Monday, September 22, 2014

Hello Fall!

It's finally here! I am so excited for fall. After what seems like ages of so much warm weather, I am looking forward to cool nights, fires, soup, sweaters, boots, scarves and that goes with the loveliest season of all.

 So many gorgeous shades of fall!

I'm fluffing the house, getting it cozy, and rearranging with all my fall toned favorites.

Charleston Mag

I'm looking forward to many evenings of homemade soup!

Pumpkin Sage Soup! Recipe here.

A few new things to smarten up the wardrobe would be nice too.

And then there's the entertaining...So many good reasons to get together with friends!

Pear, walnut and ricotta crostini. Recipe here.

Curb appeal is big in autumn, so you've gotta get your gourds on people!

 Coats!!!! I love them soooo much!

Vintage Vogue. 

I think some chunky sweaters and a little leopard would be nice.

Branches, twigs !!

 Camel is my favorite color come fall.! Supergas sneakers similar to hers here. Finding a camel color coat seems a challenge this year, but I found this Anne Klein on sale and also this one, and also a shorter version by Kenneth Cole and I like the design and slim look of this Tommy Hilfiger version as well. All are on sale at Macy's right now until Sept. 30th I believe. I hope to add one this year to my wardrobe as I finally donated my own camel coat which had a decade at least on it. Always a classic that won't go out of style!

Wishing you a lovely first day of fall with some crunchy leaves, dappled sun and warm soup!

More fall inspiration on this post Why I Heart Autumn and on my Pinterest boards, I Love Fall and Fall & Winter Fashion.

Are you all as excited as I am? I think we may even get some rain this week. I know, actual weather!


Photos via Pinterest and sources noted above also.


  1. It's a special time of year and you have captured the essence of it here. The rich colours, cosy knits and warming soups all make the season appealing. I've been trying on camel coats but not found 'the one' yet. Lovely selection of images.

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    2. I'm still searching for the perfect camel coat as well! Thanks Miss b. Hope you are having a lovely fall there in the U.K.!

  2. Fall is a lovely season.
    I love the autumnal colours and wearing cozy knits and scarves....those recipes sound delicious and I think you have inspired me to fluff our front porch.
    Enjoy your week.

  3. Kim, I love this time of year. It's also a special time for women/moms as we send our kids back to school and back into a routine and prepare for the coming season of winter. Even though my kids are grown I still get the same feelings. This season will be especially meaningful as we are on the home stretch with the house and in another few weeks I (god willing..) be able to start unpacking my things in our new home. Hope your week is off to a good start kim! xxL

    1. Leslie, So excited for you and your new home! Can't wait to see it. Hope your fall is lovely!!

  4. I am impatiently waiting and hoping for rain and cooler temps. Dying to put away sandals; get my feet back in boots and start wearing some cashmere. Most of all, hoping for rain.
    Thanks for the front porch inspiration...we need it.

  5. Dear Kim,
    thank you for those lovely phoographs! Enjoying every season is the real thing - and autumn has so many interesting attributes. As soon as I see the first Hokaido pumpkin or smell that special crispness under the still warm sunshine, I get excited.

  6. Aww, we just read that Fitzgerald quote in The Great Gatsby in my junior English class and it made me smile! LOVE fall! A big yes to chunky sweaters, warm coats, and leopard (always!) ... I'll have to get my gourd on soon, Girl!
    Dawn Lucy

  7. Perfect post, my friend. Fall is my FAVORITE. Can't wait to make that pumpkin sage soup, and imma go ahead and make that pear ricotta crostini to go wif. NOM NOM NOM.


  8. Hi Kim,
    Fall is a cozy, lovely season and I agree, a camel coat is a classic essential. Your images are beautiful...and the rain storm yesterday is getting me in the mood for fall.
    Happy weekend!

  9. Fall is my favorite time of year. Like you I LOVE camel! I look forward to bringing out my camel gear every autumn.

  10. FALL is in the air TODAY.Cool and crisp.......I'm just back from a quick jaunt to FRANCE!Still in a fog.............a haze of was FASHion Week when I left!

  11. I love this post Kim and all your fall pics, the fall style with the leopard loafer are so chic too! I'm excited for fall more than usual this year, maybe because I'll be back in CA for Thanksgiving and missed it last year. Also, that Crostini with the pear and walnut LOOKS SO GOOD. I need to try and make this. Hope to see you soon one of these days if we can meet up in the Bay. :)


  12. I am in the market for a nice gray chunky sweater. Have you spotted any good ones? A little leopard is always good as well!