Saturday, November 8, 2014

Weekend Thoughts and a Few Thanksgiving Ideas

Fall has finally hit here and it's been a beautiful week weather wise. It's gotten cold enough at night that all the maples and pistachio trees have turned brilliant hues of magenta, gold and red. The sidewalks filled with leaves. Walking through crunchy leaves feels magical to me, so rare and short a time they are here.

We also have had some very perfect temperatures. Days and nights are very cold, into the 40s and late afternoons the sun burns into the 70s. It seems a shame to not go out and soak up a few late afternoon rays on the nearest chair!

This is the time I start wrapping my head around the whole idea that the holidays are about to hit us like a ton of bricks. I'm like the squirrel trying to gather what I can while I have a moment. 

I began brainstorming about Thanksgiving decor and what I might do. I like to see what is out there.

I stopped by Cost Plus to look for a mirror and found a lot to love in the housewares area. They actually have many pretty choices and have gotten the memo that natural woods, and lighter tones are in and not so much fiesta colors (cue memo to Pier1.)

This scalloped carving board is supposed to be for your turkey, but the pretty shape and lovely wood made me think how fantastic this could be as a cheese platter. It's gorgeous for appetizers and even to just display side up in one's kitchen!

I also thought the assortment of paper (yes I know) mats were kind of nice. I liked this round design. Honestly, I get bored with my placemats and sometimes they all don't fit so well together with a big group. Tablecloths are okay, but I like to see the wood on my table. It's a simpler and more natural look. These could be cute with names penned on the edges too.

The color would be lovely with an oxblood cloth napkin no? I'm still looking and haven't found oxblood anywhere. I did find beautiful Forest Jacquard ones at Williams-Sonoma which are expensive, but a mix of deep purple, brown edged with a pinky gold fern design. It would be fun to mix these with many looks, especially at Thanksgiving.

These pretty Muir dinner plates were from Portugal and I love the feel, weight and color. I believe they are on sale right now too.

Then I found the Sawyer wood handled flatware. LOVE! At $2.99 a piece or less than $10 for a set of 4, they are fun and have a fresh look for a natural themed Thanksgiving table don't they? I'd love to use them all year and for outdoors too.

So I'm mulling over these items and checking out other stores and Pinterest. I've pinned a lot on my I Love Fall board and also my Entertaining one. I'm in my info gathering phase. I'm absolutely going for something natural with leaves, sticks, twigs, real fruit which will all figure in.

Still trying to purge the Halloween candy from this home. The mix of candy intake + time change = rough week!

Everyone's been a little grumpy.

Cats have been kneading their blankets a lot. I feel their angst!

We are off take our oldest son kayaking for his birthday.

Hope you all have a beautiful fall weekend!



  1. we dont have stores like cost some ways i suppose it is a good thing but sometimes it makes us have to go and really search but that takes so much research and investment. i love the leaves changing in your area - it is so pretty. x

  2. I'd love to have a shop like that in our city...the closest we get is one called HomeSense.
    I like that large wood platter and the wooden cutlery which I assume would not be dishwasher friendly! You've captured some lovely pictures of the fall in your neighbourhood...which really
    gets you into the mood to "fluff the house" for Thanksgiving!

    I have one SON who turns 27 on WEDNESDAY!That makes me feel OLD.......very old!

  4. Fall in your neighborhood is so lovely!

  5. Stunning, a little further north and you do have seasons!
    I have never been to Thanksgiving dinner, one day, I'm always so envious of all of you.

  6. Fall or Autumn as we say over here is a wonderful season and the colours in your neighbourhood look so attractive. I like this natural theme and I generally prefer to see the wood on the table too. The planning is all part of the fun, isn't it?

  7. Lol about the candy, I remember those days of sorting everything out, making trades for twizzlers haha. I'm so excited to come back to CA for Thanksgiving and it will be my husbands very first Thanksgiving celebration so we're going to make it very traditional and i definitely have some inspiration from this post. I really like the round table mats and I like the idea of the wood table too!!


  8. I'm glad I stopped back by Kim. I just noticed that my comment from a couple of days ago disappeared. Your fall leave images are just spectacular. Isn't it so good to be walking in cool temps with such gorgeous color? I like your selections for setting the holiday table. I know we both enjoy the natural elements. I looks like kitty is getting her cozy on for fall. ;)
    Have a great weekend, Kim. xx

  9. New reader here from Miss B's blog Such a lovely site Wonderful post and great Thanksgiving ideas! Look forward to more of your posts, also followed you on bloglovin as well

    1. Rosemary thanks for dropping by! I am following you now too. Love your blog! x

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  11. Gosh the trees are really changing colours around your way - we don't have much of that oop our way. I took the candy off the kids after the first night, but they seemed to have endless supplies, or they dug it out of the rubbish