Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Christmas Everyone!

I've been going as fast as I can this week. Got almost everything done except for a few little bits.

Here's a little of the simpler variation I did on decorating this year.

I loved this herringbone ribbon so added that to the front room where we have white brown and some black. My bells from last year are mixed with my usual hodge podge and cuttings from outdoors.

 Loved the trees in these wooden pots from Trader Joes this year. I bought one for this room.

Two more in my powder room.

I stole this idea from my friend Leasa and added some festive bits to the soap dish.

These vases now have the Starry String Lights from Restoration Hardware wound to the branches.

I also used the timed Restoration lights on the living room mantel. 
(These are on sale right now and work great in summer around umbrellas!)

I wanted to keep it light and bright in that room which is darker.

The boyz helped with the tree.

I had some fun wrapping with this ribbon I found at Cost Plus. Wish I bought more.

 I love adding little ornaments to a package and tags you make yourself.

I also made sure to do some shopping in town. As much as I like going online and to places like TJ Max, I know our small businesses can't stay here if we don't shop. I was surprised how many cute gifts I found at all prices when I spent some time in our cute Los Gatos downtown.

This bakery, Icing on the Cake, has so much besides their wonderful cookies and cakes. You will certainly get inspired by all the unique items that functional and also fun.

I love to see how friends decorate as well.

I was lucky to experience some Swedish hospitality at my friend Catrin's house. Love the simple and elegant beauty of her home and Scandinavian holiday look and yes served saffron buns too!

My friend neighbor Kim and I made these door banners with moss.
Her version (above), came out the cutest.

 She also has a great collection of cloche jars and they look charming all together.


Kim created a runner with this beautiful paper held down by gold wasabi tape at the edges. It came out quite glamorous and pretty with mercury glass, hydrangeas and poinsettias.

They had their vintage Christmas music albums out at Kim's. I love it!

I know I have mine somewhere... Taking up garage space as my husband would say.

Another talented girl, my friend Meilei made me this darling painting that is in my entry.

So many people are crafty!

 I also got this cute pig and toffee from another pal.

Then another very gifted friend Lori, made us amazing homemade toffee.

I like how she festooned it with sage from her herb garden! I still have the bunch hung by my pots and pans and it smells very good.

We squeezed in a batch of Ethel's sugar cookies!! You know the ones from that old Betty Crocker cookie book? Today we may make more as they are gone already.

Last night an annual dinner was held by another friend. I loved Jen's pretty table with real holly and pinecones and just a hint of sparkle.

 Jen makes an amazing kale salad that I will share in a future post. It features those Meyer lemons that are coming up all over here in Northern California right now. Sunset Magazine has a whole lot on Meyers in the January issue.

I bought myself an early Christmas gift. Isn't it hard when you are out shopping to be good?
You see so many deals on things.

So far I love this book, in the 5 minutes I have had to read, with it's diverse, mainly California homes, especially Donna Dixon's and Windsor Smith's.

I will be at my parent's for Christmas with my whole family for once and I am really excited.
I hope to do some nature hikes and more together time with our boys. 

There are so many nice friends out there reading and leaving notes. 
I'm grateful to you all for being here!

Happy holidays to you all!



  1. Very nice decorating. I love the tiny lights from Restoration Hardware and the Eiffel Tower ribbon. I've been checking in with you every few days to see what's new. I didn't mention before, but I thoroughly enjoyed your 'Black Friday' post. Have a lovely Christmas.

    1. Thank you Susan! I am crazy for those white lights too! I am glad you found the Black Friday post, it's a fun one. I hope you had a nice Christmas!

  2. Wishing you a very merry Christmas, dear friend! Your decorating skills are over the top good, Hon! Even your friends have great decor! I have a lot of decorating to do in the new place, so I need to pay more attention to decorating posts and ideas! Much love to you, Dear!
    Dawn Lucy

    1. Hi Dawn, I am so excited for you and I love your new home. I don't think you need much help. You have taste already. Xo

  3. Lovely festive décor and I especially like those cute mini trees. I think I may just have to steal the soap dish idea next year and those neutral coloured stockings are gorgeous too. I hope you and your family are having a wonderful Christmas.

    1. Thanks Miss b!! Happy Christmas you are very kind. xo

  4. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and happy new year!

    1. Thank you Leigh and I hope your family is having fun too.

  5. FABULOUS........great tip about the RIBBON!IT came pretty fast this year and now its over........POOF!Are we ready for a NEW YEAR....................I guess we are!I am in an EATING MODE TODAY!I best dump everything and give to the chickens.......before I consume it all by my self!ENJOY the last few days...............XX

  6. Wow Kim! I'm so impressed by your decorating and all the little touches from the ribbon on the mantel to the packages and the soap dish decor in the bathroom. You've inspired me to make more of an effort next year and I hope you had a great Christmas with your family. Loved that you shopped local in Los Gatos too, I did that in Ukiah while I was there. :)


  7. Loved yiur christmas decor so sorry i am just now getting a peek!!