Friday, October 17, 2014

Thoughts on a Fall Weekend and a Great Home Book

It's finally feeling like a real fall here! I love fall weekends and there's a lot going on now. We are going to the take our boys to the first NASA open house ever this weekend. My husband got tickets long ago and they have been waiting for this. Some wonderful women including my friend Kim and many others will be running the Nike Marathon in San Francisco this weekend. Go Kimmy! So great they do that.

Mostly, I'm elated because we are actually getting WEATHER!!! I took this ground  pic accidentally today and check it out.. Leaves!! (I love my zebra Tom's too.)

Around these parts there has been no weather to speak of for a long, long while. Let me tell you it is possible to get sick of sandals and shorts. I want to wear some sweaters, scarves, and boots and not have the feeling I may be experiencing a hot flash or something!

Pumpkins have been put out...

I've got my witch hat ready..

We get out for a rare school night date. Jerry Seinfeld was in town and we didn't want to miss it. We are diehard Seinfeld fans and he didn't disappoint. We laughed for 2 hours straight! Hilarious observations on parenting and being married from Jerry.

 On other cool things, I just have to share this beautiful book I got in the mail. It's seriously the best eye candy and home inspiration I have seen in a while and it's not Pinterest. That's right, I don't need my readers to enjoy it. ;) Real paper here people!

The book is called The Well-Dressed Home. They recently had the author and designer, Annette Tatum as a guest tastemaker or whatever they call it on One King's Lane, and that's how I found the book. Don't buy it there though. They aren't shipping it until mid-November for some reason..They do have it hardcover on Amazon for around $14 though. You may want to visit Annette's beautiful site. She's based in Santa Monica and I love her taste.

This book helps you decide what your home style is. Thing is, I wanted to be them all..

Eco-Eclectic? Sounds like me....

 Though I really loved Casual Romantic!

But wait, I'm kind of Resort too!!

 Eclectic Modern?

  Eclectic Bohemian!! (Well, I just want to look like that.)

All joking aside though, it takes the visuals that appeal to you and helps you hone your style into a home that is uniquely you. Just a pleasure to read and I possibly have multiple personalities... Or I'm just scattered, as I have been told. Still, a terrific home decor book.

You can find it now on Amazon here.

I though it looked kind of nice on my blue desk.

I also have some of my favorite pics on the desk. Love this old sweet one of my guys.

The boys are growing so fast and much is happening...This fall especially with the high schooler. Being a junior means learning to drive, college visits, planning for tests, hard classes and the darn Homecoming or Coro (short for coronation) as it's called here. I had a friend post something on Facebook on how much stress it is for girls - the drama of dances, etc. She remarked the boys just have to ask and then worry about the Homecoming game score.

It isn't like that at all in my home. In fact, quite the opposite. I don't know if it's like this where you live, but here boys are expected to not only ask the girl they want, but to do it in a very dramatic and public fashion. At our school, it has been things like writing it on their chests, delivering flowers to class while asking, or in the middle of a football game or during lunch time in front of everyone!

 It's more than most husband's did to ask their wives' hands in marriage and is frankly a stupid and intimidating ritual. It scares the heck out of many boys who have a hard enough time getting the nerve up to just ask. Imagine also being the girl. What if you want to say no? How embarassing and harder in such a public forum. Frankly, I wish our school would do away with it. After trying this once as a Freshman, my son has just decided to opt out of the whole process. I'm not even addressing all the the stress about what group you are going to go with, where to have a fancy dinner, and also what parents are offering their beautiful and photo-worthy home to do the group photos at? It's enough to make a lot of kids run for cover. Isn't it hard enough being a teen in today's world? Is it crazy like this elsewhere? I'd just like to know!

In the middle schooler's world, there was school spirit day this week. 

Griffin and friend Abby are in the purple group this year. Three color groups compete for best spirit.
I believe he may be going with a slight purple tinge for a while.

There's a lot of great Halloween decorating around here. I love it. 
My friend Aimee had one of the cutest ideas. I love her bats....

These are made of felt and she stapled them to the house. Really cute.

 Aimee is one of the kindest people and in her hand is a darling baby kitten.
She fosters feral kittens who need to be with people and not in a shelter, so they make good pets.

This sweet baby is Tigger and he is alone. His brother didn't make it and Tigger himself had to have a toe taken off. He walks with a bowlegged walk, but is doing well thanks to her care. Two other friends I know also foster pets. It's such a nice thing to do. Is he not precious?

Wishing you all a lovely fall weekend and some sweater weather!



  1. Omg .. I want little Tigger. Sooo sweet! But no, hubs would kill me. 4 animals in one house is enough (actually way more than enough!). As for the whole asking ritual ... geez ... it's the same at my school. So elaborate and public! Loving finally feeling some cooler weather, though it's still too hot for a sweater. As far as decorating ... well ... looks like I have a new home to decorate! Shhh ... nothing on FB, k? We've got to catch up, Girlfriend. Miss your pretty face!
    Dawn Lucy

    1. Exciting Dawn about the new home! I can't wait to hear more. Yes if you wear sweaters, you'll die by mid-day. :( Isn't the school thing ridiculous? I wish we could go back to simpler times where the dance was enough. Everything is over the top now and how about just letting kids experience a dance without all the other expectations?

  2. So much fun here today Kim and everything looks so festive! Love those bats on the door;) great idea! Great book you are featuring. I have it and refer to it often. I am glad the weather is offering up cooler temperatures so you can see some fall color. I smiled when you showed the leaf photo:) When we moved to Seattle ~from CA 16 years ago I was taken back by the seasonal changes as I'd never seen anything dramatic growing up a Southern CA girl. The large leaves began to change and I picked up a couple and placed them in a book to dry them. My friends laughed and said .. just wait until you are cleaning up all the leaves that will soon be falling from the forest that surrounds you! Ha! Gosh, we they right. I had leaves up to my knees! Enjoy your weekend Kim;) xxleslie

    1. Leslie, I could see doing that. Little leaves on the ground are so magical and beautiful to me here and rare. I can only imagine how lovely it is in Washington. We have one street here that has just begin raining leaves from the huge maples and it's like a fall wonderland!! Have a great weekend! xo

  3. Hi Kim! I'm loving the change of seasons. We have tons of leaves falling right now - time to go to Half Moon Bay :) I may just have to steal that bat idea. Very clever.

    1. Valerie, I know I need to figure out how to get to Half Moon Bay before Halloween. Always love a trip there! Aren't the bats cute? I hope you have a good weekend. I bet your leaves are pretty!

  4. What a sweet kitty, how nice of your friend and she's a good decorator too. That book looks so interesting, thanks for the tip! This whole business with the asking and the dance is incredible, I have never heard of that before. When my son was in high school he went to grade 12 prom and was a bit annoyed with having to rent a tux, but really it was all very simple and low-key. Socializing at dances is hard enough for teens never mind these extra layers of fuss and pressure.
    Thanks to your inspiring closet blog post I have some pink toile wallpaper just waiting to be put up in my new closet next month, thanks Kim!
    Have a gorgeous day Dollface xo

    1. Dani, Canada sounds a lot more low-key and not so crazy! I just want kids to be able to experience a dance which in itself should be enough! Does no one else feel this way? I feel like I may be in the minority here.
      I cannot wait to see that pink toile!! Sounds romantic and pretty. Hope your weekend was great Dani. x

  5. Thank-you so much for sharing that book! It sounds exactly like something I would love to have especially in actual book form. I really enjoy seeing and hearing about what your boys are up to. I have two aged 14 and 12 and it's always interesting to hear from other moms of boys. I think highschool events are generally more of a to-do in the US. We have events to be sure but they are more low key. What you are talking about sounds extremely stressful. Poor guys.

    1. Stacy, I love this book and if you are a visual person who appreciates fashion and design you'll love the ideas connecting that to home decor!
      Your boys are very close to my son's ages. Great ages, but a lot of changes right? Wish our events were easier. Sometimes I wish we could turn back time to the 80s when I grew up. Less pressure all-around and being a teen was fun, not all about your grades and future college choice!
      Thanks for your note.! I love hearing from other moms going through the same things!

  6. Wasn't too fall like in San Diego this weekend .. still warm to be out without a jacket but not too warm to wear shorts. I'm ready for boots season though .. ! I keep looking at riding boots and think .. no, they'll just sit in my closet :-(


  7. Kim, yes, we are finally getting some fallish weather here. It was actually windy enough here in Morgan Hill to send some leaves skittering last week...for one day lol. The whole dance thing happens at my nieces' high school as well in San Jose. I loved the photos you posted. I am trying to branch out a little bit with regard to paint colors as I am a neutral girl since I don't know anything about decorating. I am painting a small wall a reddish color in the hope that it will highlight a painting that we got in Paris some years ago. Wish me luck!


  8. YES, to answer your question......that stuff at high school goes on across the BAY too!
    I am thrilled to see weather hats and scarves!

  9. Loving all that purple - isn't Spirit Week great for the kids. My eldest never used to dress up even for Halloween but he always does for Spirit.
    You have very chic pumpkins.
    i've been slack this year, the squirels always make a mess of ours and very lazily I haven't put any out - they must be annoyed with me!

  10. Look at that sweet kitten. I'm catching up.