Monday, August 11, 2014

This Last Week of Summer & Other Chat

Happy Monday friends. Just checking in with you all... How's your summer? Still savoring?

Well, we have officially a week left if you go by the school calendar! That's not much. What the heck happened to starting after Labor Day?

We did a little day trip to Carmel yesterday. My boys spent some time building sand sculptures.

I spent some time holding the blanket down, and reading. Twas so nice.

We had lunch at my favorite restaurant, Casanova.

I highly recommend a stop there for the Soup de Jour and homemade bread and butter. It's especially cozy and warming after a foggy beach walk.

Yesterday cream of artichoke with spinach was the soup. That with fresh olive bread was AAAMAZING!!

Did I ever mention they make the soup in small batches and bring a copper pot out and ladle it into your bowl??? Where else do you get that? I know I've gushed about this place before.

Loads of charm at Casanova.
Don't be intimidated by it's small size from the front. It's a veritable maze of quaint rooms and patios behind the front cottage. It's easy to pop in for lunch. Dinner may need a reservation.

We also have been trying to enjoy as many dinners at home alfresco.

Eating outside always feels like a special night.

 The boys love it too and stay a little longer at the table which we like. We just discovered a new favorite wine, Cuvee Los Gatos, from our hometown winery, Testarossa. The 2011 Chardonnay is wonderful and try it if you can. It can be bought at the winery, but our local Lunardi's store has it currently. It's around $24. We are so spoiled by good wines that we rarely pay that much, but this is worth it.

The tomatoes have liked the unusually hot summer we have been having.

I can't say the same!! I miss our 80s and high 70s with cool nights.

We did get some summer rain which was so nice and unusual.
I'm really hoping for some real weather this fall and winter.  We barely had any last year.

On the bright side we swam so much this summer. Not a day went by that my kids didn't use the pool.

They will kill me for using this, but I am anyway. :D

My oldest Jackson is going to be a junior next week. Unbelievable. Hard to comprehend.
Seems like just the other day I put this photo in a frame from a trip to Pt Reyes.

Looking at the sizes of them I guess it was a few years ago actually.

How is it they grow so much in that 12-15 year old span? Your not noticing it and then you see a photo, and your baby has become Lurch!


On a lighter note, still trying to keep the Hawaii vibe from vacation alive in the home.

Hawaii has a lot of these vintage postcards. I tuck them in mirrors and on pinboards.

I'm going to try to have my guide to my Big Island favorites out this Thursday. I don't know what happened to my blogging time this summer, but it's been weekly at best and once school starts I'll have more time for more posts.

Keeping it real though, a lot just didn't happen this summer.

You know all those plans to clean out closets, pantries, and garages? It never got done and it sure isn't this last week.  I have however threatened my 12 year old hoarder with no new school supplies until he purges his room and desk!!

The pets and the man cave..aka le garage, have gotten some quality time though. Don't look at this disaster with workbench projects, (we are building a robot apparently), gaming devices and everything else.

I just close my eyes when I walk through!

 When I get aggravated at the slacktitude, (my husband's word), I try to remind myself they'll be cranking out school work soon enough. (I hope!)

Yes, back to school, it's not all BAD! I'll have a bit more time for myself. I'm looking forward to fall and fall clothes. I can't wait to clean out the closet and look at what I can do with the old wardrobe.

Just popped into Anthropologie in our town and fell in love with this...

This Bloomfield Tee is so easy and I love the front pockets and colors.

Florals are still having their moment and apparently pastels are going to be happening for fall and winter as well. We are talking Easter colors, according to Vogue and others!! Should be interesting...

So maybe this could be a cute transitional piece?

One more fashion note, I did buy a tote already for fall. It's easy for running around. I love having a bag to throw my shopping in as I go about the day. It's light and perfect for travel too. I don't know why, but light totes are my new favorite and I just don't see the appeal in the heavy and structured bags anymore. It's either these or a wristlet. Okay sometimes a clutch. I'm enjoying streamlining right now.

What do you think of totes?

I love the brown and black combo and the polka dot lining. It's called the Kerrington Shopper and it's from Tory Buch Fall 2014 line. I was in the store the other day there are too many cute things to count. Love the whole fall clothing line and it coordinates with these bags.  

I want to buy the small coin wallet in polka dot to match when I can.

I'm wearing the tote with my white outfit for Adrienne of The Rich Life's How I Wear My White post.  Some chic styling ideas for wearing white. She's also got a fun series started with videos of makeup tips with a very talented makeup artist, Veronica. Something to check out if you want to freshen up your look and get a new visage for fall.

I'm done meandering here and if you are still with me I'll be back later this week to share my fun visit to California designer Trina Turk's digs in Burlingame and the fabulous things she has for fall wardrobe and also for the home.

Happy week!



  1. You are so dang sweet to mention me and the makeup series. Thank you!
    I am so excited to move on to fall. I like summer but I LOVE fall. I always looked forward to this time of year when the kids were little. Mainly so we could get back into a routine but I did miss the goofing off part. I love your Tori bag!
    Can't wait to see you in Carmel this winter...we should definitely go to Casanova.
    Miss you lots!
    xoxo, A

    1. Adrienne, Love that video series! It's great and perfect for fall. I do love fall too and am a little excited to have some routine again for sure. Yes, we will have to go to Casanova or their sister restaurant , Corkscrew in Carmel Valley!! xx

  2. What do I think of totes ? I looove them when they look like yours ! I know I'll like the fall too when it's upon us but I'm like the kids : to me, it means going back to school and it gets harder every year ! Beautiful post as always. xoxo p.s. : I have changed the title of my blog from The Silver Bunny to "A fresh start"; I needed that ! As you're sweet enough to have my blog on your sidebar, I'm giving you my new url :

    1. Thanks so much for letting me know! I will change that on the blogroll! Looking forward to reading what's going on in France and see your new blog. Good luck with the school year!

  3. You're so right that summer's used to be longer, I remember starting after Labor Day so that's a bummer for kids these days. I hope CA gets more rain too and I'm jealous of your sunshine though and your trip to Carmel looks so amazing! I interned for my aunt's company there in college and it was one of my favorite summer's ever being able to go to the beach in Carmel and all the cute shops, not that I could afford much lol. Hope your sons have a good school year, he'll be a senior before you know it. Enjoy the last week!


    1. Dale, That must have been fun interning in Carmel. I dream of living there one day or at least for an extended time!!... High school time is just flying by too fast. Thanks Dale! xx

  4. PS - I'm a huge fan of totes and use them all the time because I can even put my smaller purses in there while traveling. :))

  5. Hi Kim-I hear you about summer flying by. I'm back at work now....and it's taking a some adjustment for sure. I adore Casanova, it's been my favorite spot in Carmel for many years. It was fun seeing the photos and it's a good reminder to get back to visit again. That Trina Turk in Burlingame is where I bought my first piece of jewelry. I loved those looks on you. Enjoy your last week with the boys at home! xx

    1. Heather, I can't believe your school began already too. So glad you got to have some great adventures! I knew you'd love Trina Turk. It's so holiday inspired and that reminds me of you!! xx Kim

  6. I love the pic of Jack and Grif jumping into the pool! Pretty floral print on that Anthropologie top!
    Dawn Lucy

    1. Dawn, Hope your back to school week goes well. So loved your outfit!! xo

  7. Love your blog as always! Enjoy the "slacktitude" while you have it because with a blink of an eye it will be gone, your house will be the way you want it and you will miss it. But, I can tell you know that and are embracing all your time you have with your boys. Looks like you had a fabulous summer and Fall is a wonderful time of year, too! Love your new tote!

    1. I know you are so right and I need to remember that!! It goes by in a flash. I appreciate you taking time to leave a note. Love to hear from you all. Thank you!

  8. You had a lot to say........I enjoyed reading it with my second cup of coffee!Looks like the BOYS had a good summer,pool, Hawaii,robots,Carmel..........all wonderful.Don't worry about us out here as we will still be here when the BOYS are gone and then you will have too much time on your hands!ENJOY THEM......I know I keep saying that!!!XXX

    1. Too wordy for sure! Thanks Contessa. I know you have been in the same place with your guys. xo

  9. Your pool is so beautiful - I would love to live somewhere that warranted a pool! We don't start school until after Labor Day here - my younger son will be a junior also. I can't figure out where the time has gone. I love Carmel, although I haven't been there in years. That soup looks divine! Enjoy the last bit of summer.

  10. Sadly we are having rain every day here and the heat wave is over. I do hope this isn't the end of summer. I'm pleased to hear that you have had a fun time ( and ignored clearing the closets!) I think I remember admiring Casanova when you mentioned it a while ago. My kind of place and what a cute brown chair in the corner.
    Chic white outfit and I'm a fan of totes too.

  11. I'm so enjoying reading your blog and getting some local "insider" tips for places to go and new things to try! I've added Casanova to my list for when we (hopefully) go to Carmel this fall, and I have try the Cuvée Los Gatos Chardonnay. I've had their rose and it's delicious, and at just $11 a total steal. Perfect for pre-dinner sipping or as the base for sangria. I'm in Boulder Creek and found it at Staff of Life in SC, but I'm sure you can find it locally too.

  12. Gosh am loving this post to bits. Your boys look so great - everybody into the pool! They are so grown up.
    I must try that restaurant now I'm off The Plan too, I love soup its my fave thing inthe world as long as it doesn't have cream in it.
    Love how you've done the white with hat and gold chain and soft camel-ish sandals, so elegant,. I am crazy about white

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