate position, I often time was thinking about tomorrow. Ironic that they have flown the nest and I decided to leave the corporate life to find more balance. I'm not sure I've found any magical secrets of how to live in the moment but I sure know I cherish them more and more as I age.

    So glad to have found your blog!

    1. Daldri, Thank you so much! I too have gotten caught up in the race to do it all and have it all. So glad you have found balance and I agree as I age everything gets more precious! Thanks for your wisdom!

  8. Oh goodness, this speaks to me. We've recently relocated to your neck of the woods (Boulder Creek) and I've been so fearful that the summer is disappearing for my two (13&10) under piles of boxes. Time to be more of the "yes" mom! Thanks for the inspiration - boxes will wait, but I only have this time with them once!

    1. I love Boulder Creek! Welcome to Northern Cal! I know the work of moving and all those boxes!! I hope you get to enjoy your summer. 10 & 13 are such great ages too. Thanks so much for your note!

  9. Love every word of this post! I've recently been reminded of the importance of "seizing the moment"(s) once again while having both my grown children as well as son-in-law and granddaughter all here for a month. I have found that daily cleaning gets put on hold, blogging gets put on hold and replaced with walks in the parks, playing in the pool, lunch dates, evening spent at the lake, and simple hours just sitting on the grass playing silly games with Miss Molly. I so appreciate you reminding me that this is truly the important things in life.
    So wish I could have purchased some of Grif's homemade lemonade, that is summer to the T.
    Many prayers for your dear friend.
    p.s. I was so hoping to join the "grown up camp" for the BLOGHER and finally meet you all in person but I have a speaking engagement on Sunday Morning that I just can't get out of. Sure hope I can meet up someday, but have a most wonderful time.

    1. Trina, Thank you. I can imagine all these things are even more fun with a grand baby! Your photos of her and the family are adorable. Thanks about Grif and thoughts for my friend.
      Darn wish you were going to the conference! How very cool to be speaking though. You go girl!! Good luck and I look forward to reading about it!! xx

  10. Beautiful post, Kim. Great reminders to slow down and enjoy! I need to practice this more.

  11. Tips! You are an incredible Mum Kim, you seems to be doing a fine job of everything you do. I for one am taking inspiration to take a little more time out to slow down and do some more reading. I always seem to be racing around. I for one would have bought several glasses of lemonade from the stall, rain or no rain. Have a great weekend. Paul:)

  12. Send those kids over to my house with that lemonade yum!

  13. Oh how I loved this post! My boys are younger than yours, but it is so fun to read about all the wonderful things you are doing with them...fun things to look forward to...enjoying the simple + beautiful moments. That lemonade stand looks incredible!! Love all your photography that you use to tell your stories :) Summer to me is long days at Lake Michigan, concerts in the park, the smell of cut grass, lots of ice cream + summer dresses...and precious time with my hubs and boys!